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October 27, 2017 9:29 pm

Friday Free for All – Aug. 26th, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Hard to believe this will be the last Friday Free For All for August.

It is time to share your thoughts  on events  from the  past week.

Obey the three simple rules:

  • Keep it clean
  • Keep it Legal
  • No Bullying.



So what happened to the up and down buttons?

    It was a paid plug-in to the site that 250News chose not to renew, mostly due to most people finding it frivolous.

    My question would be now that thumbs up/down is gone, is why “with a score of 0” remains?

    Peoples feelings got hurt when they received too many thumbs down maybe?

    I have already noticed the positive effects of having no thumbs up or downs. The number of new people commenting has increased, and the number of comments has increased as well.

    The reason why? Because the low I.Q. racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobes that frequent this site cannot visually support each others hate filled, and intolerant, comments by clicking thumbs up, and bully other people’s opinions by clicking thumbs down… am I right Peter North?

      Posted on Friday, August 26, 2016 @ 2:21 PM by JGalt

      Because the low I.Q. racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobes that frequent this site cannot visually support each others hate filled, and intolerant, comments

      Uhmmmm, yeah, that would be you. But you’re still here.

    the down arrow trolls are at a loss as to what to do with their time now.
    I for one never thought the up or down arrow function accomplished much.

      I don’t particularly miss it, just wondered why it suddenly disappeared. Odd that the staff didn’t make an announcement.

      It was announced weeks ago and mentioned a few more times. Guess you missed it.

A question all Canadians should be asking is weather resource extraction benefits Canadians or globalist?

With LNG and oil sands export developments still pushing for an outlet why don’t we have a common core of principles that details what Canadians find acceptable from a perspective of the minimum principles for any developments?

I think it is a fatal flaw of the Canadian process that we only ask these questions after a project has been proposed… and with the corpratist run NWO of corporate rights through treaties enforced by investor state resolution processes… now more than ever core principles need to be upfront prior to any negotiations about the merits of any single specific project.

I would like to posit what I think are a few good real world core principles that should be enshrined in any future energy proposals from the outset. I limit it to three core principles, but probably there are others as well that should be added.

#1 We should strive for no crude exports from BC ports, therefor no crude oil tankers on BC coast. This ban already exists and should be reaffirmed by the Trudeau government.

This isn’t to say we could not export refined products, ones which are much easier to clean up in case of a spill. An oil sands spill would be a catastrophe for our west coast, but a gasoline or diesel spill would be much less of a permanent risk.

By banning crude oil tankers from our shores we would be enabling Canadian value added industries that are paying local taxes and creating local employment opportunities. We would also be standing for fair trade where other countries could not circumvent environmental responsibilities with lax standards for the corporate arbitrage profits of slave labor and pollution.

#2 We should strive to have no crude oil pipelines west of the continental drainage divide. That is south of Summit Lake and West of the Rocky Mountains. All product beyond this point should be first refined and then shipped either by truck or by rail.

The obvious reason for shipment to the coast by rail should be national security. The world is a very unstable place with the rise of China and the potential for a real war with the likes of Russia, North Korea, or Iran… all of which can deploy cruise missiles with a maximum range of 800km. A fixed pipeline is an easy target to program for a hit and cause a distracting catastrophe. A rail line presents a moving target that is highly elastic to changing circumstances.

A pipeline leak can be in the millions of barrels in very isolated locations… where as a double hauled oil tanker could see a spill greatly minimized with the real time head start to any spill (involving by its nature smaller amounts of spillage potential).

A concurrent benefit of a rail based refined product distribution infrastructure is that by upgrading the rail lines for energy exports it enables further growth to other rail related business. Put together with principle number 1 and refining North and East of the continental divide would make Bear Lake the logical location for any refinery. The infrastructure required for Alberta oil exports would not be a pipeline to the coast, but rather a pipeline to a refinery in Bear Lake; and then the rail infrastructure to limit the river crossings of the Stuart (ie the Fraser basin) to a single crossing connecting with the main CN line to Prince Rupert (somewhere 200-300km west of PG). Having two lines heading east would double the redundancy of the rail to Prince Rupert option.

Furthermore extending the Bear Lake – Fort St James line to Alaska and possibly Asia would eventually make the whole area not only an energy hub, but an eventual intercontinental shipping by rail hub that would negate the need for ocean going tankers off BC’s coast. A pipeline to BC’s coast negates that future intercontinental rail possibility probably for the life time of most people alive today.

#3 We should have a law on the book for the LNG industry that there can be no fracking for gas within 10km of a dam, and 50km of a community water source. Who knows by the time we actually get an LNG industry operational the water itself could be worth more than the LNG?

