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October 27, 2017 9:29 pm

Cullen Sets Up Town Hall Meetings on Electoral Reform

Friday, August 26, 2016 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Skeena Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen has organized  a number of  town hall  meetings to gather input hear from constituents  on the  issue of electoral reform.

A special House of Commons committee on electoral reform is spending the summer and fall considering options for reforming Canada’s voting system and Nathan Cullen is a member of that committee. .

“This is a historic opportunity to strengthen our democracy and our country for generations to come,” says Cullen. “The key to making this process a success is getting the best ideas and input from citizens across the country, and especially here at home in the Northwest.”

Cullen will be holding four town halls in the Northwest early next month to gather views on  electoral reform. Topics will include changing the first-past-the-post voting system itself, introducing online and mandatory voting, as well as lowering the voting age.

An online consultation portal will be set up on Cullen’s website and a telephone town hall will be organized for community members who cannot attend in person.

The dates and locations of the town hall meetings are as follows:

  • Prince Rupert – September 6, 7PM-9-PM, Northwest Community College (353 5th Street)
  • Terrace – September 7, 7PM-9PM, Terrace Arena Banquet Room (3320 Kalum Street)
  • Kitimat – September 8, 7PM-9PM, Kitimat Riverlodge (654 Columbia Ave West)
  • Smithers – September 9, 7PM-9PM, The Old Church (1st Ave @ King Street)

For more information, visit nathancullen.ndp.ca/electoralreform


this change he wants must be totally beneficial to he and his party or I feel he wouldn’t be pushing so hard.
I notice he has conveniently skipped PG, I presume our opinion doesn’t count.

Yes, he is only getting input from his own riding. Are any of our MP’s on that committee?
What ever they do, they need to fully explain the different systems that they have looked at. When we had a provincial vote, because given little information, the voters will always go with the status quo.
Another way would be to bring it on fairly slowly, The result of this type of election system will be more parties and more multiple party governments Thaat is possibly to have a few popular vote MP’s added each election. I know that with the last Provincial vote, It was more of an all or nothing deal. Finally, any decision must be made by the voters themselves.
Just a few thoughts!

Hey guys

Cullen is part of the committee on electoral reform – the committee is holding town halls. If your MP is not part of the committee he/she more than likely will not be holding town halls in their riding’s, kind of pointless unless someone from the committee is there unless they are having a town hall to hunt squatches.

Send an email to a committee member or attend one of the committee members town halls

The Liberals were **Gung Ho** for Electoral Reform before the last election because they were the third place party. They now have a majority and no doubt have lost interest in reform. My guess is that they will committee this issue to death.

The NDP of course has been pushed back to the third place party, so they are of course in favor of this system because it gives them some status
in Government.

I think the present system is just fine. Let the chips fall where they may.

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