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October 27, 2017 9:29 pm

Government Steps in on Canada Post Negotiations

Thursday, August 25, 2016 @ 8:56 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Ottawa has appointed a  mediator  in the talks between Canada Post and  the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The contract discussions have made no movement  for the past several weeks, and the union’s strike mandate  window   is about to close.   The Union had issued notice to its membership yesterday that if there was no change in the talks, they would be issuing  72 hour strike notice today.

It is not yet clear if the appointment of a mediator will change the  CUP-W plans.


Yawn, nobody cares except the postal workers. Shut it down already and privatize the mail service.

    Um — there are lots of small businesses that use the postal system. Also lots of folks still get paper bills. Not every one is into the ‘digital age’.
    It affects more folks than you think.

Then you would have lower pay, no benifits same cost as profits will go to the few owning the private companies. In the end higher costs to the taxpayer but a few with government connections happy.

    So who determines how much of the “profits” go to the employees, the union?

seamutt- have to agree with you. We seem to have a group of people that want to sell off everything same as what happened to BC rail. The postal service is not broke. Everyone needs to be paid a living wage.


Trudeau … what a gong show. More worried about muslim rights, what they can wear to work, trans rights.. gay rights..keeping Canadians at work.

Wow, so the Trudeau Liberal Government pursues mediation as opposed to a Harper Conservative Government that would preemptively introduce “back to work legislation” to prevent unions from going on strike, even though unions have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to strike!

I like the way this Liberal Government “respects” our country’s constitution, as opposed to the previous government who consistently lost Supreme Court of Canada cases because of illegal or unconstitutional legislation.

Remind me again how many millions of dollars the Harper Conservative lost in lawyer, and other legal fees, fighting stupid legislation that was eventually struck down!

IMO the Union needs to serve strike notice and then you may get down to some serious bargaining. Canada Post loves to keep you talking and drag the contract out as long as they can so when the contract is settled you will be left with no retro pay.

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