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October 27, 2017 9:05 pm

Ticket Sales Sluggish for PG Hospice Home Lottery

Thursday, September 22, 2016 @ 5:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Plenty of tickets are still available for this year’s Prince George Hospice Home Lottery.

Sales have been so slow that it has Donna Flood, executive director of the Prince George Hospice Society, concerned.dream-home

“I have to be frank with you, they’re not going as well as I would like to see. We’ve only got five weeks left and I still have over 3,000 tickets to sell.”

She says proceeds from the ticket sales provide a vitally important service in the community.

“Well what this does, this allows us to do the services that we do. As everybody knows we provide end-of-life care for our guests and their families,” says Flood.

“We’re only 42% funded by Northern Health, the rest we have to look to the community to fund so that being said, we look for our $1.2 million from the community.”

This year’s draw will take place at the dream home at 7630 Creekside Way in College Heights on October 27.

She says the final 50/50 draw will take place at the home October 24. This year’s home is over 2,400 square feet and features four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a finished basement. It’s valued at over $500,000.

You can purchase your $100 dream home tickets on site, at participating Save-On-Foods and Canadian Tire.

You can also purchase them online by clicking here.


Hospice House is an amazing place. I can’t think of a nicer place to be if I need end of life care like they provide.
Many people make use of it each year. You never know when you may need it so buying a $100.00 ticket is such a small price to pay for what you or a loved one may need.
Besides that, you may even win a house!

As soon as I’m done this appointment I’m heading over to buy one.

Thanks for running this story.

They need our support.

It is very unfortunate that ticket sales are so slow. However, at $100 each these tickets are limited to those fortunate enough to have sufficient disposable income. More and more of our society is falling into a category of the “working poor” and simply cannot afford the extra to purchase tickets. There are also too many lotteries that are seeking to attract the ever decreasing pool of potential purchasers.

The Hospice serves a great need in Prince George and deserves support. So if you can afford the luxury of a $100 ticket, please buy one. It’s an investment in your community as well as a chance for a new home.

    I wonder how many of the tickets are actually bought by those who can afford them and do not need to win another house or a first house they can actually afford to buy.

    Conversely, what percentage of the tickets are bought by those who are struggling financially and are buying the tickets in an attempt to gain some financial winnings through gambling.

    One of these days I hope to see someone win the house who really does not need it and donate it to a family who can really use it, or sell it and donate the money to a charity of their choice.

    Now that would be a “good news” day in my mind.

Maybe the people running this lottery should actually do something to advertise the house, so a person could actually find it in that neighborhood. I drove around that whole sub looking for the house and I couldn’t tell which one was theirs, because there was no sign to point it out. If I can’t look at it, I’m not about to buy a ticket for it.

Also, next time they should pick another subdivision to locate in. The subdivision they are located in now is possibly one of the ugliest, most poorly laid out and designed subdivisions yet in this city.

I feel like the point is, please donate to the hospice house, which provides an amazing, much needed, comforting service. As an added bonus, you could win a house :)

Money is tight these days with ever rising taxes, users fees, utility increases, it would be nice to find the coin to help out but……….

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