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October 27, 2017 9:19 pm

Crackdown on Dangerous Intersections Nets Results

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

policeidPrince George, B.C. –  In early July, the Prince George RCMP Traffic  Unit  made it clear,  its members were going to be focusing on  the major crash sites in Prince George in an effort to  reduce  collisions and injuries.  The first two months  of that effort are   complete  and  during  that period,  260 violations were noted.

Focusing on  high risk behaviours by drivers approaching the intersections  with the highest frequency  of crashes, the  PG RCMP Traffic unit issued the following:

  • 16 impaired charges
  • 120 speeding charges
  • 15 intersection-related violations
  • 10 seatbelt charges
  • 5 distracted driving charges and
  • 94 other charges, including license infractions, vehicle equipment, and other moving violations.

The  intersections  that  have the  highest frequency  of crashes in Prince George are:

  1. Domano/Hwy 16
  2. Highway 97/Central Street at 15th Ave
  3. Ferry Avenue and Hwy 16
  4. Highway 16 and 97
  5. 15th Avenue, ,Patricia Boulevard/ Victoria Street
  6. 20th and Victoria Street
  7. Konrath road/Westgate Road/ Hwy 16
  8. 15th  and Ospika
  9. Massey Drive  at  17th/20th and Carney
  10. Cowart/Vance Roads and Hwy 16

Sergeant Matt LaBelle, who is in charge of  the PG RCMP Traffic  Unit, says  says the intersections represent  21% of  the total collisions in  Prince George, and  21% of the casualty or injuries  as a result of  a collision.



I am really surprised that 5th and central/Hwy 97 is not on their radar. Pun intended. LOTS of running the lights by the truckers at that one; also the ‘rush hr’ when turning onto 5th, and the light at Ahbau isn’t synched to accommodate the traffic.

That intersection at 20th and Victoria is a strange one. Coming off 2oth onto Victoria going west you have that stupid Stop sign 30 meters from the lights.

Wasn’t Massey / 17th the spot where the City went from 2 lanes down to one to accommodate the 1 or 2 cyclists who use that route? Seems to have worked out well.

All of these intersections allow left turns on a green light, except the now fixed Domano intersection. Notice how 5th and the Bybpass isn’t on this list? It is an ‘arrow only’ left turn lane.

Seems like if they got rid of the ‘left turn greens’ the problems disappear. So many chip trucks, logging trucks and lifted F350’s in this town to make the left turn safe.

    Huh? The top 4 listed are “arrow only” left turns.

      3 of the top 4 are arrow turn only, Ferry is slated for one but I do have my doubts whether it will change the stats much

      5th and the bypass was in the top 5 for crashes in 2009, 2010, and 2011 and actually had 10 fatalities there in 2009. Accidents and fatalities are not limited to only those intersections where left turns are permitted on a green. Domano and Highway 16 crash rate actually went up after the improvements made to that intersection

Wonder if any bicycle riders got a ticket? Yesterday the only rider I saw in a bike lane was going the wrong way and no helmet.

    But But …. that would be wrong .

    get a grip

      I am wondering why you made this comment? You do realize the fatal we had a month back was that same scenario?

16 impaired, 120 speeding tickets indicates that people are not yet getting the message.

Hopefully the police will continue to write tickets and charge people until they get these numbers down. When they are finished with the intersections, they should concentrate on the Hart Highway, 97 South from 5th to the BC Rail industrial park, and 16 West. Time to slow down the speeders on these highways.

Good for them. There is a problem here. Driver’s are reckless. Driver’s need to slow down and take care. The cops should not have to tell people to do this but there seems to be many without sense here. Good for the Police for cracking down on speeding and stupid, fools behind the wheel. What charges have been laid to the driver who killed the teenage girl at Vance Rd.? What about the driver who killed the flagger? How was he distracted? Was his boss pushing him? Did he need a coffee real bad? Would like to see follow-up to the four traffic incidents resulting in death in the last few months. WTF Price George.

    Re the Vance road crash the truck driver may not have done anything wrong.

    Perhaps the driver who “killed” the teenager at Vance wasn’t in the wrong. Did you consider that?

Yesterday morning as I approached Cowart Rd turn signal, I noticed a little blue car waiting for turn light to change. She got tired and went thru her red light while my light turned greenindicating I could continue up Peden Hill. I noticed the turn signal sign sits wayyy high and is small print. Would be better if it was lowered and also in large print

Just like that merge lane from Domano to hyway 16. Many people stop there, not seeing the Merge sign sitting way up high. Being wayy up there, its good for trucks to see but not for small cars

    I think a lot of people don’t realize they have their own merge lane at the Domano-16W intersection or are too scared to drive on the right of a chip truck while they build up speed

16 impaired?? We only caught one impaired for the whole Christmas counterattack last year. I suspect the drunks are just getting good at avoiding the normal road checks and this, being different, caught them by surprise?

no reindeers to give them a ride home

In the States an equivalent jumbo aircraft load of people a week die in vehicle crashes and half of those where not wearing seat belts.

People worry about flying!

Well, to rain on their parade, that’s a little over 4 tickets per 12 hour day shift average. I’m assuming they did a few blitz’s here and there, because I could easily write 4 tickets on my way to work in the morning.

Motivation theory works like this – positive reward is the most motivating – i.e., cheaper insurance for safe driving. Unfortunately, the government scoops ICBC profits so we don’t get the full flow through of our good behavior.

For traffic – punishment really is the only option – education clearly has failed, we have the most driver education in my memory. I got my license by taking the car for a spin around the block. Now it takes almost 2 years.

So, it’s a formula. Risk of getting caught, X severity of punishment.

Right now, we have minimal risk of getting caught, and punishment really isn’t much. Change either of those variables, and compliance increases. I.E, if we can’t afford more cops, make the punishment truly painful when you do get caught. So, first speeding ticket, car impounded for a week. Watch people slow down. Or, triple traffic enforcement so that you see police pulling people over everywhere, people slow down.

The current system clearly isn’t working. We’ve lost the war on drugs, do we have to lose the roadways next?

    Cannot up the penalties as that may affect the politicians and rulemakers that break the rules.

Maybe new drivers should be made to ace the signage part of drivers exam at least 3 times and old drivers should be made to take it every couple of years after 40..

It’s an incredibly regressive system of punishment that can devistate some families, and for others it’s just a cost of doing business. I am more in favour of community hours for offenders rather than a cash grab for politicians.

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