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October 27, 2017 9:24 pm

New Water Consumption Plan Approved

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  The  City of Prince George has a new  plan  aimed at reducing water consumption.

With climate change  expected to increase  temperatures and  episodes of flooding or drought,  the plan is aimed at ensuring the P.G. water supply  is sustainable.

In a report to Council,  it is noted  the average daily water usage in Prince George last year was 754 litres per capita.  That’s more than twice the  amount  of the national average which is  330 litres per capita per day while the average in BC is  490 litres per capita per day.

The  plan adopted by Council  aims to see water consumption  reduced by 20%  by 2026,   when average daily consumption would be down to  603 litres per capita per day.

The plan  calls for  the City to lead by example. Last year, the City took heat from residents when 250News reported that sprinklers at  the  Rotary Soccer fields were in full  sprinkling action when  mechanical irrigation was banned.  That problem was blamed on a computer system which had not been updated.

The plan also  calls for an education component, leak detection, enhanced sprinkler restrictions and a volunteer water meter program.

While there is nothing to correlate directly on why  Prince George’s  consumption is so much higher than  other communities in the Province but  water meters seem to have  an impact.  Right now,  only about 700 homes in P.G. have water meters.

The City already has  sprinkling restrictions in place  with  odd numbered addresses allowed to sprinkle  on odd numbered days,  and  even numbered addresses on even numbered days.  There  is  also  a time frame restriction  for different areas  of the City.  The recommendations would expand the sprinkling  and or watering restrictions during  hot and dry  conditions and  increase the fines for  violation of the  restrictions.






Remove industry from those numbers and lets see what our usage is .

    Heavy industry in town generally have there own water supply.


Are these local political representatives trying to find a reason to be in office?
Is this city counsel just trying to justify their existence?

We are surrounded by water: in the mountains, in the two rivers that flow past our city, and abundant ground water. Why is there any concern whatsoever in this area for water consumption?

Granted, other regions are lacking in water, but BC overall has zero concern except maybe the desert in the kooteney region.

Is nestle or cocoa cola or the Untied Natiuons trying to expropriate BC water for profit?

Something smells on this one.

Water is essential. Waste and the “we’ve got tons of it, so let the taps run” attitude, is a big issue. There’s a cost in pumping, storing and treating. Conservation makes sense, ecologically and economically. We have someone in our neighborhood who waters his snow bank in the spring, so he can get a two day jump on a green lawn. It’s ridiculous. In may communitie, that have gone to metering, sensible users actually see a reduction in costs.

    People love to moan about how much money our municipality needs to operate essential city services (such as water).

    Abundant water being present in our area doesn’t mean the cost of storing and treating that water is negligable, as govsux says.

    More than once in this summer that is coming to a close I’ve noticed folks in my area watering at seemingly unnecessary times – when it is raining, or has rained in the past day. I’ve even noticed them leaving the sprinkler on OVERNIGHT. That’s just waste – it isn’t going to help your precious lawn.

    A little common sense goes a long way. If our per-capita water usage is twice that of other Canadians, something is seriously off kilter.

    I am not one to promote metering necessarily as it will end up costing us all money, but at least then the morons who water their lawns all night maybe will think to turn it off, or it will be them who pays for the water they poured into the gutters all night.

Climate change say what. What is meant, man caused, natural, warm, cold, dry, wet, snow, no snow, global, regional.

City hall here is some news, there was climate change before man showed up on the scene. Hey more news, man caused climate only exists in computer programs. Not one computer generated climate catastrophe or prediction has come true, not one. Also computer programs on which the so called catastrophe are based grossly overestimate real world observations.

Has there been warming, yes since the little ice age. Has man contributed maybe yes, maybe no, there is no verifiable, provable science of mans contribution if any at all.

Look at Australia for an example, The area which includes Brisbane was in a drought, normal, very normal looking at climatic history. Well climate scientists, those living off the taxpayer, predicted that area will never see heavy rains again. So what happened the upstream reservoirs from Brisbane where not lowered to make room as normally done for the seasonal rains. Well guess what, the rains came, big time and Brisbane suffered very heavy flood damage as the reservoirs which where already at a high level could not absorb the rain runoff. The dams had to be opened, poof massive flooding thanks to those rent seeking climate scientists misinformation promoting their false CAGW.

