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October 27, 2017 9:35 pm

Highway 97 North Upgrades Completed Ahead of Schedule

Thursday, August 18, 2016 @ 10:48 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Good news for those headed north this weekend as upgrades to one of B.C.’s most important transportation corridors are now complete.

Thirty-two kilometres of Highway 97 have been resurfaced between Whiskers Point and Mackenzie Junction.

The contractor, Green Roads Recycling, used the hot-in-place recycling method to fix the deteriorated areas of the roadway. The work is expected to preserve the highway for years to come.

The $4.5 million project was finished ahead of its expected completion date next month.

The work is part of the government’s 10-year transportation plan ‘B.C. on the Move.’


Thanks for the pre-election positive spin story on the 10 year transportation plan upgrades to a section of Highway 97 North… but…

Perhaps we could get an update on the massive sections of Highway 97 North that washed out a couple of months back, you know, these wash outs:

ht tp://tinyurl.com/jzot7nj

ht tp://tinyurl.com/jvxd85v

More importantly, some of us would like to know what mitigation work has been done to prevent future washouts on the existing stretches of Highway 97 North.

    They were working on those washouts today. They have been left in a passable state since they first repaired the road.

    Bye the way, the highway information sign just north of town states that there is construction in the Pine Pass. It has stated this for at least a month now and today, I noticed them finally starting whatever they will be doing.
    The most of the construction is within forty miles this side of Chetwynd.

    A cynic is a special breed of person. A true cynic distrusts everything new they see or hear, they’re intolerant to new ideas, and they’re pessimistic about everything. They’re not skeptics. That’s a positive trait. They’re the downers of the group whose self-righteousness tends to bring everyone else down, too.

So what is taking so long at the Massey off ramp? There may have been some power lines but I doubt whether there was any other infrastructure to be rerouted. If this project were in the lower mainland the work would have progressed around the clock and completed in a week. Once again we of the north are regarded as second-class citizens by Victoria.

    Given where it is they likely have to stabilize the slope otherwise …. well you know all about the washout in town as well as along the Hart Hwy.

The highway north of Whiskers to the MacKenzie junction was in terrible condition. This repair was long overdue.

I’m curious about the Salmon River Bridge. There has been some clearing done but when will the bridge construction begin? Does anyone Know?

Completed end of 2017. No rush-this is Prince George not Kelowna.

Highway 97 North. **One of BC’s most important transportation corridors.** Hmmmmmm.

They say that highway 16 and 97 are now class one highways…. I notice a lot lately that the farm vehicles especially around places like Vanderhoof are using the highway virtually every day all day holding up traffic in long lines.

I followed a guy recently that drove his tractor all the way from the Sunkit construction site about 30km east of Vanderhoof doing less than 30kph all the way into and through Vanderhoof without once pulling to the side to let traffic by.

If its a class one highway then shouldn’t the farmers be getting permits to impede traffic anymore than simply crossing the highway, especially when they drive the tractor 30km to town for a coffee? Its a real danger when highway speed traffic meets these pileups of cars on a corner that are almost not moving.

You’ve just got to stay sharp and pay attention. That means being ready and able to stop, no matter what the emergency is on the road. Drive safely.

“virtually every day all day”??? I really don’t think so.
I travel that way two or three times a week and haven’t seen a problem.
The odd one in a month or two. No traffic line ups either.

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