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October 27, 2017 9:08 pm

Local Group Wants City $ Commitment To Bid On Pan-Am Volleyball Cup

Monday, September 19, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Prince George, BC – Prince George City Council will be asked to make a substantial financial promise to a local group vying to host next year’s U21 Men’s Volleyball Pan-American Cup…

Representatives from the Prince George Youth Volleyball Club, Northern Sport Centre, and Tourism Prince George will appear a tonight’s Council meeting, seeking a $60-thousand dollar commitment from the City, as it prepares a formal bid to host the 8-team, six-day competition set for next May.

The estimated economic impact of hosting the event is pegged at more than $800-thousand dollars locally, and more than $1-million dollars in provincial revenue.

Also on tonight’s agenda, executive members of the Downtown Business Improvement Association will be on-hand to present the association’s annual report and discuss plans for 2017.


Eight teams, six day competition expected to bring in $800,000 to $1 million and hey are asking for $60,000 from the city.

Anyone know if the Prince George River Kings asked for any money from the city? Their 3 day Canadian All-Native fastball tournament hosted 77 teams, over 1,500 players, coaches, and officials, and brought in over $4 million dollars to the city.

Just curious…

    I wonder how that 3 day Canadian All-Native fastball tournament was funded? Did each team attending do their own fundraising or were they funded by their respective bands? If the teams were funded by their respective bands, where and how did the band acquire the funds?

    I know that it’s politically incorrect to ask, but I’m just curious…

      So these people inject over $4 million dollars directly into the local Prince George economy, and you want to know where that money came from? Gee, I wonder if any of the businesses in this city asked that question before they took their money?

      Then we have a Provincial Government addicted to gaming / gambling revenue, not even trying to crack down on the organized crime money being laundered through the casinos. Nope money from organized crime gets a pass from you, money from First Nations, not so much. Another race baiting comment from you, but who should be surprised?

      JGalt, I get the impression that you are attempting to hold out the Prince George River King and the Canadian All-Native fastball tournament as a shining example of how to do things without asking for money from the city.

      My comment was to motivate others to recognize that although the River Kings and the Canadian All-Native fastball tournament might not have asked the city for money, there is a distinct possibility, nay dare I say probability, that funding came from the taxpayers if not in one way, then probably in another!

      Remember, ultimately most things seem to come back to the taxpayer!

      And I get the impression, that over a thousand very talented high level Aboriginal athletes from all over BC and Canada, come togeather in the spirit of promoting healthy living and healthy lifestyle through sport, is completely lost on you!

      Yet you and your ilk that will be the first to complain about the high level of alcoholism, and drug addiction, in that population and community. Troll on HG!

      Sorry Jboy, gotta give this one to Hart Guy.

      That’s OK tomyd, I just found out that Volleyball Canada, and most all sports in Canada, are Federally and Provincially funded, in other words paid for by our tax dollars.

      ht tp://canada.pch.gc.ca/eng/1413910841375

      ht tp://www.mtc.gov.on.ca/en/home.shtml

      Then there is the “Own the Podium” initiative / program. From their website: The Government of Canada is Own the Podium’s largest endorser, contributing $62 million in enhanced excellence funding each year through Sport Canada. $22 million of this enhanced funding is committed to winter sports, $34 million for the summer sports and $6 million is targeted to team sports. “Own the Podium” is also supported by many of the provinces in Canada, including BC.

      Our tax dollars well spent, but still wondering if anyone know whether The River Kings went hat in hand to the City requesting funding for their All Native Fastball Championship Tourney. Perhaps if this volleyball tourney gets the go ahead for $60,000 in City dollars, the organizers of future Native Fastball Tournament can as well. After $4 Million dollars is a lot more money being brought in the City’s economy, a solid return on investment for sure!

      I think people that accuse others of race baiting are usually the ones using race for political purposes… as if to say they have the moral high ground because one is able to spin an issue in the direction of race.

      More often than not crass partisanship is at the heart of the ‘race bait’ accusations, and not any genuine concern for the groups or intentions to bring people together. It comes across as disingenuous to me and makes everything that follows suspect.

      Please, we are talking about Hart Guy here; the one who has been over the years anti: teachers, unions, and First Nations, with the more recent addition; anti-women’s rights.

      Anyone who fails to take into account, Hart Guy’s past comments on the subject matter, dating back years, would be the disingenuous one. Just look at him stalking my comments, which is also consistent with his past behaviour.

I’m curious how the math is done in these situations. 77 teams, 1500 players (1400 or so from out of town) generated $4 million. How does an 8 team tournament with approximately 120 players total generate $1 million? Not to mention they will be teenagers who as we all know aren’t always flush with tons of economy boosting cash.

Really a million dollars for a six day tournament with 120 people. Works out to $8300.00 each or about $1300.00 per day per person. If the players can afford $1300.00 a day to spend in PG why would the city council go on record committing $60,000.00 which works out to about $83.00 per person per day.
All these wonder ideas as long as the taxpayer picks up the tab.

    The economic impact, is not just the atheletes. The total impact includes all the media, family and attraction for the general population to attend the event.

    Thus that needs to be taken into consideration.

    Would I support the city signing the back up, No. The numbers don’t make sense in risking $60k for the business to earn $800k. if it was 8 million dollars, yeah absolutely. The only way the city recovers this risk is by means of hotel tax. so it becomes risk and reward.

Getting this tournament could be the first step in UNBC developing a V-B program. They have the facilities in place, just need the coaches and athletes.

I have been to two National Finals to watch my son play, first as a U-19 with the PGYVB, then the College Nationals with UCC. It is an amazing sight to see these athletes perform. If we get this tournament, I will definitely be there to watch.

    Love the idea of UNBC getting into the volleyball game. It’s certainly doable considering the high level of play that you see in this town at the high school level. I wonder how many fine young PG athletes left PG to pursue academics at a different school that offered a volleyball program.

A lot of fundraising went into the Aborigonal tourny. Each team paid their own way…
Its nice having youth sports in town, but lets not forget the Winter Games.. A lot of businesses were disappointed

While the numbers don’t seem to quite add up this nonetheless is an international event. It’s easy to criticize it based on the simple numbers. It puts PG on the international stage, albeit a smaller stage. Still countries such as Canada, USA, Brazil, Venezuela and Chile have medalled in the previous two U21 events which lead to U21 World Championships. One of the intangible benefits of hosting a smaller international event such as this is that if done successfully it opens the doors to hosting more, and hopefully bigger international competitions in the future.

Perhaps Mayor and Council should explore use of some kind of funding formula. $2,000 in City funding for every $100,000 in estimated projected economic impact for the city. In this case $800,000 would get $16,000 in city funding?

At any rate some kind of standardized funding amount based on projected economic benefit to the city would be a fair thing to do here, and have that funding formula applied to all future funding requests of this kind. IMO.

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