City Hall I don’t know where you folks are getting your climate change information but you being fed misinformation. With real world observations and using climatic history with these observations we are entering a cooling period. That is real world not computer programs to fit an agenda.

If promoting conservation to keep infrastructure costs down, just say it, don’t throw the term climate change into the mix. It just shows how foolish and ignorant you folks are about the subject.

    Wow, your probably right with the climate change subject. I also believe that there are a lot of people abusing the water supply. We waste a lot of water. Especially those who water their lawns all night. If you water on wrong days, than you are fined $75.00 first time, $150 second time, or you install a water meter.

    So if you have a water meter and you sprinkle on off days, than it don’t matter?

    When I said computer programmes I really should have said computer generated models. Those models have never been correct, always grossly overstating real world observations.

    Back in the seventies carnival barkers, sorry climate scientists where barking about the coming ice age, well that didn’t quite work out now did it. They have been barking about all sort of cooking catastrophes for the last thirty years and not one has come true.

    I get upset when I see people like Gore, faux scientists making money with this scam, hundreds of billions spent which could have gone into medical research. Many of these people will get Alzheimer’s which if they had not diverted the money away from medical research Alzheimer’s might have been cured. How ironic.

    In climate there is nothing happening now that hasn’t happened before. We are actually lucky to have been living in a rather benign climate for the last 100 years or so. Would these faux scientists be happy for a return of the Little Ice Age?

So the City blamed a computer system when they were watering during a ban? And that’s okay? Maybe need to look at turning automatic sprinklers off when not actually required? Have you seen how much water the truck pumps into the hanging baskets and planters around town?

In my neighbourhood many people water their lawns whenever they want, regardless of whether or not it is their watering day. Not only do they ignore the even and odd numbered house rule, they ignore the time of day restrictions.

If I notice it happening as I drive through my neighbourhood, perhaps we should be asking why our wonderfully efficient bylaw officers don’t ever seem to notice it. Maybe if they got out of their favourite “watering hole” and took their Timmies to go, they might actually spend some time in the City’s neighbourhoods and they might start to notice! They might even issue a few tickets!

So by 2026 it should be down by 20%… not really serious about doing much but talk!
City of PG, you want a meter at my house, YOU PAY FOR IT..I’ll pay for my water, but you pay the meter and its installation.

Yeah, but you’re across the river and near the top of the hill. That’s a day trip.

Problem – you can write a by-law, but if you’re not going to enforce it, it’s of no effect.

We live in the regional district with no by-laws to speak of, so if we have a noisy neighbor, we’re on our own.

Or, we can live in the city that has lots of by-laws, but unenforced, so how would we be better off. In fact, we’d be worst off. Usually in the RD, if your neighbor won’t listen, you can often retaliate until they figure it out. I.E., they play music late at night, I start my tractor early in the morning. Can’t do that in the city because you punish everyone, not just the offender.

BTW Hart Guy, maybe the enforcement officers don’t know there’s a T.H. on the Hart. If you let them know, they might come up just to check it out :)

I will never volunteer for a water meter for a number of reasons.

– It commoditizes a substance required for life, like oxygen. Someone above talked about water bottling companies. The minute you allow taxation on consumption, you then normalize price per litre and rates. Soon draconian laws will be enforced like they have in the USA where it’s illegal to have a rain barrel or store any water that falls from the sky or runs through your property. Next you have fences with guards around wells and streams like they have in some third world countries where generations of families have gone to get life sustaining water then told they had to get in line and pay for it because some company like Nestle bought the rights to the water.

– It gives the “authorities” a means to justify increasing rates and add another tax to our lives with rates subject to the social whims of the day.

– For the tin foil hat club, it gives “them” yet another means to track your daily life. Add that to your IP address, smart phone GPS or cell tower location tracking, BC Hydro “Smart Meters” and now license plate recognition programs, etc etc.

Us poor Country Folks just Drill a Well ,spend 10000.00 plus and drink all the Water we want, switching to Beer at times!

    I really like our deep well as well . It helps to have a couple of creeks too .

