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October 27, 2017 9:40 pm

Traffic Fine Revenue Up

Friday, August 12, 2016 @ 5:54 AM

Prince George, B.C.- The City of Prince George has received $1,113,101.00  as its share of traffic fine revenue  in B.C.  and that’s up from last year.

The amount is also more than had been estimated  when the City developed its budget for 2016.   It was estimated the City would  receive $1,001,000 .

In 2015,  the city received $1,036,540 dollars  as its share of traffic fine revenue.

The money  is to be used to offset the cost of policing or policing programs.


taxing stupidity. works 4 me.

If the City wants to get more revenue from this source, have the RCMP come up the Hart Highway more often. Every single day there are so many traffic infractions committed by people who believe they have the sole right to the road on the Hart Highway. Tailgating fines alone could possibly fund the whole City budget. But seriously, the RCMP need to have more of a presence on the Hart Highway before someone dies on this road.

The RCMP turn a blind eye to almost any driving infractions in this city. The only time they do “anything useful” is when either the city complains or it’s a “proactive” ICBC policy drive. Other than that unless it involves drugs or weapons, they could careless about how the morons around here drive. Seriously we need to consider our own city police force and kick the Mounties to the curb to chase Ottawa designated issues.

    You really don’t understand budgets and policing. So long as naive politicians administer budgets for police forces, you will never get the staffing levels required to police our cities and towns, whereas organized crimes has tons of money.
    Would be very nice to have a beefed up and dedicated traffic section to not only respond to complaints but to patrol and ticket those we all complain about.

      Totally agree with you Grizz…

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