IMO all three principles are principles that if enshrined from the outset in any scenario for LNG or Oil resource extraction by multinationals that would be governed by our trade treaties… then these three principles could inoculate our political leadership in governing the industry to the benefit and environmental protection of British Columbia.

    No one is up to that discussion here. Too deep and not frivolous enough.

    Besides, everyone has their minds made up on which side of an issue they are on and all too often it depends on who makes the post not on what point is made.

    When I see your 3 page tirades–I just skip past. Way too long and ‘Way too wordy to understand’. There might be a valid point in there ‘somewhere; but you lost me after the first three sentences.

      I can at least follow Eagleones’ posts although sometimes a little too tin foil hat for me, but some are very valid observations and proposed solutions. The one who causes me to skip and avoid is socredibles continuous babble about productions versus cost versus jobs versus economy versus dollar versus leisure time and on and on it goes.

      I mostly see cut and paste. And if it’s someone who has that much time to actually think and type that stuff, he should be on The National.

      Me too… Eagleone your posts are way too long. I skip past them too. Hopefully Christmas dinners with you are more light-hearted.

    I agree with you on this, very valid and well thought out points.

    Well Eagleone you have some good points but you have strung them out to long. We gave away our manufacturing and resources through free trade agreements.

    Just look at Norweigh the revenue that they get from their oil. We get very little revenue and the tax breaks that the Corporations get on top leaves us in the poor house. We have no funds for health care or education. We have all the resourses to be one of the ritchest countries in the world but our politicians have screwed us.

      If you’re still wondering why oil-rich Alberta doesn’t have a massive sovereign wealth fund like Norway, consider this.

      Alberta is a province, not a country. Ergo, we don’t get to keep all the wealth we generate in this province. Not even close.

      I realize this runs counter to the preferred narrative in Canada, where politicians and media types insist Alberta either “put all its eggs in one basket” by failing to diversify its economy (hello Christy Clark), or that Albertans “spent like drunken sailors” during boom times.

      Sure, there’s some truth to those arguments. But the far bigger reason why Alberta isn’t rolling in filthy lucre is that we are part of a federation called Canada.

      Ergo, most of our tax revenues go to Ottawa, and are then redistributed to fund a vast array of social, health and educational programs in Quebec, the Maritimes and the rest of Canada. The federal equalization program alone, under which Quebec receives nearly $10 billion a year, is just part of that wealth transfer.

      When economists say Alberta has been Canada’s key engine of growth in recent decades, that’s really what they mean. Without Alberta’s energy wealth, this country would have been a fiscal basket case long ago. Now that Alberta’s oil-fired economy is also struggling, Canada is heading for the fiscal swamp.

      So just how much money has flowed out of Alberta to Ottawa? A lot. Between 2000 and 2014, on a net basis, Alberta’s individual and corporate taxpayers shipped an estimated $200 billion-plus to the federal government. That’s what left the province, less what the feds reinvested here.

      To put that lofty figure in perspective, it’s nearly 12 times the value of the $17.4 billion Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund. No other province — including Ontario, with three times Alberta’s population — even comes close to matching this province’s contribution to the federation.

      ht tp://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Opinion/11731833/story.html

Like to see PG make our town much more cleaner than it is now.
Not looking to re-claiming #1 spot as most dangerous place in Canada!
Time to make this city more inviting like Quesnel.
Lynn Hall has done a great job and looking forward to seeing our city grow.
Good things are happening, time we moved forward and make it more inviting for visitors to talk about in a good way after they visit.
I see a lot of good things in the news like downtown night market and more nice places to watch bands, small pubs entertainment in the city core.

    I agree completely, Lyn Hall and Council are doing an excellent job so far, their attention, and focus, are not on another continent and country like China, they are here, grounded locally, to our city and local/regional needs, exactly where they should be!

    My question is; who, and where, are the people that supported the Shari (scary) Green regime? Perhaps we could arrange transport for them to be bused out to our extended runway airport, and have some of those huge cargo jet transport planes finally land and whisk them away to China?

    The city is striving to be the #1 in weeds.

Happy Friday, may you all have a great weekend. I am one that am totally tired of seeing a personal blog from certain members of this site. My suggestion would be for these peeps to start their own blog sites and have interested persons follow them and make relevant responses.

Prince George is no different than any other city. It has some beautiful attractions, wonderful people, great businesses, and then we have the downside. We can concentrate on one side or the other. Your choice! I do enjoy comments on articles however we get so many rants on this site that go on and on and on that I really have a dislike for it…… Please, create your own page for your own following……. I, don’t belive this is the place for you to take the stand.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you may have planned. Cheers!

    Or, rather than everyone accommodating you, perhaps there is an easier solution; visit this site and read the new articles as often as you like… just stop reading this comments section. This should solve your problem!

    Perhaps YOU should find another free-for-all to bless with your presence if you’re so unhappy with this one.