    Careful the NDP had a plan to tax well water.

    Yeah, the government has been tossing the idea of taxing well water for years. One of these days they’ll do it. The rationalization being just because you own surface rights does not mean you own subsurface rights to water which belongs to “the people”!

We pay for water out here in Ottawa and I’d say it works out to about $50 a month. I watered my lawn when I first moved here (always did in PG) and that got old really quick once the water bills started showing up, LOL.

This summer has been hot with very little rain. For the past couple of months, I don’t think I’d be lying if I said the average max daily temp has been in the upper 20’s or low 30’s. I can also think of maybe 4 or 5 days over that period where we’ve had rain. Much of the area is in a full on drought.

My lawn is 100% dependant on whatever mother nature decides to throw at it. I mowed this past weekend for the first time in 2 months because that’s how little it had grown. That said, after one day of significant rainfall, it bounced right back and is now pretty much all green again and in need of a mow. That after being dormant for almost two months, dried out and brown. My conclusion? Lawns are pretty resilient, LOL.

Much of the landscaping you see out here is based around rock and natural grasses. Much more user friendly. That’s definitely the way I’ll go if I ever get around to doing it.

    So everybody has forgot the super lousy spring you folks had ? We’ve had a good summer, nothing in the 30’s…which is fine by me. However, I’m a water guy. Nobody around me waters so my green as green can be lawn, mowed once a week….looks really out of place. :-) No, I don’t have a meter.

      LOL, yeah the spring is but a distant memory. The summer has been incredible. I guess I could complain about the humidity, but that would just be nit picky :)

There are a lot of people who miss their watering days on a regular basis and might water once a week. I seriously doubt if the City takes that into account when they come up with the per capita number.

As someone said, take industry and business out of the issue and then see what the per capita rate is.

So we have 754 litres per capita. The general rule of thumb is that 50% of water used is by commercial business, etc; So residential would then be in the area of 521 litres.

31% of water used in a household in Canada is used for flushing toilets.

So that reduces the amount used per capita to 286 litres after flushing and commercial. We have not yet considered washing clothes,. dishes, showers, etc;

So why does everyone think that the waste is a result of sprinkling your lawn?? Is it because the city regulate your external sprinkling, but do not want to enter your bathroom to regulate your internal sprinkling??

Shouldn’t a per capita figure only reflect people? And, shouldn’t it still be comparable with per capita measurements from other cities?

I guess you’d have to know how they city computed those numbers to see if they make sense or not. Any chance they’ll explain how they arrived at them and whether or not yet know how other cities arrived at theirs in order to make a meaningful comparison?

Not as many places in BC have two big rivers running by them either.

How about people with pools?
What about places that take city water and RO it and sell it for 3$ a 20 liter bottle and lots of them?
I agree high efficiency bathrooms, well worth it.
I pay about $1200 a year in utilities and garbage. I say that worth a bit of water for a place like PG. I mean in contrast in Hope companies are bottling water and selling for next to nothing for fees a year.

Does the usage include the pulp mills? Hello city hall lights on anyone home? How a break down on who uses what, how hard can that be? Oh maybe if they did that it will negate the alarmism.
Seems like greenie irrational loons have taken over city hall with not much common sense.

Some idiots at city hall are all into the globalist Free trade crap and want to facilitate the future privatization of our municipal water supply to foreign European corporations. They bitch about the inflated numbers so they can get us down to a lower base before the commoditization starts.

In actual fact city hall cares less about water wastage as evidenced how they treat water main leaks. I had a place in the Hart once that was at the end of the watermain and it leaked so bad I had a creak running through my yard that would never freeze all winter. I think it was almost two years before something was done about it. I didn’t much care as it brought in a lot of birds over the winter and helped to keep the sediment down in my water. They wanted me to pay to fix it because it was nearest to my house, but at over $20,000 forget it. Turns out it was on the city side of the property line, so it was most definitely their problem.

Another place I owned in the Hart had so little pressure from mainline leaks that I couldn’t get enough pressure to run a sprinkler or even the spray option on the kitchen faucet. They could care less about fixing the leaky line until they did the Local Area Improvement taxation for the sewer line and billed that one to the homeowners as well.

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