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Friday Free for All – Sept. 23, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Another week has come to a close and that means it’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You pick the topic, but obey the simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No bullying.






Looking forward to the Trump and Clinton debate. I think by the end of the debate the presidency will be all but settled.

I do not think Clinton can actually answer questions factually, and Trump will call her on it highlighting her failures.

I think Clinton will be in full demonizing Trump mode with every pejorative in her thesaurus. She will think she has him with her wit and will open herself up for big counter punches by Trump on her Clinton foundation, her record as Secretary of State creating isis, and her record defending Bill’s swinger lifestyle.

I think Trump will counter with leading questions that he has the answers for; and Americans will love it when contrasted to Clinton’s mean spirited emptiness.

I put 80% chance Clinton cracks and gets wigged out loosing her wits going into a rant… better than 50% chance she has a medical episode under the hot seat with some cross eyed twitching, possibly even outright seizures on stage unless she can medicate herself under a lose fitting man suit. I think she is clearly hiding medical issues and it will come out disastrously to the fore during the debates. Its going to be a train wreck.

In the end people will know that Trump stands for law and order free enterprise; and the end of globalization that outsources the middle class jobs… and Clinton will stand for race baiting; globalization status quo protection of oligarchy interests; and not much else.

Time Will Tell

    Clinton created Isis?? You are joking of course. The seeds of Isis were laid when George Bush & his fellow war mongers destabilized the entire region, started an illegal invasion & then left Iraqis to their own designs. Trump can not decide if he is living in a self created delusional world or not. He has told so many lies it’s hard to take anything he says seriously. Trump is a sociopathic, deluded demagogue who cares little for anyone who he doesn’t consider his equal, which precludes about 99.9% of the world. As for a melt down? We all have seen how the Great Orange One handles himself when faced with any form of confrontation. Maybe he’ll have one of his cud chewing half wits take another swing at a woman. Clinton is no prize as a leader but is light years ahead of that doofus.

      Clinton and Obama were the ones that pulled out of Iraq and left the vacuum behind for isis. They also armed isis with Lybia’s weapons after that war because Isis were the moderate rebals they wanted to replace Assad with. Do some research on the creation of Isis and it has Obama and Clinton all over it.

      Clinton is a chicken hawk that wants war in the Middle East and war with Russia. Even Dick Chenney and George Bush are voting for her. All the war loving new cons are from the extreme left and extreme right. The globalist so for war are all lining up behind Clinton… The ones behind 9/11 and the war in Iraq.

      Also Israel runs isis. Everyone knows that. Clinton is nothing more than an Israeli agent run from Netenyahu’s office.

      Israel runs ISIS???

      Earth to Eagleone, your meds are ready.

      Do your research dirtman. Al Bagdadi the isis leader was a ‘former’ Mossad asset. Israel acts as the isis air force in Syria and their minister of defence Lieberman calls isis an ally against Assad and the best thing that ever happen for Israel. Isis fighters get treated in Israeli hospitals via the Golan Heights and fight with American weapons purchased by Saudi Arabia, which Israeli military is tied at the hip to. The whole thing is a joint Israeli, Turkish, Saudi operation.


      Why does it not surprise me that a Jewish hating, Putin lover like you is a rabid Trump supporter?

      I have never said I hate Jews. There are many great Jewish individuals that don’t support zionism.

      I stand on guard against the global dominance ideology of zionism, which is no less evil than fascism, nazism, communism, and eugenics combined. A racist ideology constructed by banksters elites to control a population and use it to shelter from their global crimes. Not all zionists are Jewish… Many are evangelicals, the Saudi royal family, European elites… Anywhere one finds power hungry zealots willing to sell out their moral compass one will find a willing zionist.

      BTW Trumps own daughter is Jewish, but she doesn’t get the support of the republican neoconservatives (ie zionists) because she doesn’t support globalization by monopoly capitalists.

      There are hundreds of conspiracy theories out there, Eagleone. and I bet you believe them all. Like the “truth” about Area 51 and the “faked” moon landings etc, etc.

      You do realize that just in the last ten years publically listed corporations have been halved and small business start ups are at their lowest level since records began. In fact for the first time since record began in the last three years less new small businesses start up than are shutting down going out of business. That being a hug problem for the middle class as 80% of all new jobs are created by small businesses.

      This represents the zionist controlled economy of globalization by monopoly capitalists and is the antithesis for a free enterprise economy that our quality of life was built on.

      Trump was the only presidential candidate that represents the rule of law in a free enterprise economy and that is why he will win the presidency baring vote fraud and assassination attempts on his life. Americans want a return to the rule of law in a free enterprise economy and not a race baiting globalist that works for international finance and monopoly capitalists that pay to play for policy.

      What ever dirtman. You contribute nothing and obviously are not aware of much either. I could care less about aliens and Area 51. I only care about politics that shape our world.

      You’re an anti-Semite and a part of the push for a second holocaust.

      But it’s not the 1950’s any more. It’s “the current year” and corporations are a fraction of the equitable places of employment they once were.

