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October 27, 2017 9:42 pm

Two Vehicle Crash Slows Traffic at 2nd & Queensway

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 @ 3:40 PM

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Prince George, B.C. – Emergency crews are on the scene of a two vehicle collision downtown.

It happened at 2nd Avenue and Queensway at around 3:00 this afternoon.

Although the crash is minor in nature, there may be delays along Queensway between first and third avenues.


When are you people in PG going to learn how to drive. Seems there is a vehicle accident every day.

    Your such a troll.

    Are you saying the drivers in the Ĺower Mainland are better drivers?

      We have 1800000 people in my community and I rarely hear of an accident. Like I have been trying to tell you your traffic. signals need fixing. The timing is wrong.

      And that too.

      Mr. Abbotsturd. Do you see any traffic lights in the photo above ? Bet you didn’t see any traffic lights in the photo of the crash at 5th and Winnipeg either. Better to stick with the inattentive driver theory.


This has nothing to do with driving, it is the Attitude so many have about Driving, drive like a Madman! I,am right , I,am invincible !

You folks who complain about Prince George drivers have never driven in Boston, have you? Count yourselves lucky.

Well, there’d be no slow traffic if the Fire Department and RCMP weren’t ‘bulking up’ their phony response statistics by blocking traffic for a mere fender bender. Used to be if their were no injuries the cops did not attend these minor incidents. Surprising there aren’t 4 ambulances there as well. What a scam to fleece the taxpayer.
Speaking of traffic in Boston, try good old Montreal. Jaywalkers there are defined as an assisted suicide and you are road kill downtown on a bicycle. Taxpayers rule traffic there.

    Well shucks. If you are in an accident, fix the problem. Tell them you don’t want any ambulances to attend nor the police and you just limp or crawl off as best you can. Glad to see the response, you just never know, eh?

    I’ve driven in Montreal. Drivers don’t have much regard for pedestrians or cyclists, but I’ve never seen the insane stunts I’ve seen in Boston, like someone making a left turn across multiple lanes from the right lane in heavy traffic.

    Ever drive south of Montreal, on the three lane roads? You have one lane for one direction, one for the other, and the suicide lane in the middle for either. And since farmers used to leave large pieces of farm equipment parked on one side or the other, there was often no choice but to go into the suicide lane. Terrifying.

For your reading pleasure Retired02.

ht tps://public.tableau.com/shared/SQCTG27BX?:display_count=no

    I wonder if Retired02 even bothered to look at your link, haha!

    Probably a bit too scared to face the truth!

    Sure get tired of people dissing PG, both those that live here and those that don’t! Like any place there is good and there is bad!

    Speaking of good, hopped in the vehicle after dinner and within no time had a lure in the water! Gotta love it!

I drove by just before 3. I saw the two vehicles and a few young kids sitting safely and patiently on the curb. Glad everyone appeared calm and ok!

Accidents happen for many reasons. We are all guilty of the potential causes, even if the crash has not occurred.

As for “Retired 02″… Glad to hear your town is not only full of safe drivers, but also likely “better” in many ways. Feel free to continue living there, and perhaps find something better to do than criticize the awesome city of Prince George, a city that you do not reside in and therefore do no fully connect with:)

Problem is most people think a stop sign is a suggestion, they don’t stop long enough to see if it is safe to proceed.

Mr. Lowermainland.

I watch Global BC News every morning and it seems during the traffic report there are multiple accidents daily in your community of 1800000.

    Trolls love it when others get upset enough to react! Only when they get tired of being ignored will they finally shut up and move to another site to stir the pot with their drivel.

    I’m not talking about the lower mainland, its not my community. And global only scans the main routs. Wake up when watching the news.

      Abbotsford has 1.8 million people? That’s almost as much as the entire Lower Mainland!

    Your full of it.

      I think the BS spread on the ground in your area is getting to you.

      Good call axman. I didn’t notice R- 02’s extra zero.

Retired 02,

I used to drive in the lower mainland for a living. I lost count weekly many times the number of fender benders, hit and runs, and full blow head-ons plus vehicle/pedestrian accidents that happen there daily. I witnessed many accidents for the victims and police. I have been and many friends and colleagues have been involved in accidents down there.

Fact is, there are so many accidents there it is a daily ritual, why do you think they have traffic cams and helicopters constantly reporting in about this bridge is backed up or that artery is clogged by an accident etc etc.

Truth is, accidents that slow or stop traffic here are rare enough to make the news. Period.

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