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October 27, 2017 9:31 pm

City Keeps Invitation to Royals ‘Open’

Monday, August 22, 2016 @ 1:37 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  News the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte will not be making a stop in Prince George during their B.C. visit  next month  is understandable  says Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall.It was announced this morning that the Royals will visit Vancouver, Victoria ,  Kelowna, Bella Bella and Haida Gwaii before  making two stops in the Yukon when they come to Canada next month.

“We knew how busy they were  going to be and yes,  we would have loved to have them here” says Mayor Hall ” but we understand too that their time is limited and they wanted to see a few locations in B.C. and this time ’round we aren’t one of them.”

The silver lining  is that Prince George won’t have to pick up any of the costs associated with the Royal  visit  “I guess that’s true, but  I don’t think the costs is as great as  people  have imagined, particularly given that they were going to be here anyway in Canada, but because they aren’t coming  there won’t be a cost out there.”

Mayor Hall  says  the City  has an open invitation to the  Royals, ” We’re going to follow up on an invitation letter to see if they would like to come next year,  or the year  after, whenever their time table permits.  Next year is  our (Canada’s) 150th birthday so, who knows,  they  may  have a Royal visit planned for 2017 and we  could potentially tie into that.  So we have an open invitation to them. I think there is some real history here.  His (Prince William’s) grandparents were here and Charles and Diana  were here, so I think there is a real tie, and hopefully that carries some weight when they consider future trips.”

Mayor Hall  says the City  has been in contact with those organizing this  Royal visit  and  visiting Prince George  is just out of the question ” I  know its just a one hour plane ride from Kelowna, but it’s just out of the question this trip.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince George ad Princess Charlotte will  be on tour in B.C.  and the Yukon September 24th through to October 1st.


Prince George will appreciate visiting Prince George a lot more when he is a bit older! Keeping the invitation open is a great idea! Perhaps in the future Prince George will have a Prince Rupert for a brother! His sister Princess Charlotte is visiting Queen Charlotte Island – now Haida Gwaii, so history is being made already!

    I lived there for a year. That’s history.

Just got my city utility bill..The last thing we need is the royals to visit… How much will that cost us? Police overtime etc. we are getting gouged enough already..don’t need to spend anything to have some family drive around our city and give a 15 min speech and that’s only if they actually stop.

    The last thing we need is those freeloaders stopping by. Costing us thousands we cant afford.

Let’s just change the name of the city to something else and who cares – what do you think Murry ?? you have a history of random no need name changes

    Speaking of which, maybe the Royals are avoiding Prince George because of it’s intolerant, redneck, racist reaction to the remaining of a local park?

Royal family, Justin Treadeau, Winter games, coloured sidewalks, Lets just stick to city council businesse. We sure pay enough for all this.

When Charles and Dianna were here many years ago, Charles went home and called Prince George a little grey lumbering town. I don’t think it put us on the map at that time.

    I remember a British reporter writing a pretty nasty assessment of Prince George and it was published in the British press! He must have been a real snobbish rude sort of a twit!

    Talk about abusing hospitality! Perhaps he should have cut back on the tea a bit, eh?

    Look what Charles ended up with after that. What does that tell you about him?

Royalty = something from a bygone Time.

Hey they could be driven around in the Leaf.

    THAT was Hilarious!

I think Charles referred to Prince George as being a lumberjack town, with bearded beer swilling lumberjacks having a good time.

Something to that effect. If memory serves me right the Mayor at that time wrote the Queen requesting an apology, or so the story goes.

    The British press said PG was a town full of lumberjacks and tattoo parlours. They should see it now. Tattoo parlours are 10 times more common. Lumberjacks….not so much.

This is really to bad as I think it would show good support for a country that still pays there family money and there kid has the name of our capital of the north and our money has queen on it. So in some ways there spending our money on there trip if only in a little way.

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