      Gone are the managers from the WWII generation that led these corporations to their heights and their Jack Welshian logical, but fair management. They are now replaced with legions of inept, MBA-laden Baby Boomer scum whose only accomplishment was halving US economic growth, getting the largest bank bail out in history, and sending the US into the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression.

      Gone is stable employment and the goodies that came with it. You don’t get pensions, you don’t get health care, and you certainly don’t get that 30 years of lifelong employment that once made a 30 year mortgage a relatively risk free proposition. Now you can get outsourced, train in your own replacements, be perpetually employed as a contractor, and let go if your job can be done for a fraction of a cent cheaper in China.

      And let’s not forget the wave of psychotic political BS these past 20 years that has infected Corporate America and just chides the morality and honor of good, honest workers, particularly of the male persuasion. There’s the HR lady epidemic where we put power hungry, inept, math-impaired 20 something ditzes at the helm of our hiring process. There’s “Corporate Social Responsibility” where we force unrelated and unnecessary political crusades on our employees be it donating to the United Way, mandating weekends be spent on charities, or wearing pink every year. There’s diversity, sexual harassment, and sensitivity training where we blatantly treat men like sexual predators, molesters, rapists, and racists, humiliating them to attend said trainings. There’s the eggshell environment men get to work in, one mere false sexual harassment accusation away from being fired. There’s the invasion of privacy into our personal lives where the politically correct Corporate Abwehr will fire you over a facebook post. There’s progressive credentialism where the HR Reichstag demands you have masters degrees for entry level jobs. There’s the blatant sexism against males as previously evidenced before with clearly sexist policies favoring less-qualified women for the sake of “diversity.”

      ht tp://captaincapitalism.blogspot.ca/2016/09/why-we-should-let-women-have-corporate.html

    Actually, there are two debates. The first one will set the pace for the second one.

    Anyone who debates Trump just has to get his gander up and he will go off on a tirade. That is what his handlers have to worry about.

    Trump will not have prepared speeches available to him for parts of the debate. He is not a person who can think on his feet. His sociopathic reactions are typically his worst moment and his downfall.

    He does not debate well and he tried to get out of them. He is used to having “yes” people around him and fires anyone who is not a “yes” person.

    Not a great trait for POTUS.

      Clinton has no policy. Who can name what her big change theme is? She hopes to get elected by useful idiots in the media that carry her bigoted lies about Trumps character.

      At least Trump is running on policy and issues that matter.

      I’m looking forward to the debate because the two will be in close proximity to each other and ‘merica can see if Hillary’s hands are bigger than the orange guy’s hands.

      Hitler ran on a policy as well. Actually very similar to Trump.

      Make Germany great again. Jobs, jobs, jobs ….. and all done within a democratic system.

      Shows how out of touch with reality you are if you in any way compare hitler to a Trump. It’s an insult to all the victims of ww2 IMO.


      You have your favourite sites to search and believe in, I have mine.

      The difference is that I read and write German and have family and friends in Germany. I have been directly affected by the Hitler era of my homeland. It is called collective guilt.

      So please, get to know the people you characterize without knowing anything about them.

      There are enough people who have made the connection with the rise of dictators who have done it through the democratic systems of government in place when they came to power – Hitler and Mussolini are examples.

      Not only in my opinion, but by facts borne out from the knowledge and understanding of history.

    I wonder if Clinton will have the physical stamina to make it through the debate without an extended time out like she had when debating Bernie Sanders.

    Of course. How could Eagleone, not be a Trump supporter? Obvious. Misogynistic, biggotted, sexist lying bastards are so appealing to you.

      Hillary would be so proud of you. That kind of talk is all her and her supporters have.

      Takes the spot light off a war criminal anyways. I think Donald Trump will call her out for her war crimes as soon as she sets down the name calling path in the debates.

    The Donald, who I think is a cross between Foghorn Leghorn and Don Rickles albeit with worse hair, has it all figured out. On just about every topic he’s given at least 4 different answers. He manages to cover just about every possible angle on everything so he can say “see I was right” once with one of his answers even though he was wrong every other time on the same topic. I’ve come to the conclusion the RN in RNC stands for redneck because that seems to be the demographic most attracted to him.

I think the knock out punch for Trump will be the Russia issue.

Clinton is so Russia-phobic she sees Putin under her bed at night. Clinton claims that Trump is an unwitting agent for Putin, that Putin is the new Hitler, and even that Putin may have tried to poison her.

Obama a sitting President came out last week and called Putin a dictator akin to Hitler and blamed Putin for Syria… a war Clinton and Obama started as regime change by moderates as part of their Arab Spring regime change in that part of the world including Tunisia, Libya, Yeman, and Egypt.

Obama and Clinton push the neo-con world agenda of global hegemony that involves the complete surrender of the thousand year enemy of the Kazars in their attempts to circle and retake the Rus empire. The bolshivik revolution and the great terror that followed were not enough for these guys. The Russians see Obama and Clinton for what they are, and that they represent an existential threat.