      Take a long walk on a short pier, Hart Guy aka Dirtman!

      Come on JGalt, you can do better than that!

      Dirtman, should I be insulted that I am being referred to as you or should you be insulted that you are being referred to as me, haha?

      I’m not insulted, how about you?

      I’m ok as long as no one refers to me as JGalt! Gag!!

      Actually I’m flattered.

      Dirtman, I’m still struggling with the shock, pain and hurt feelings that have arisen after JGalt wished me/you(?) harm by suggesting a long walk on a short pier.

      I’ll try to console myself by extending to you a “Thumbs Up”!

      Enjoy your weekend!


I have heard that the city has purchased a system to control the parking in downtown PG. It is going to mean that if you park and your plate is scanned even if you move your car it will say you have been downtown all that time. (it is supposed to put a stop to folks moving their car ever 2 hours) So now if a person goes downtown in the morning and then again in the afternoon they will get a hefty parking ticket. What a way to revitalize the downtown.

    It’s all about the cash.


    People go downtown in PG? No way… I don’t believe it. I wouldn’t go down there if I won a free meal. (But seriously, if I win a free meal CALL ME… I’m starving!)

BTW I have not ever had much trouble finding a parking spot downtown except perhaps at the time period before Christmas. And that could be solved if the city moved the Northern to the outskirts.

    If by “Northern” you mean Northern Hardware on 3rd Ave that would be interesting since they have practically been around as long as the city.

    I like shopping there … only place you can buy a framistat for your fizzizel…or muffler bearings..

      The folks at the Northern used to say if they didn’t have it you didn’t need it.

      When I first came to PG, people told me, if you need hardware, go to The Northern first. If they don’t have it, nobody else in town will either.

To all the up n coming amateur, apprentice, part-time future video-journalists who send their videos to the local news. Please, when recording your footage, turn the phone horizontal/sideways. That way the viewer gets the entire picture, not those two blurred bands on each side of the video.
It’s like looking through a dirty window with one clean strip.

This political correctness crap has gone too far! First they don’t keep score in kids sports, everyone gets a ribbon or trophy, kids don’t fail in school, now there is no “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” feature on this site!! When will the madness end?

    One can give a “thumbs down” or a “thumbs up” by posting a respectful reply which is either a refutation or an endorsement based on well proven facts! I think that way would be way more interesting and informative!

      I agree 100% here’s a thumbs up for you.

Just a thought … how long before Christy steps in to save the day and tell ICBC and Hydro they cant raise the rates ?

Sure would make her look good just before the election.

Just a thought..

    Won’t be long, but wait until after the election, if they get in those rates will go up without a doubt. All BS promises as usual that never go anywhere.

    The rates are a hidden tax as governments use ICBC and Hydro as piggy banks. Hydro pays a dividend to the government of the day and sometimes has to borrow to pay that dividend.

Citizens beware !!! As seen in previous news stories the thefts and B&E’s are at their peak here in PG!! These vermin are scoping out places at all times of the day and prefer the cover of nightfall to mask their activities. There are often shady characters on bikes or suspicious vehicles in places you would not normally see them. They often have accomplices on the look-out using either cell phones or walkie talkies. Try to keep your stuff locked up and stored away out of sight. Maybe one day our laws with change. It is sickening that these often drug addicted leaches of society just keep repeatedly getting slapped on the wrists and set free to re-offend.
Miss the good old days of chopping off their hands!!!!

What’s all this youtube stuff? no links when I try.

The reason Hydro rates are increasing as it’s used by governments as there own private bank. Hydro has to borrow money to dividends to the government. Also Hydro is forced to buy very expensive power from private IPP,s. This private power is much more expensive than Hydro generation.

Also even with the payoff to liberal friends our rates are the third cheapist in north America.

So why do you want to privatise it?

Hum, texting, should be their, and money to pay dividends.

Also ICBC is another way for the liberals to raise taxes in a stealthy way.

Hi All, Happy Friday!

I hope anyone who seen that accident yesterday on 15th and Carney, realizes the importance of slowing down at intersections. Truly devastating to that family I am sure, my condolences pour out for that family. I wont even mention the F-tards and social media. Those pieces of garbage aren’t worth a penny!!

On another note, my mom went to book a Doctor’s appointment here in town. She is not one to see a doctor unless she absolutely has too. So when she called to book in, due to severe stomach pains, the receptionist told her “sorry your file says INACTIVE, DO NOT BOOK!” can someone please explain that?? Completely unacceptable!!
Now she has to find a new doctor and this makes no sense to me. Guess I should call my doctor just to check in and go say Hi, I am still active!

    This is what I do know. The more complicated a patient’s care, the more a doctor get’s paid to care for them. So, if you have diabetes or cancer, the doctor get’s more per visit than if you come in with the odd infection. So ironically, people who demand less from the system, actually are less desirable as patients.

