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October 27, 2017 9:17 pm

Baseball Tournaments a Home Run for Local Economy

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 9:54 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Tourism Prince George says three baseball tournaments held in Prince George over the summer provided a $5.2 million boost to the local economy.

Those tournaments were the 2016 Canadian Native Fastball Championships which hosted 77 teams from across Canada, the five team 2016 World Baseball Challenge, and the Midget AA Provincial Championships which hosted ten teams across the province.

That $5.2 million is an estimate from the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance’s sport tourism economic assessment Model (Steam). Over $4 million was generated by the Canadian Native Fastball Championships.

“Sporting events are major economic drivers in Prince George,” says Leanne Schinkel, sport and event development manager for Tourism Prince George. “These three events not only injected a lot of money into our economy this summer, but also created first class spectating opportunities and an electric atmosphere for visitors.”

Tourism Prince George says the sport tourism industry is the fastest growing segment of Canada’s tourism industry.

In 2014 for example it represented $5.2 billion in annual spending by domestic and international visitors (Statistics Canada).


I’d like to see it broken down by the individual tournaments. There’s no way in hell the 5 team “World” challenge was any more then a token contributor to the overall figures.

    Good point….over $4 million generated by the Canadian Native Fastball Championships.

      Thanks Greg.

      That’s an absolutely amazing figure for a 3 day tournament. And yet, fastball in this City is still treated as a second class sport by those in charge.

Wow… so the 2016 All-Native Baseball Tournament brought in over $4 Million dollars to this city. I am going to bookmarking this article, to use when I read the inevitable “freeloaders” comment about them on this discussion board. :-)

Well I’m gonna have to call BULL$#@T
there’s no way this is even possible $5,000,000,00…….they musta added at least one maybe two extra zeros.
It’s this kinda promotional BS that insults your readers intelligence!


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