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October 27, 2017 9:29 pm

Fatal Crash 15th and Carney

Thursday, August 25, 2016 @ 9:33 AM


15th Avenue closed at Carney as  police investigate fatal crash – image 250News

Prince George B.C.- A cyclist has been killed in a crash at 15th and Carney in Prince George.

Witnesses tell 250News the cyclist was in collision  with  a semi-tractor trailer.

Emergency personnel are on the scene.  15th is closed   at the  intersection as  RCMP   conduct their investigation.

Commercial Vehicle  Safety Enforcement  investigators, the Coroners Service,  North District RCMP  are all assisting in the  investigation.

Prince George RCMP Media Liaison  Corporal Craig Douglass says 15th will be closed for several hours as this investigation continues.  Cpl. Douglass  says  it does not appear at this time that the cyclist was wearing a helmet.

Detours around the scene are  available.


I understand that legally, this poor soul should have been wearing a bicycle helmet, however in a collision with a Semi-Tractor Trailer, full-body armour probably would not have helped.

Condolences to this person’s family and friends.

Just want to say Kudos to Opinion 250 for posting a photo that does not include the deceased. Shows class instead of poor taste like the Citizen. Condolences to the family.

    I saw nothing wrong with the citizen photo it was just a tarp on the ground most people wouldn’t know what is under it however there are plenty of uncensored pictures on social media about the accident and easy to find welcome to the 21st century and instant photo uploads

    The news outlets are tame compared to the idiots armed with mobile devices and no sense of discretion those are the real insensitive ones

      It doesn’t bother me to look at it however, I’m thinking of the family of the deceased. They shouldn’t have to see that since it would be the last image of their loved one they see. I just find it very disrespectful. Social media is a little different, a newspaper of our city should respect the citizens that support their paper.

      But most of us subscribers to The Citizen will probably see a similar photo in tomorrow’s paper. In reality it is not any different except the family will have found out. Just because you saw it online right? Man oh man some people cannot get over the fact that we live in 2016 and news is never a day behind on anything! Get over it!

very sad. until the investigation is complete, we don’t know the circumstances. so condolences to everyone involved and their families.

I think news outlets should be able to report the news. no censorship. it is, unfortunately, the reality of the situation.

Dearth – where are the uncensored pictures on social media. I can’t find them?

    Found them on Facebook pictures got posted and shared through friends lists and was on Instagram I don’t subscribe to Instagram but I was shown pictures of the accident scene by a person I know

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