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October 27, 2017 9:37 pm

Council Asked to Join Red Dress Event

Monday, August 15, 2016 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The City  of Prince George  will be called upon to take part in  a special event to mark  the  missing and murdered women along  Highway 16.

A presentation to Mayor and Council this evening calls for the City  to take part in an event set for October 2nd.

That event aims to have volunteers  stand along Highway 16 carrying a  red dress,  a symbol of the ” absence of these women in the lives of their family, friends and community.”

That  highway  event will be followed by  a gathering at the stage in Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park, where  it’s proposed there will be a candlelight vigil  among  red dresses  hung  on the stage  and  between trees.

The proponent is calling on Council to take part,  and to have the City  waive the stage rental fee  as well as  pick up the tab for the  liability insurance for the  event.



Therein lies the problem!

Only the beginning cougs79… yes, only the beginning ………..


what a silly event. Hanging red dresses won’t do anything to bring those girls back, neither will vigils. The Highway of Tears story is on Netflix, that is the reach it needed to achieve, and it did. Oh, and sorry but all of this is for nothing. Native women are still hitchhiking daily on that road. Saw 1 yesterday out front of cycle North, looking for a ride. You can see them almost every day of the week , male and female , hitching rides.

It basically is a peaceful rememberance of those gone missing and murdered. You know, kinda like Rememberance Day; except do some research on how much that costs taxpayers as well. Be openminded people – these individuals are grieving and most with no answers. Sheesh; even in the deaths of their loved ones there is no compassion or understanding with some of you; sickening!

    Anything that brings attention to, or, makes a young lady think twice about a risky issue is a good thing.

    Please be openminded, tolerate and then disregard the expressing of other opinions, especially if they are somewhat regrettable! People all over the world, of all races and ethnic background had to overcome past injustices, like becoming innocent victims of wars and murder. And, look around, the suffering is still going on in far too many countries! Those who lost their lives would want you to remember them for the companionship and love that you shared when they were still with you! But they also want you to be strong and move on with confidence into the future, being careful and wise in making choices when there is an option! A celebration of their lives is not only respectful but it is also a healing for those who participate in the celebration! May you find peace and comfort in the fact that the vast majority of fellow citizens feels the same way you do!

Blaming the victim – super classy… I am ashamed to say I am your neighbour and from the same community as some of you when I see comments like that. I said it once and will say it again and again – “THOSE THAT HAVE CLOSED MINDS MOST OFTEN HAVE OPEN MOUTHS”

    and I am ashamed you are too naive to put the hitchhiking risk on anyone but the hitchhiker. Let me guess, you are against the death penalty as well?

I’m queationing personally why the reporter put the bottom blurb….

” and to have the City waive the stage rental fee as well as pick up the tab for the liability insurance for the event.”

Not a newsworthy addition if you think about it. Rental of stage and insurance for day would be a few hundred dollars at most – but open up ignorant people to complain… what ever works to bring people to the site I guess.

    I wouldn’t say a couple of hundred bucks. When you tell an insurer you’re going to have people standing on the side of a highway distracting vehicles with red dresses – a highway known for excessive speed and plenty of accidents, you might find the quote much higher than you expect. So likely they’re asking the city for closer to $5,000.00. Maybe we’ll find out tonight, maybe not. It may be disheartening to you, but the City of PG taxpayer seems to find a few thousand here and a few thousand there a regular occurrence at city hall. So they are suffering from taxpayer fatigue, and when people are fatigued, sometimes even a noble objective will get rejected, because they are sick and tired of being told – it’ll only cost you a cup of coffee.

      I went to the City web page which contains the power point presentation to look at the source document for the request.

      here is what it states on the slide which contains the “ask”.

      Why Am I Here Tonight?

      1. I am asking permission to utilize the stage (including power supply) at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park for the program and candle light vigil.

      2. I am here asking to have the park rental fees waived.

      3. I am asking Mayor and Council to support this project by covering the cost of the liability insurance for the event AT THE PARK.

      Three words were left out in the story on here.

      Miscommunication is so often the generator of wrong assumptions.

      BTW, what are people thinking when the words HWY16 are used. Are they thinking these dresses will be displayed all along that highway, or just in conspicuous parts of the highway as it winds through the city, such as Victoria St. the Gateway, the intersection of 97/16, etc. or maybe just as the intersections, you know, where during elections people supporting candidates often have honk your horn sessions to show your support…….

      Let’s be a bit realistic, folks!!!

    The information was added because that is part of the request.

    Why don’t you personally write a check and quit whining.

      I am proud to say that yes, I am against the death penalty.

      I have and will always help those in need. My work donates every year to individuals that have lost loved ones to car accidents to grants to individuals looking to further theirs career paths. I “whine” when I bear witness to inappropriate behaviours; as any decent human being should.


I think it is the event at the park that they were referring to regarding covering liability insurance costs.

Except for people dying there is no comparison between Remembrance Day and this peaceful remembrance. What the people pay for the Remembrance Day functions will never come close to the price that was paid in order for you to be able to make comments such as that. Sorry both are sad events but the one out weighs the other in many ways. Just my opinion.

How about a compromise the city can waive the rental fee and pay for power and the group the park is named for can cover insurance costs.

I find in general that the people who have to tell others about how much they do, are the ones that usually do the least! People who really care and give the most never look for credit or accolades!

I’m not looking for accolades at all, I’m just saying it is standard business practise – we have given thousands worth of money and donations over the years but whenever First Nations are involved in stories on this site – the bigots come out and it is intolerable to me. I am expressing my opinion – just like you; and yes I will call out disgraceful behaviour whenever I see it – in real life or on the website I read the news everyday. Cheers :-)

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