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October 27, 2017 9:08 pm

Speed Remains an Issue in School Zones

Monday, September 19, 2016 @ 8:13 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Some drivers are still not getting the message when it comes to school zones.rcmpnew(1)

That according to the results of the Prince George RCMP Traffic Services Section’s focus on school zone enforcement the past two weeks.

Corporal Craig Douglass says from Tuesday, September 6th to Friday September 16th, members visited every school zone within the city and surrounding communities, including nearly 40 public and private schools.

There were a total of 359 violations and charges. They included the following:

  • 183 speeding tickets in school zones
  • 38 speeding tickets in playground zones
  • 55 speeding tickets above posted limits (near school zones, but not in them)
  • 6 excessive speeding tickets resulting in 6 vehicles impounded for 7 days. The highest speed was 54 km over the limit in a school zone
  • 9 tickets for failing to wear seat belts
  • 9 tickets for the use of prohibited devices
  • 7 tickets for intersection related violations
  • 2-24 hour suspensions for alcohol
  • 1-24-hour suspension for drugs
  • 1 criminal code impaired driving charge
  • 48 other various violations

In addition to the enforcement campaign, the RCMP’s Community Policing Section were out in force too.

23 volunteers conducted Speed Watch throughout 10 different school zones over the first nine days of school this month. They observed 1,122 vehicles and found 114 driving over the posted 30 km per hour school zone limit.

Douglass says if you were one of those drivers and not ticketed by the RCMP, you may receive a warning letter in the mail.

He says Speed Watch volunteers have observed 7,517 vehicles during their work in 2016 and have found over 1,100 drivers travelling above posted speed limits.

Douglass says RCMP traffic enforcement in school and playground zones will continue throughout the school year.


359 violations and charges in a 9 day period? That works out to roughly 40 per day!

It’s one thing to set your cruise control at 8 or 9 over the limit out on the highway, but it takes a special kind of stupid to speed in and around school and playground zones!

    Have to agree there. Just my opinion, but I say put up permanent photo radar cameras in school and playground zones and set the fines at $500. Guaranteed that speeds will drop.

They could have doubled that number by enforcing the laws on the Friday Saturday nite raceway between 5th and 15th on 97.

I bet a minimum $1,000 speeding ticket in a school zone or playground would get the attention of these morons.

    Would only work if there was adequate enforcement.

In my area the vast majority of speeders are the locals mostly parents rushing to get their kids to school or rushing to pick them up kind of scary because a few of these parents are vocal about their children’s safety yet they themselves are breaking the law to deliver or pickup their child from school

    Its that way on most neighbourhoods. The people most abusing the laws are the ones who live there.

It looks like a large Number can’t read a specially the Speedometer ,I may be wrong it may be ” I don’t care how fast I go” I got to get there now and fast!

To all of you who have been ticketed for being stupid in a school zone crusty Clark appreciates your donation.

    Nothing to do with a donation to our Premier. Hope you never run over a kid in a school zone because you were speeding.
    Not everything in this province has to do with the provincial government. Will whoever you want to be in power all of a sudden reverse school zone speeds and the fines and penalties given to offenders? If they do, it can also be added to the long list of stuff they will change that will make this province a “have not” again like the last time.

      To bad you can’t read….

      Also fines from police go to Victoria, who then keeps some of the money then divides it up sending it back to municipalities.. So yes it us a donation to crusty…or who ever is empower.. It’s a volunteer tax..

      Btw I drop off and pick up my boy from school lots…I don’t speed in school zones but I witness lots who do.. It’s also amazing how many drivers either ignore or don’t know how crosswalks work.

    And The City appreciates it for they get part of the loot

These numbers alone should tell the RCMP and the government that traffic enforcement needs to be a bigger priority.
ICBC had to hike their rates again because of all the bad drivers, and there seems to be more and more accidents where speeding and other vehicle code violations are to blame. Yet the day to day traffic enforcement seems to be almost non-existant. I firmly agree that photo radar should be brought back, but there should be alot more cops in unmarked vehicles enforcing the traffic laws. Not only will it create revenue to offset policing costs, but the bad drivers can pay extra (in points) to ICBC for offsetting our rate increases.
Currently, everybody is being financially punished for the carnage being inflicted by bad drivers. More enforcement will help either:
1) shift the financial burden back to those same bad drivers who are causing the problem.
2) cause the majority of drivers to adhere to the traffic laws and create a safer driving environment… thus reducing accidents.

BTW.. the one driver that got caught doing 54km/hr OVER the limit in a school zone, should have every conceivable charge laid against them. Even if they neglected to see the school zone sign, that puts them at 84km/hr on a City street… This person has no right to be behind the wheel IMO.

    “This person has no right to be behind the wheel IMO.” I have to agree. There are just too many people driving who should not have that privilege.

    Also, throwing the odd spike belt out for the odd car speeding in school/playground zones might make people think a bit more too. Cost them a whole lot of time and money and they may smarten up.

Still think ICBC should be investing their profits in to high schools with a defensive driver course, hire their own driver instructors and correct all the poor behaviors learned from parents.

    I like your idea!

    The school districts used to have driver training but crustys cut backs made them first gone at many schools.

      Do you recall what year that was? That’s something I’d like to talk to with our MLA.

ICBC could also have spotters out there observing drivers. Too many infractions or dangerous actions and that person is called in to take driver training all over again.

    Think they already have that

Grizzly.. Can’t recall the exact year..but do have an acquaintance that now has her own driving training business because the school she worked for had to cut the program…will ask her next time I see her.

Sitting outside in a car as the police do is the only way to catch these speeders.

Bus drivers can complain all they want and if they have a chance at getting a vehicle plate # and report to the police it does no good – Literally!

There was a previous article last school year on how many of the drivers reported and sent to the police. Nothing can be done as there is not enough money to pay the RCMP if they go to court.

Anyone ever hear of someone going to court for being reported? Nada

Perhaps the public should step up to the plate more and get it changed!

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