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October 27, 2017 9:24 pm

Education Minister Addresses Upcoming School Year

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 @ 11:17 AM

Prince George, B.C. – School starts next week and there’s some big changes in store for parents and students across the province.

British Columbia’s Education Minister Mike Bernier held a provincial teleconference this morning to address those changes and let parents and students know what to expect.

He said the biggest change will be the new curriculum that will be rolled out for kindergarten to grade nine students.

“K-9 classrooms will have the new curriculum fully implemented created by teachers for teachers,” said Bernier. “We will build on the success we’ve had here with outcomes in this province.”

He said the upcoming school year will be a transition year for students in grades 10-12 “who will see opportunities to start looking at that new curriculum and testing it out” before it goes into effect in the 2017/2018 school year.

Bernier said the goal is to “really focus and underscore the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic” – skills crucial to the future of students.

“You need to have these skills to make sure our students are ready to graduate and move on where they choose to go in life.”

He said the government has invested $7 million dollars in teacher training to help with the transition.

Bernier added Foundation Skills Assessments – also know as FSA’s – will be enhanced.

“Assessments provide a snapshot – they really provide a benchmark and help make sure our students are at the levels they should be at in the critical skills of math and reading.”

He said changes have been made in collaboration with “a lot of different partner groups” and said a further announcement on the issue “is coming soon.”

When it comes to exams, he said the focus will be on math and English. Bernier noted the government has collaborated with universities across North America in making this change.

“When you look at admissions what they are looking for is students to be prepared. Those cores need to be there.”

He said that also means that science and social studies will be assessed differently.

“Exams will be replaced with evaluations in a classroom setting rather than the way people remember as the gymnasium style of exams.”

As for report cards, Bernier said the government will begin consulting with parents’ province-wide starting next month.

“Through the ministry – allowing parents to really help shape how they’d like that to be seen. With the technology we have now, there’s opportunities to be able to have almost daily report backs if that’s what parents choose,” he said.

“But we want to hear from parents on what they’re hoping for, what they’re expecting.”

Bernier said the government will take that information starting next year and “look at implementing different ideas and changes within that system.”


This Guy already knows what he is going to Implement , he just want’s us to believe we have some say………

The teacher’s union has been involved in the redesign of the curriculum, however they still have a number of valid concerns. “Resources, support for special education, implementation time frame, assessment, reporting, graduation requirements, and the scope of educational change are some of the areas teachers have addressed as concerning.” ~ BCTF Website

For me, I am not opposed to this change.

Lots of change is needed…

The no failing anyone…need to keep them with their peers is ludicrous .

Everyone getting a ribbon for participating.. Stupid

Striving for mediocrity is all that happens now.

Get the special needs kids back to their own classes.. Having them in mainstream classes does not work.

Always cutting education budget plain moronic.

    P Val, I agree with what you are saying with the exception of your last comment.

    I’m not so sure that the education budget is always getting cut. Have we not had years where the overall education budget has decreased due to declining enrollment numbers, while at the same time “per pupil” funding has increased?

    If enrollment numbers drop, I would expect to see a reduction in the overall education budget, wouldn’t you?

      In fact the government kept up the budget even though student numbers were down year after year. No decreases. This meant more money per student.

The Canadian Center for Policy Alternative recently completed a study report that show BC to have the second lowest student funding in the country. But of course the Christy Clark Government, while not necessarily disputing the result directly, say some of the data was “cherry picked”.


Yet we know this government’s deceptive methods, i.e. transferring 100’s of millions of dollars from ICBC and BC Hydro into the government purse, then acting concerned when both public corporations have to raise their rates. Same thing with public education funding:

The Vancouver School Board budget cuts are the same that all School Boards across BC have been facing year after year… yet year after year the BC Liberals are saying “highest funding levels ever”! I call BS.


    JGalt, didn’t former NDP governments also transfer dollars from ICBC and BC Hydro into the Government purse and then did they not also act concerned when both corporations had to raise their rates?

    Once again, don’t let the facts get in your way!

      Hart Guy, I back up my comments with posted sources, and your unsubstantiated opinions are just that… unsubstantiated. Post your reputable sources / proof!

      JGalt, I questioned you on your assertion! You’ve mentioned this Government’s deceptive methods in a manner with which you attempt to suggest that only this current Liberal Government has done this! I’m suggesting that you should provide proof that only this Government has transferred funds to it’s coffers.

      Show us some proof that only this Liberal Government has done this!

      Of course the NDP raided ICBC and BCRail, just to name these two. That is why BCRail ended up the way it did, 650 million in debt (it was forced to assume government debt) and had worn out rolling stock. A prime candidate for getting rid of.

      Again no sourced references to you claims… until such time, your claims that the NDP constantly raided ICBC and BC Hydro are unsubstantiated myths. I understand it takes research time to back up your claims, but that is what it will take to debate on a higher, academically reputable, level.

      146 million in dividend payments in the 1995/96 NDP government budget. It is actually the NDP that started the dividend process in 1992 claiming that BC Hydro provide a fair share of its revenue back to British Columbians. BC Hydro has paid 5.4 billion in dividend payments since 1992 of which roughly 60 percent were borrowed. Hydro’s dividend will be reduced to zero between 2018 and 2021

      ht tps://www.fraserinstitute.org/sites/default/files/CaseofBCHydro.pdf

      ht tp://www.vancouversun.com/news/Hydro+paid+most+dividends+using+borrowed+cash/10723965/story.html

      5.2 Billion in BC Hydro dividend payment since 1992 is absolutely minuscule compared the Liberal government is grabbing more than $1.7 billion in revenue from the Insurance Corp. of B.C. and BC Hydro over the next “THREE YEARS”, this on the heels of rate hikes at both Crown corporations.