    What I speculate, is a doctor set’s his/her practice at so many patients. If a patient rarely comes in, they accept another patient to fill that void, and essentially, fire the patient who rarely shows up. You actually should try and see your doctor once a year just so they don’t forget who you are, if for nothing more, than get your blood pressure checked.

      So in essence, what you are saying ski51 is that people who eat balanced and nutritious meals, exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, who are less likely to have health problems and visit doctors, are penalized because they don’t visit doctors as often.

      Hmmm… nice societal priorities and values we have setup for ourselves.

      Still, that is not an appropriate way for the practice to handle the situation. People should be able to rely on having a family physician or know that they do not. If the practice no longer wants a patient, it should send a notice.

    I have a few health issues and despite having three doctors leave town in the past 3 years have had no problem finding a physician. They say they are full until they learn I have multiple chronic illnesses, and then they fit me, but no other family members into their practice.

    While I am pleased to have a physician and do need regular care by a dedicated team to manage my health, I am not sure what extra services the family physician is providing for the extra dollars they receive.

    I see a physician 4 to 6 times per year, largely for regular test results and prescription renewals (rarely changes). My appointments are no longer than anyone else’s.

    If anyone has better Google skills than I and can find the name and policies of this program I would be interested in reading them.

Just like Patrick Brazeau said in his last interveiw . With all the senators charges gone there is no fear of Harper being subpoenaed to testify . So he can now resign with out fear of having to tell the truth and go back to being the colossal liar that he is . Canadian justice unserved once again .

    Nailed it!!!!

    So the RCMP and courts cleared the Conservative Senators (but not the Liberal ones) which would indicate Harper was being truthful. So in your mind that makes him a liar?

Installing parking programs to generate revenue like they do at the Hospital, College, University, Airport, City, is the lazy mans way to generate revenue and run a business. It shows that people in charge do not have the business acumen to run a successful operation, and they have to rely on taxing the general public to generate revenue to run their operations.

You will note that all these parking operations are installed and run by Civil Servants of one type or another, so there is your first hint.

Civil servants have difficulty in understanding that

A. Tax dollars built the facilities.
B. Tax dollars pay their salaries and benefits.
C. The citizens own the parking lots, and after paying for them, the civil servants, charge tax payers to use the facility.

Note, that in most cases the civil servants of these organizations are provided free parking.

Such is the way of Government.

Pay for parking at the hospital always annoys me. They use our tax dollars to build the hospitals, we pay more for MSP, taxes etc and we get to pay more when we need the services in the hospital. Then have a company based in the Philippines to enforce the parking.

    Are we talking about untoward Liberal expenses below this comment? Huh, nothing says unacceptable political expenses like a Conservative MP, when it crosses the line into becoming criminal.


    Your move Hart Guy.

    P Val, we don’t even come close to paying what hospitalization/medical care costs. Those token fees are miniscule in comparison, you should pay gratefully because you’re getting care that someone else is paying for.

      I pay over 35k a year in income tax… I have easily paid for any medical costs I have incurred in my life.
      So don’t tell me what I have or haven’t paid for.

      Well with that income I have to wonder why you’re complaining? I also paid lots of tax in the past but now that I’m living on a small pension I’m still am happy to pay for parking at the hospital.

Does anyone else find it rather puzzling that after all of the outrage over former MP Bev Oda’s spending practices, a $16.00 glass of orange juice in particular, there seems to be very little said by the mainstream media and those on the left about the very recent wasteful spending by Liberal MP’s of the new Government?

A $16.00 glass of orange juice brought about cries of indignation and condemnation and yet now thousands spent towards limo rides from campaign supporters, thousands upon thousands spent on photo ops in Paris, even more spent on lavish meals, all while your new PM takes vacation after vacation after vacation, jetting around in “his” own private Challenger to and fro with friends and family tagging a long all brings forth nary a whisper from the mainstream media and Liberal supporters?

Cat got your tongue perhaps?

    As per long-standing government policy because of security, the Prime Minister must use one of the RCAF planes for all his air travel, whether on official or personal business,”

    “When travelling for personal reasons, and as was the case with previous prime ministers, Mr. Trudeau and members of his family travelling with him reimburse an economy airfare.”

    Former prime minister Stephen Harper has in the past also paid the economy fare-equivalent costs of personal travel with his family.

    Ohoh…. Harper did the same thing… but guess thats okay Hart Guy ;)

      Well the mass liberal left media is just a large PR firm for our dear leader especially the taxpayer funded PR firm CBC. Balanced reporting they do not. If Harper had done half the travelling of our dear leader the biased media would be screaming. Hey how about the attempted cover up by dear leader on who was getting a free ride on one of his many vacation jaunts.

