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October 27, 2017 9:27 pm

Postal Union Spells Out Strike Plan

Saturday, August 27, 2016 @ 8:36 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The negotiating committees involved in the contract negotiations at Canada Post continue their talks with the help of a federally-appointed mediator today, but a strike deadline of midnight Sunday night is fast approaching.

As mediator William Kaplan attempts to steer the parties toward a settlement the Canadian Unioncanada-post-315x53 of Postal Workers has now spelled out the job action planned if talks break down. The National Executive Board has decided that, while there will be no full-blown walkout, initial strike activities will rotate through each province or territory and will include the following:

The Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers bargaining unit members will work only their Schedule A hours. Full-time members of the Urban Bargaining Unit are to work only their regular hours and no overtime; part-time and temporary employees may extend up to 8 hours, but no overtime.

Members will be informed when their province or territory is scheduled to participate in these actions. When not scheduled for strike activities, members are to report to work and do their job according to the work rules and health and safety provisions.

CUPW has directed its members that they are to contact their local immediately if Canada Post management threatens discipline for refusing to work overtime or working beyond Schedule A hours.


this is called work to rule,
and with my dealing with a union
when they work to the letter of the contract, the rule, they usually get more work done.

I like how the union uses the term “bargaining”, when if they don’t get what they want they strike. Maybe the union bosses should pick up a paper or watch the news and see how many businesses are closing and how many people are losing their jobs and or taking pay cuts etc. I worked briefly in a union environment for 7 months and finally had to leave because the environment was almost toxic, it was always workers vs management which I believe was driven by the union bosses portraying management as evil and always against the worker.

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