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October 27, 2017 9:11 pm

School Bus Involved in Three-Vehicle Crash

Thursday, September 15, 2016 @ 4:07 PM
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Photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – A collision involving a school bus has closed Highway 97 North in both directions.

Prince George RCMP Corporal Craig Douglass says it occurred just after 3:00 p.m. on 97 North near Jorgenson Road, north of the city and involved a school bus, a pick-up truck and a chip truck.

“This investigation is just beginning; however, it appears the school bus was stopped and off-loading the last student at the time of the collision,” he says. “The student and bus driver were not injured. Other injuries are not known at this time, but do not appear to be life-threatening.”

Douglass says the crash has littered the highway with heavy debris and will be closed until it’s made safe. A detour is available however at Christopher and Old Summit South road

He says more information will be provided as it becomes available.


Big mess there but I don’t see any logging trucks. Hope all are OK.

    Perhaps the drivers of the pickup truck and the chip truck had similar vision impairments.


one should read for content.
” involved a school bus, a pick-up truck and a chip truck”

    One did read for content. The original post said it was a “logging truck”. Nice to see the edit.

Any accident involving a school bus is very disturbing, hope they find out who was at fault and appropriate justice is dispensed.

    Your definition of appropriate justice usually seems to be something along the lines of a hug and a slap on the wrist. Considering that thankfully this accident did not result in life threatening injuries to anyone involved, I’d be interested in hearing what your definition of appropriate justice is in this case?

      What my definition of appropriate justice is, is irrelevant to this story. If charges are laid as a result of this accident, then I leave it up to the courts / justice system to determine and metier out what is appropriate justice.

      One thing is for sure, I won’t be crying, whining, and belly aching about what the courts define as appropriate punishment / justice… something that you, and a small group of regulars, repetitively do on here!

      Yes, you are correct! There is a lot of crying, whining and belly aching going on here, at least according to you!

    JGalt, Canada does not have a justice system, it is a legal system. Takahashi received 3 life terms plus 70 years and is already a free man, that is not justice. A Canadian in Montana shot his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend and although they did not die he received 200 years and will never see daylight again, that my friend is justice.

Logging Truck , you see the Logs, Chip Truck you don’t, all inside a nice Box. It’s not about what Type of Truck, it’s about large Rigs and big Loads. Takes more time to stop.

Thankfully nobody was hurt! This could have had far dire consequences!

Driving is a serious activity and every effort must be made to have everyone take is seriously!

Hug your loved ones today! You never know if tomorrow will come!

Grandview makes the Lucas group look good

A pickup towing a boat stopped for the bus, the live floor rig rear ended the boat.

This is exactly why I recently bought a quality dash cam.

    Where is Waldo ? On the leading edge of intelligence . Gopro for best results . Extra batteries , auto charger for long trips . Images don’t lie .

Way too many accidents these days! People need to seriously start paying attention, eliminate the distractions and obey the rules of the road!
Thankfully, it sounds like there has been no serious injury here. I will not speculate as to the cause or fault on this accident, but I am interested to know the investigations outcome.

I will once again point out that speeding, aggressive driving and distracted driving are so commonplace these days that the RCMP need to make highway patrols a high priority.
The Hart Highway is nothing short of a racetrack morning and afternoon. The speed limit varies from 60-70 km/hr from the bridge until just past North Kelly Rd. The usual flow of traffic is 75-90km/hr, with a constant string of people far in excess of that. The police dont enforce the speed much (nowhere to safely pull anyone over I assume) and drivers seem to be getting more brazen.
No matter the cause of this particular accident, I truly hope that this becomes a reason for the cops to patrol this highway much more vigorously…. before one of these situations turns into another sad tragedy. Imagine the first responders who came upon this scene… they must have been expecting the worst!

    Domano is no better. The way people speed down the hill past College Heights Secondary blows me away.

    Transport trucks do not mix well with regular traffic.

    Looks like the truck stopped behind the school bus was a buffer. If it had not been there, the school bus would likely have been hit directly.

    Was the school bus visible to the driver of the rig? The pickup truck and its load should have been.

    So, any guesses as to who was driving too fast for the conditions? Highway passing through a rural area. Mid afternoon when school is out. What kind of special vehicles should pone be watching out for from the highest perch for highway vehicles with a good overview of what lies ahead?

    Hint … it is big and yellow ….. and stops frequently.

I wonder if a few more people can state the obvious? My god people.

    Sure, some state it better than others …. ;-)

    One which I have learned while I have been putting on many miles over the last few years is that trucks and regular traffic do not mix very well. The more that can be done to move them to an additional lane and then the speed for trucker, the better it is.

If there were any police officers working today they could have made a foutune with radar on North Kelly rd. detoured traffic was flying including many logging trucks & other heavy traffic. 50 km speed limit in city limits most appeared to be going 70 – 100 km surprised there was no accident at least not yet

They were too busy in school zones “doing it for the children”

I think the highways have become so busy that changes need to be made before a major disaster happens. School busses should not be stopping on highways. It’s just too dangerous. There should be designated stops where the bus can be pulled off the highway. Yes there was driver error. Aren’t almost all accidents human error?
I think anytime a vehicle is stopped on a busy highway there is potential for serious accidents. The school bus would be stopping on the highway every day, twice a day on school days, it’s become dangerous.

    Im going to have to agree 100 percent.
    There is a street right there where the accident happened.
    Why is the school bus stopping on a 100 km hwy??

    Has anyone tried to get any government to change any roadways to accommodate buses. Almost an impossible task. Even if one child was hurt the government bureaucracy would not change!

    What needs to change is the public. If you don’t fight for something nothing will change.

    As for buses not stopping on highways, What do people do if there is no side road to turn off to? Then what? Most of the side roads do not allow that size of a vehicle to turn around especially in winter. Buses are not allowed to use private driveways!

    Do you know how long it has taken other areas to get signs up warning of a school bus stop. Do your research and check out Nukko Lake/Chief Lake and other areas. The parents and teachers got a sign out there at their expense.

    So why are some blaming the bus? Really?

Sometimes buses have to stop on highways.

If some of the students live on the other side of the highway and need to cross over, it would be safer to do so while the bus is stopped with it’s flashing red lights on display. Can you imagine a young person trying to cross the highway without the benefit of the buses’ safety measures?

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