      CBC an expensive joke.

      I thought Trudeau was going to change things not more of the same?

      P Val, I bitch about ALL wasteful spending of my hard earned tax dollars Federally, Provincially and Municipally!

      Our former Prime Minister and Government is gone and we have a new batch holding the purse strings. I’ll give you one guess as to who the relavent parties are that now need to be scrutinized!

      Exhorbinant luxury car rentals, pricey photo ops, excessive fine dining expenses and a quick overnight flight on the Challenger from Atlantic Canada to Toronto and back in order to catch the Tragically Hip concert. These are the kind of things that we should be concerned about NOW!

      The federal environment department paid a French photojournalist $10,681 to take pictures of its minister, Catherine McKenna, and her staff during the COP21 conference on climate change in Paris last year. Why would the media criticize that, after all, Liberal photo-ops are important!

    Catherine McKenna spent $6,600 on photography at the Climate Summit.

    Jim Baird spent $13,113 on photography at the UN in 2014. Almost double of what McKenna spent. Where was your outrage Hart Guy? And nary a peep from mainstream media.

    In fact, Conservative Cabinet Ministers spent $2.3 million on photography for various events during their time in office.

    Cat got your tongue?

      So you are saying okay for the dear leader but not Harper.

      seamutt… show me exactly where in my comment I said it was OK for PM Selfie? Come on, show me. That’s right you can’t, because I didn’t.

      Now go back to dreamily staring at your boudoir photo of Harper.

      Hope you catch my comment above!

      Nice to see that David Akin, Parliamentary Bureau Chief and SUN News are holding the Liberal’s feet to the fire!

      David Akin: “Sun gets results: Bureaucrats to pay back part of Paris meal tab”

      Because of their efforts, and none by the mainstream media, “two top government bureaucrats will repay part of their tabs for food and other incidentals while in Paris, a result of a Sun investigation into the $1 million spent by the Justin Trudeau government to send 155 delegates to the climate change conference known as COP21.

      The Sun investigation has also forced bureaucrats to revise figures in documents previously released under federal access-to-information laws and those tabled in the House of Commons. Providing inaccurate information to Parliament is a big deal and the opposition is likely to give Environment Minister Catherine McKenna a tough time when the House of Commons returns Sept. 19.”

      ht tp://www.calgarysun.com/2016/08/25/sun-gets-results-bureaucrats-to-pay-back-part-of-paris-meal-tab

      Bro Gecko, McKenna spent 6,600 Euros on photography. That’s $10,681.

Manners…. what happened to them ?

Was at the pool with my son the other day and 4 times during our swim we where asked if other people to use the swim toys we had… and not once did we hear a “please”. Even when we did give them up didnt hear a “thank you”

Also its so rare but very appreciated when I am thanked for holding the door for someone. You can tell people are surprised by the gesture as the ones who do say thanks are very thankful. I was taught, and trying to teach my boy to be polite and respectful. I hope he catches on. It takes no time at all to hold the door, step out of the way, say please, say thanks, or even have a nice day… Would be nice to see common courtesy become the norm again rather than a rarity.

Be safe out there.

Not true. People with complex diseases esp chronic diseases dont get as good a care because they are thought too difficult. When i gto my doctor i was asked if i have any diseases and said no (true) so he took me on. Not sure if he would of said yes if i had diseases but the question rather floored me.

#goodridenceharper ….. what a scream that’s been this morning . I’ve been laughing so hard my sides hurt .

    Hey Ataloss, here’s something that should make you laugh even harder!

    From the Washington Post, August 11, 2016

    “Turns out wind and solar have a secret friend: Natural Gas”

    NATURAL GAS Gas! Hahahahaha! Now that’s side-splitting funny!

    ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2016/08/11/turns-out-wind-and-solar-have-a-secret-friend-natural-gas/?utm_term=.bd383e0d8dfb

      Nonsense, Hart Guy! Don’t you recall Ataloss telling you? There’s no need for base load back-up! Those magical solar and wind generators still provide power when they’re not working.

      Although I’m still waiting for his explanation for how that works.

      Dirtman, you will note that Ataloss has been rather silent about this post!

      Wind and Solar and their secret friend: Natural Gas!! Haha!

      Ataloss, come out, come out wherever you are!

It’s #goodriddanceharper .

So Harper “officially” quit politics today… now we will see who owes him favors by who hires him… ” Harper and Associates Consulting.” that even sounds crooked… so should suit him fine.

    Who is this Harper you speak of? His name sounds familiar but when I read it I have all sorts of bad flashbacks.

    Well most politicians of any stripe play the favour game, even in private enterprise who doesn’t

What a fine speech today from our former Prime Minister! Dignified, clear, respectful and concise!