      Tuesday’s 2014-15 provincial budget predicted $8.9 billion in net income by 2016-17 from Crown corporations to help the Liberal government balance its books. Not only are these Liberal addicted to an obscene amount of gaming revenue, they are out of control in their dependence on Crown Corporation revenues!

      Completely unacceptable!!!

      Is it too late in the discussion to mention who created ICBC? No, it was the NDP who created the cow ICBC that has been milked from day one.

      Hart, you are absolutely correct, all governments have done the same thing.

      No government has relied ICBC and NC Hydro funding to the extent this Lib/Con government has, there is absolutely no comparison… yet why should be surprised? Here is a government that reduces taxes to PRIVATE Corporations and the Rich 1% so their revenue needs to come from somewhere.

      JGalt, sorry to disappoint you but it appears that this year, Christy Clark & Co. will forgo it’s annual ICBC dividend!

      “In a surprise move, the B.C. government will this year forgo extracting its usual $160-million annual dividend from ICBC’s optional side into general revenue.”

      “Forgoing the dividend this particular year is one strategy amongst a litany of others we’re employing to get that basic rate increase down,” Transportation Minister Todd Stone said.

      ht tp://www.kelownacapnews.com/news/391304001.html

      JGalt, obviously I’m sure that you will whine and complain that this is just another of Christy’s re-election ploys, but what the heck, if it keeps the ICBC rate increase to a minimum, I’ll take it, haha! Better yet, if it helps get Christy re-elected and keeps the NDP in the toilet, then I am certainly all for it!

      Sorry JGalt but BC Hydro dividend is a formula started by the NDP in 1992, a percentage of revenues. Those dang dippers!

      So Crusty Clark steps in, in hero like fashion forgoing the ICBC increased rates for this coming year (an election year) LOL… who made the comment last week, or a couple of weeks ago, PREDICTING Chrusty would “ride in and save the day by stopping the ICBC rate increase”?

      Whoever it was, is a frick’en genius!!! LOL… can I get that person to pick my stock market investments?

“… Still another factor is that more and more students are attending private schools. In the past decade, enrollment has grown by about 14,000 students at independent schools in B.C.”

That’s just in the last decade (10 years), the Lib/Cons have been in government for 16 years, and their agenda is obvious; under fund public schools to the point that parents give up and enroll their kids in private schools.

Meanwhile funding to those private schools have increase astronomically! Here is a news article titled; “Christy Clark gives record funding to private schools, pressures some Vancouver public schools to close”


    Private schools are even funded less than public schools. The government is still on the hook for every child’s education whether it be through ESL, Immersion, public or private. The reason a lot of people are forking over their own cash and turning to private is better education and less bullying through structured learning

    Debating going that route myself as my boy hates going to school, so much so he hides my shoes so I can’t drive him there. And he is in grade 2

      ALL of the private schools in Prince George, of which there are six (6), are religious schools. Last I heard, we were not suppose to be using our tax dollars to subsidize religious indoctrination? Go ahead and enroll your son in one of those schools, and praise the Lord while you are doing it.

      Slinky, put your boy in a private school and NOT have to deal with the never-ending whining from the BCTF?

      Now that sounds like a win/win for both you and your son!

      The BCTF consistently whines, even more than JGalt!

      You thinking is false, the Government of Canada guarantees mandatory but universal free elementary and secondary education to every child in the country regardless of race, creed, colour, or religion (citizen or permanent resident of course). They only currently supply 35 to 50 percent the funding per student for private as they do for public schools in BC.

      Your bigotry is shining through in your post
      Rights to denominational, separate or dissentient schooling is protected under the Canadian Constitution in the section Charter of Rights and Freedoms section 29

      Bigotry is a two way street with some of these religious schools as well, are you sure you want to discuss this further slinky?


Huh, so we should be outraged that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints elementary / secondary school in Bountiful, BC was shut down?

“The largest outbreak of measles in over 30 years has drawn attention to its source at Mount Cheam Christian School, and to religious groups that reject or discourage vaccination.”

ht tp://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2014/03/17/Vaccination-Issues

Go ahead slinky, enroll your son… no need to vaccinate, if an outbreak happens the power of prayer will stop it.

    Hey, JGalt, if you have any kids wouldn’t it be wise to remind them it isn’t exactly healthy to play in a sewer?

Come on JGalt hart Guy called you out and all you can come up with instead of an apology is a school yard mine is bigger than yours. Man up dude you’ve been called out.

No one can argue with ideology, whether it be religious, political, or both. Ideology trumps facts and logic every time. Justine Trudeau recognized this when he laid down an important ground rule; “if you do not respect and support a woman’s right to choose, you do not belong in the Liberal Party of Canada”!

Pure genius.

    Got the wording wrong but the meaning right, here is the correct wording:


    This includes a woman’s right to choose!

      Actually JGalt, you had it right the first time when you typed “Justine” rather than Justin, haha!

      Sunday was National “Go Topless Day”! Do you know if Justine removed his bra and blouse and joined the rest of the ladies in their protest?

      Earlier today I read a meme that stated:

      “I hope that Aliens don’t land here in Canada and tell us to take them to our leader. That would be so embarrassing!”

      No kidding!

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