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October 27, 2017 9:17 pm

Province Takes Stand Against LGBTQ Bullying

Thursday, September 8, 2016 @ 11:17 AM

Prince George, B.C. – School districts and independent schools across the province must have anti-bullying policies for LGBTQ students in place by December 31, 2016.

B.C. Education Minister Mike Bernier made the announcement this morning noting “every child has to have a safe environment regardless of who they are” adding the Province has taken leadership on the issue to show students “we care.”

The government says the changes will bring district school policies in line with the July 2016 amendments to the B.C. Human Rights Code that included gender identity and expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination.

The move has the full support of Prince George School Board Chair Tony Cable.

“Oh definitely. I think it’s very important and anything we can do to eliminate bullying in schools, especially for LGBTQ students, is very important.”

He says the directive will be sent to the school board’s Policy and Governance Committee for some fine tuning of policies recently put in place.

“We have been working really hard on our policies lately. We have really been having a close look at our code of conducts and anti-bullying policies and the last board did a tremendous amount of work on LGBTQ policies so I think we’re basically where we should be.”

Victoria also announced that the ARC Foundation is funding a new Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity advisor position to support school districts and independent schools develop their policies and voluntary anti-bullying programs to be inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity.


“B.C. Education Minister Mike Bernier made the announcement this morning noting “every child has to have a safe environment regardless of who they are” adding the Province has taken leadership on the issue to show students “we care.”

While admirable, it is hard for me to reconcile this government, championing a province wide “anti-bullying” initiative, with the case of a Healthcare Researcher who was unjustly fired by the BC Liberal Government. Below is a link to a news story that will introduce you to this Researcher, who three (3) months after he was fired, committed suicide… some would say this man was essentially “bullied to death” by our government.

ht tp://tinyurl.com/hlkkdyf

In the interests of being fair and balanced on this matter, the Provincial Government did end up apologizing to this man’s family, with no evidence of wrongdoing by MacIsaac been found or released by the government. Other Healthcare Researchers dismissed over the incident had since settled lawsuits with the government, or had their positions reinstated with apologies.

ht tp//tinyurl.com/gsw6mbo

    More rumblings from one of the most insane users on this site. Shouldn’t you be at an NDP gathering somewhere?

      I just felt that his man and his story needed to be told… after all “this is real life”. He committed suicide, it is up to the readers to decided whether being bullies by his employer (this provincial government) played a role that. What is really unfortunate is that he wrote a suicide note on his laptop for his family and friends, the coroner took possession of that laptop and this man’s suicide note mysteriously disappeared.

      ht tp://globalnews.ca/news/2099037/suicide-note-of-fired-b-c-health-researcher-deleted-by-coroners-service-says-family/

      If you don’t like my “rumblings” don’t read them, and most certainly don’t respond to them!

      It would appear Global has already told the story

Love your convenient blame. Kayfish had mental issues, and killed himself after being fired by the government. Yeah, he was wrongly fired, but that could have been handled better than by killing yourself. But how convenient of you to blame it on ‘bullying’ by the gov’t.

It’s admirable the Ministry is implementing this as it is long overdue. Hopefully the administrators in schools will take a tougher stance on bullying as well. Also, this is Suicide Prevention Awareness week. Let’s all try to be a little more compassionate and a little less critical. Suicide is nothing to make light of. Families and friends are left to morn a lost loved one. It’s painful. There is no room for bullying in schools or the workplace.

I find it amusing that today, JGalt refers to this anti-bullying announcement as “admirable” considering that just yesterday in the “Settlement of Cheslatta Concerns Near” story, he referred to me as “pure sleaze”!

Now I’ve got thick skin, so his comment rolled right off of my back. However some might see his comment comment and other similar comments that he has made to others on this site, as a form of bullying!

JGalt, stop being a bully!

I think it’s time to start treating this troll and his insane posts just like he and his posts were treated under previous handles!
Time to quit responding, time to ignore, and time to QUIT FEEDING THIS TROLL!

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