How wonderful to listen to the entire speech and to not hear a single stammer, stutter, um, er, or uh!

To bad that your drama instructor hasn’t yet grasped the ability to speak without sounding like the idiot that he is!

    By the way, how very nice that yesterday, as Ukraine celebrates 25 years of independence, they saw fit to award one of their top honours to our former Prime Minister:

    “Former prime minister Stephen Harper awarded one of Ukraine’s top honours”

    ht tp://www.nationalnewswatch.com/2016/08/25/former-prime-minister-stephen-harper-awarded-one-of-ukraines-top-honours-3/#.V8Cha4-cHIX

      You sleep with a Harper doll right?

      ….and Justin’s contribution to the news this week, he comments regarding the Royal couple’s visit, that Sophie is “looking forward to an opportunity to showcase extraordinary Canadian fashion designers”!

      I can just see her now:

      “Get your cameras ready! Look what I’m wearing now!”

      …and then “ok, here I am in something different, take more pictures!”

      …followed by “hold on a minute everybody, I’m going to go change into something different!”

      Ha, ha, ha, smile for the camera! What a freaking embarrassing moron she and her hubby are proving to be!


      @ Dumbfounded, I tried to buy a new PM doll, you know to replace my Harper doll, honestly I did!

      But everywhere I went looking for one, everywhere, absolutely everywhere that I looked, when I asked for the new PM doll, I was shown a BOZO the Clown doll!

      BOZO the clown, complete with red hair, a big red nose, big floppy shoes and a painted on smile! The dolls all included a string on the back, that when pulled brought forth a variety of comments such as “Take my picture!”, “Spend, Spend, Spend!”, “Hahaha, the jokes on you!”, and also “I can’t believe that you clowns actually elected me!”

      Dumbfounded, I’m scared of clowns and I’m even more scared of what they might do, so I didn’t buy the new PM “Clown” doll!

      Heck, even children are scared of clowns!

      Heard it was a blowup doll that got a hole in it from Hart Guy’s overly zealous affection.

      JGalt, I just love your comment from 2:21 PM, where you talk about those with low I.Q’s posting on this site!

      Your comment certainly places you among that group, haha!

      You are the very last person on this site that should be giving lessons on “playing nice in the sandbox”!

      Perhaps it is time that you be placed in the corner for a timeout?

    Hey Hart Guy I see the crime rate in PG is over the top. And watch yourself when out for a drive you could end up in an accident I hope its not serious.

      Thanks for your genuine concern Retired 02 ;-)

      I’ll extend that back to you, haha!


      Retired 02, I already posted the following for you on another thread, but just in case you missed my comment, I’ve copied it below for you!

      Retired 02, I took a moment to try to locate your Abby crime stats but the RCMP site only provided up to 2015.

      What was more interesting is this news story out of Global News from July 20, 2016, just over one month ago!

      “Abbotsford among top cities with highest crime increase”

      WOW!! Here’s some of what the story has to tell:

      “According to the report, B.C. saw in increase in the Crime Severity Index (CSI) of four per cent.

      Violent crime in this province climbed by seven per cent, while reports of property crime went up by two per cent.

      But two B.C. cities had some of the highest increases in their CSI for all of Canada in 2015.Victoria saw its CSI go up by 16 per cent, while Abbotsford’s went up by 14 per cent.”

      ht tp://globalnews.ca/news/2838279/abbotsford-among-top-cities-with-highest-crime-increase/

      One again Retired 02, WOW!

      It looks like I better buy gas in Chilliwack and speed up when I pass through Abbotsford on route to Vancouver! Wouldn’t want to get shot or robbed or assaulted stopping in dear ol’ Abby!

      Retired 02, I guess that you’ll probably need a drink after reading this article, so I’ll take this opportunity to say:


Harper is his own man. He united the Conservative party, was the 2nd longest serving Conservative Prime Minister. Has been an MP for 18 years.

He has now formed his own company and will start a second career at the age of 57.

Harper never suffered fools, and therefore would give short shrift to many who post on this site, such as Ataloss, and PVal.

One might say that Harper was a kick ass Prime Minister and as a result this cost him some popularity. Certainly the CBC did not love him, nor the tax and spend Liberals and Conservatives. He was a threat to the status quo, and to the Eastern establishment.

A very large number of Canadian supported him, and of course a large number did not, but as I said he was his own man and rose and fell on the basis of the decisions he made.

Most historians, and a number of others know that Harper will go down in history as one of Canada’s great Prime Ministers. However some people on this site do not have the capability to recognize success when they see it.

We can now revert back to the Eastern Establishment, and bask in the glory of Trudeau (2) dancing and signing in the streets, and taking selfies everywhere he goes. Have fun with that.

    should read tax and spend Liberals and NDP’ers.

    What a nice story pal. But what about some of his legislation?

