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October 27, 2017 9:37 pm

Nechako Watershed Roundtable Presents to Council

Monday, August 15, 2016 @ 5:57 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Nechako River Watershed faces a number of challenges,  from the Mountain  Pine beetle,  to  diversion,  the health of the river  for all who live along its banks  is the core  purpose of the Nechako Watershed  Roundtable.The Roundtable will be making a presentation to Prince George City Council this evening.

The core of the Roundtable committee is made up of  representatives from a number of areas, including First Nations , local and regional governments,  Fisheries and Oceans Canada,  UNBC, Provincial Ministries,   and the Fraser Basin Council.

What is missing from the  list of  participants in the  NWR is any specific reference to  there being  a representative of  Rio Tinto (Alcan) which  controls the levels of the Nechako River.
The membership of the NWR has been expanding since its official launch and is open to including all organizations and sectors in the region.

One of the first priorities  of the  NWR is to develop  a comprehensive strategy to  ensure the  Nechako watershed  is  healthy for the long term.




Rio Tinto does not have control of the river as the article implies. The river is 70% wild thus Rio does not have total control.

What are they presenting? There are no experts on council so I can only assume they want something.

    Need money to study, then more money for more studies ad nauseam. Hey just like climate science.

Rio Tinto needs to be there! It scares me that a company of such has control over the nechako water basin. I have seen their greed first hand. With the price of aluminum right now they will be focusing on power. If that means they need to flood cities to get government permission to put in a second tunnel at Kemano, they will.

    The government has control through licensing and the Nechako at PG is 70% wild. Get the facts before commenting.

    Speaking of facts check out the flooding that occurred in this area before the dam.

      FM. Facts… “Opinion 250”.

      “250 News”

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