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October 27, 2017 9:32 pm

Cottonwood Device Confirmed Explosive

Monday, August 22, 2016 @ 12:12 PM


Prince George, B.C.- RCMP in Prince George say the  device  discovered in Cottonwood Island park last Friday, was in fact an explosive.

The  park was cordoned off Friday until the RCMP’s  Explosives team could arrive  on scene and deal with the  item.   The team confirmed the device was indeed an explosive,  and disposed of it safely.

A 36 year old man arrested in the Park  (for breach of probation) remains in custody  and is expected to  face  a  number of charges.


It’s ok Libs, he will probably be out tomorrow. He just needs a hug, and someone to show him a better way of life.

    When the Cons were in for ten years, did they get tough with this type of criminals? The answer is no, so politics do not seem to make any difference, so why bring politics into the discussion?

‘an explosive’. well? firecracker? molotov? bolt bomb? blasting cap? nuclear device? maybe a little ‘news’ from the cops would be nice

    Agreed, road flares commonly used back in the day for highway accidents are considered explosives.

It is my understanding that it was not this individuals first offence of this kind. Does someone have to be injured or killed before he is dealt with in a serious manner?

    do we know what manner he was dealt with in the past which would allow us to say that he was not seriously dealt with in the past?

    I think it is fair to say he was not successfully dealt with.

    What were his intentions? Fishing with use of an explosive? Detonating a tree stump to assist with removal to get at a root burl for some wood turning stock?

I’m Liberal and i say cut one arm off. Just like the thieves in PG. I wonder how much that cost us as tax payers to have a team come deal with that and the police force for the day.

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The only good thing going for this story is we aren’t making a hero out of the individual by publicizing his biography for all the copy cats to get any ideas.

When sentenced put a face to the criminal and then lock him up and forget about him. Until then I like that the publicity is not given to this kind of individual that is obviously seeking publicity.

    Not likely, the Liberals are going to do away with mandatory minimum sentences imposed by the Conservatives. Hug a thug at it’s finest!

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