    How many laws did he bring in that where found to be in violation of our rights? now many millions did his gov spend on false adds against marijuana? How many scientists did he muzzle because he follows the lord..not reality and science? How much money did he spend attending hockey games ?

    Once again…selfies are just part of life now… Harper thought his soul would,be stolen by the camera so that’s why no selfies for,him…lol.

      He wouldn’t come to the Canada Winter Games in PG but had no problem with attending the Calgary Stampede.

Here’s the problem with your hero and patron Lord Harper!
He doesn’t have an ounce of integrity. Never has had, and never will have.
He shafted the Progressive Conservatives when they merged with the Reformers, he used dirty tricks, stonewall tactics, and went so far as to prorogue the house of commons to avoid facing the wrath of a parliament that was ready to cook his oysters! The final act of this coward was to leave his appointed senators swinging in the wind along with members of his inner circle while he lied through his teeth about any involvement in the expense scams!
Perhaps in the future the Conservatives will see that most Canadians live in the centre between the extreme left and right, and will consciously move their policies and platform where it is palatable to most of us. Perhaps then they will elect a more centrist leader that can appeal to that majority of Canadians.
Until then Thank god that we are rid of this tyrannical right wing ideologue!

    Two thumbs up ^^^

I see the Veteran’s Affairs office will reopen in PG. What a joke. When we lived in PG I didn’t even know there was an office in PG. All my files were done through the Penticton office. I called the Legion and was told we have no other Korean Vets in PG.

We actually had a KVA branch in PG with about 10 members and it referred me to Penticton.

Does anyone know just how that accident between the semi and bicycle occurred yesterday?

    It is still being investigated thus little will be released for now.

So Harper said goodbye to politics today, so long and good riddance cowardly closet boy!!!

ht tps://i.ytimg.com/vi/6ldF6VZv8BM/maxresdefault.jpg

Worst Prime Minister EVER!!!

    Worst Prime Minister EVER? Hardly!

    Hold onto your seats, cause you ain’t seen nothing yet! Drama Boy is just getting started!

    and also JGalt, you as leader of the bleeding hearts should be ashamed of your rather insulting “so long and good riddance cowardly closet boy” comment!

    For your information, our Prime Minister was (as reported) “whisked away to relative safety” or (as was also reported) “according to multiple sources he was rushed into a small closet”.

    Obviously as the Leader of our Country, Prime Minister Harper’s safety was paramount! The fact that those around him “rushed him” or “whisked him away” to relative safety speaks to exactly what should have happened in this instance!

    To suggest otherwise is completely moronic, but you go ahead and suggest it anyways!

      Trudeau 2 would have torn off his shirt and charged into the fray with dukes up with Sophie swooning at her shirtless hero. Have be a selfie in there somewhere.

JGalt, here’s a link to a CTV Ottawa poll today:

“Was Stephen Harper a good prime minister?”

Just checked and so far 66% say YES!

ht tp://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/community/poll-results

    I thought we all stopped believing polls after the last BC election.

    “Five weeks after Stephen Harper won his majority government in 2011, Maclean’s magazine ran a story asking experts to name Canada’s best prime ministers. Harper ranked 11th on the list.”

    Perhaps some of the reasons he was so unpopular are:

    -Proroguing Parliament four times, shutting it down for a total of 181 days.
    -Omnibus bills
    -Robocalling during the 2011 election
    -Unfair Elections Act
    -Gagging scientists from speaking freely about their research
    -Spying on environmental and aboriginal activists
    -Auditing environmental and civil society groups
    -Taxpayer-funded political ads

    Sorry had to stop here because my fingers are getting tired of typing…

      Really missing the thumbs up! Totally agree JGalt!

      Thanks jales5 :-)

      All of those could be condensed into “biased reporting by the MSM”.

      Who am I to argue with eight (8) very reputable news sources around the world that say Stephen Harper was the worst Prime Minister Canada has ever had?


Nice words today, from Jay Hill as he is interviewed by the CBC’s Hannah Thibedeau on Stephen Harper’s farewell!

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/player/play/752014915684/

Dear leader only won by the very biased liberal left media lead by the taxpayer money sucking CBC.

Hey our dear leader is is in China for more selfies. He is also building up Canada’s peacekeeping force with no mission in sight while at the same time decreasing armed forces procurements, just amazing.

    And that is different from your Lord and master Harper in what way? Harper got us deeper and deeper into the Mid-east wars and wasn’t in any hurry to speed up or increase military procurement. In fact, military procurement has been a low priority no matter what federal party is in power, because politicians in this country know that most Canadians want health care funding, not income supports for the Military-Industrial Complex.

    Oh yeah, that’s right, Harper and his Cons didn’t want to fund health care either. The only thing they were interested in was the care and feeding of Corporate Canada and Transnational corporations.

