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October 27, 2017 9:41 pm

Officers Watch for Impaired Drivers On the Water and Highways

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 @ 11:19 AM


Conservation Officers and RCMP will be patrolling  waterways and highways – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – With half of all impaired driving fatalities in B.C. happening in the summer (46%) RCMP and Conservation Officers will be  checking the waterways and the highways to make sure everyone gets home safely.

“Operating a motorboat while impaired is a criminal offence, just like driving a vehicle” says  Prince George RCMP Traffic Services  head Sgt. Matt LaBelle.

Too often,  enjoying a day on the lake or river, involves  some  alcohol, or  drugs.  Those  people then  get behind the wheel of their vehicle to  head home after a day of sunshine and beverages or drugs.  “We will be  conducting sobriety checks around our lakes and rivers to ensure that boaters and drivers are being responsible” says Sgt. LaBelle.

“Traffic Services are  dedicated to reducing  death and injuries on the highways, and waterways are no different” says Cpl Madonna Saunderson of the North District Regional Provincial Traffic Services Section.  ” If you are going to be out taking part in a fun day with your boat,  then you have  to be sober, just as  you would behind the wheel of your car.  If you’re not, then you face the same penalties as you would if you  were driving down the highway in your pick up or car.  Impaired driving while operating a boat carries the same penalties as  impaired driving operating a  vehicle.”

Cpl. Saunderson says  enforcement will be dedicated to the waterways  and ensuring people are  safe when they are on the water, “And that they plan ahead and have a safe ride home, ’cause   if you’re going to float down the river  or be a passenger in a boat and a have a beverage or two while you’re out there,  then plan ahead and have a safe ride home.   Certainly if you are the driver, you have to remain sober.”





I call BS. Been at Ness Lake every weekend since July 1, never seen the RCMP out there. One of the busiest lakes in the area, not one cop. Drunks on boats everywhere, no way any of these idiots have a boaters license.. no life jackets.. just a gong show.

Friends and family with places at Cluculz, WEst lake and Stewart. Never seen the RCMP on the water. Not once.

Would love to know what the thought process here was. Summer is winding down, and now you are hitting the lakes?

    They aren’t hitting the lakes. They’re just bluffing. Everyone knows RCMP barely have enough resources to respond to calls, never mind going to look for trouble. Same with the long weekend “we’ll be out in force ads”. I rode a bicycle from PG to Bear Lake one long weekend – six hour ride – never saw a cop. Did the same thing to Purden a different long weekend – never saw a cop. I believe there’s two cops for all the highways, assuming they haven’t been called somewhere else. I don’t blame the RCMP. They work hard with what they have to work with.

    They have patrolled Ness Lake on July 21, 2012 and June 29, 2014 that are posted on this site. They use a Zodiac on Ness Lake.

    The Nechako is patrolled by the RCMP jet boat.

They should use some of Quesnel’s finest….parking lot Always has at least 10 cop cars sitting idle all the time. I don’t think they need all the assets sitting 24+7…put some to work on the roads as well as the water.

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