      Ya but Ya but, sunny ways was going to bring change?

    Oh yes, absolutely. Because we all know that politicians ALWAYS keep the promises they make to get elected. /s

    Interesting how you never answer the question. You just come up with something dumb. In fact, not prioritizing military expenditure could be seen to fit in with the idealistic philosophy that that slogan represents. Of course, the connection would escape your positive personality.

The last election produced a solid majority government! Can’t people abide by the democratic result and stop stirring the you know what? Sore disrespectful losers are not a pretty sight!

    Liberals were able to complain about the Cons while they were in power, so now the Cons figure it is their turn. I can’t disagree with that no matter how stupid and moronic their “criticism” devolves to.

    The previous election also produced a solid majority government. I didn’t notice the left being willing to abide by that democratic result.

Bicyclists are having a rough time at the 15th and Carney light. That is the second person to be struck there in the last couple of months; although, in the first one, the biker was entirely at fault for what occurred.

    It makes no difference who is at fault, when a bicycle and a motor vehicle tangle horns, the bicycle always loses. Which is a powerful motivator to not ride bikes.

      It does make a difference, because if the guy hadn’t pulled a 180 and ridden in front of the car to begin with then he wouldn’t have been on the losing end, since no encounter would have occurred.

      This is the first accident I’m referring to, not thee most recent one.

      I’m referring to all physical encounters between bikes and motor vehicles. Notice that I said, “when a bicycle and a motor vehicle tangle horns”. In case you don’t know what that means, I’ll put it plainly – when a bicycle and a motor vehicle crash the cyclist always comes second, no matter who’s at fault.

      Get it?

      When they crash.

I was going to make a few more comments on the Harper issue, however trying to talk sense to Ataloss, PVal, JGalt and some others on this subject is like trying to swim up a waterfall. Not a chance in hell of ever reaching the top, and completely wore out by the end of the day.

Sit back and watch Harper become a huge success in the next 10 years and eat your heart out.

    Oh Harper will definitely be a success.. He is owed by so many for his actions while PM that he probably has clients lining up to fulfill their end of the agreement(s)

    Replace Republicans with Conservatives in the following Barry Goldwater comment, and well, Christians are Christians on both sides of the border.

    ht tp://tinyurl.com/z8exl2c

    Pretty scary hey?

      If one looks closely strings can be seen operating dear leader.

      I’d be a lot more scared of Muslims, but that isn’t politically correct, is it?

    Yes it must be hard to see reality through rightie googols. I like your analogy . Likening mainstream Canadian thinking to a waterfall . Couldn’t have said it better . As for Stevie ? One of these days one of those cons are going to realize that he’s a liability for their hopes of gaining power again one day . As for Stevie ? Sit back and watch . I am . I can hardly wait . Stevie Ray . Does that sound cool or what ? They’ll be like batman and robin I bet.

      I wonder how Baird is making out over at Barrick gold . I bet , like a bandit .

Great piece from Rex Murphy.

I speak, of course, of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Knights of the Global Warming Fable. However elusive the Trudeau government’s positions may be on some matters — jet purchases, the economy, a referendum on how we vote, etc. — it is absolutely clear on its desire to put a halt to the tropical apocalypse that the great prophets of global warming assure us, every day, is upon us.

It was that zeal that led to the prime minister and his minister of climate change to put together such a large delegation to send to last year’s COP conference in Paris. Other countries dispatched delegations limited in numbers, ensuring a modest presence at that gloomy bazaar. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, on the other hand, doubtlessly mindful of her master’s fervency on this issue, rounded up a party of 386 pilgrims — a cull that included civil servants, party favourites, youth groups, advisers, statisticians and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May — which far surpassed the delegations brought by much larger countries, including the United States.

Curiously, we have no pictures of deputy ministers ordering their third bottle of Ch. Mouton-Rothschild

The prospect of an oil-doomed world did not dampen the appetites of some of our Canadian pilgrims. They racked up bills at some of Paris’s toniest restaurants that would shame Caligula. Some of the taxpayer-funded photographs of the delegation, as they huddled starry-eyed around their leader, evoked a charming resemblance to those wonderful Antarctic “crowd” scenes in Morgan Freeman’s March of the Penguins. Though the penguins, for all the howling gales and frigid temperatures, seemed a little more cheery.

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/rex-murphy-canada-is-back-and-the-liberals-have-the-pictures-to-prove-it

    Dirtman, thanks for posting the Rex Murphy piece! I read it earlier today and was going to post it but got too busy!

    Looks like Rex learned how to over-exaggerate after listening to Lochte’s excuse.

I guess maybe I posted to many links is why they were all deleted. Try this one…….

ht tps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXJDBm6FkUQPg-OwNP-9fVw

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