Meanwhile China’s side kick North Korea is testing thermonuclear warheads that they claim are now small enough to fit on their missiles. China is also provoking war with Japan by claiming an anti air defense zone in the East China Sea; and with the rest of South East Asia with their claims to the West Philippine/ South China Sea… and threatening to use force against the Americans.

Trump knows full well America can not afford to go to war with China and Russia at the same time.

Trump knows to confront China on trade, currency manipulation, corruption, human rights, and access to shipping lanes under the rule of law… that he will need a friendly Russia that is not willing to back China in a war with America. That pushing Russia into China’s sphere of influence makes everything from a ceasefire in Syria, to a solution in Ukraine, to resolution of outstanding Chinese issues impossible to solve peacefully.

I think this will be a key issue that will be crystallized in the debate.

    It will be the key issue only for those who “think” like you.

    The real question is “how many US Citizens who will vote actually think like you”.

      I guess he had 14 million voters in the republican primary, which was a record for any primary candidate in US history and he currently leads in the polls for the electoral collage.

      “he currently leads in the polls for the electoral collage.”

      BS… shows how good your research is …. do you look at the KKK for that info.

      It is actually the reverse.

      Clinton 237 votes requiring another 33 to win the 270 required

      Trump has 120 votes with 150 remaining to get the 270


      Nice try gopg2015. That is a pick your own map and reload for distribution link. It’s not the actual map as polls have it today. Like the five point or more lead Trump has in Florida, NC, NV, Ohio among others not on your map you made. She is toast already and the debate will finish off her weekend at bernies campaign. Never has a more corrupt person run for office than Hillary Clinton.

      Have you read about what she did to hijack and steal $10 billion in donations for the reconstruction of Hati after their big earthquake. Taking money from the most needy at their most desperate time to finance her empire of corruption. Or how see enabled the coup in Nicaragua, piloted the coup in Ukraine as well as many other countries like Lybia, Syria, and Yemen among others as part of her pay to play scheme through the Clinton Foundation were buyers could get the best geopolitics money can buy.

      What’s up,with the race baiting gopg2015? You see where that got Clinton and Obama with all the police killings in America and the nonsense like the Charlotte riots in recent days.

      Meanwhile Trump goes into the black communities with realism and policy solutions rather than creating an atmosphere of hate propaganda. I bet by Election Day he wins over half the black voters as they begin to realize what a fraud Clintin and Obama have been for their communities.

      Eagleone, where do you get your news from? Trump goes to black communities with realism & policy with no hate propaganda? Hate & racial propaganda is the reason he has garnered such a wide following with redneck, disenfranchised white people. The “nonsense” in Charlotte? You mean where another unarmed black man was gunned down & his community is sick & tired of it? If ( & that’s a “yuge” if) Drumpf manages to get elected racial profiling like stop & frisks will become the norm, racial tensions will make the 60’s & 70’s look like a Castro District love in.

      It is far from picking your own map…


      2 days ago from CNN …. Clinton still leads

      contrary to your diatribe, eagleone.

      The police killings are in reaction to the unarmed blacks killing who are often enough under control and on the ground.

      Go to the actual videos taken on personal cell phones and see for yourself instead of reading biased right wing reports.

The USA has 350,000,000 and Trump and Clinton are the best each party can do for a candidate… Just shows how screwed the states really are..

    Trump is a carpetbagger who was never a republican. The party is falling apart.

    Clinton has her credentials with the democrats for decades. She has international experience which goes beyond Trump’s beauty pageants and manufacturing some of his trinkets in foreign countries … you know, those countries he wants to put punitive tariffs on trade.

    Don’t forget, Canada will no longer have preferred status when negotiating trade deals with respect to forestry products and automotive products.

    So we will have to learn how to trade with countries other than the USA.

    Trump is an isolationist along with all the other “ists”. Something the USA has not been since the early 1900s

Some of us were wondering how fast the 2 crotch rockets were going on the highway by Holmes road on Wednesday around 6pm. At least 200 kph but some were thinking up to 250 kph. Anyone else witness this act of reckless stupidity?

    No, but just imagine how long the trail of blood and guts would be if one of these morons wiped out!

      It would likely just be red mist if someone crashed at those speeds.

    Damn that’s pretty badass. Let them have their fun.

      Unlike you Arny if they crash they won’t be back..

re: Warm fall expected. JGalt, I am still confused, explain to me how on one hand the Government claims the warming climate is bad news while on the other Environment Canada says it is good news that this fall will be warmer than normal? In your own words please, not a copy and paste from someone else’s article.

    Read the news article again Peter North, no where in it does Environment Canada say it is “good news” that this fall will be warmer than normal.

      Yes you are correct, I did misread/misinterpret the article. On that note I for one look forward to a warmer fall.

You know we have our priorities messed up when we have pay-parking at hospitals, but free parking at casinos.

    Who would pay money to park at a casino?

      90% of the people that go there…or they may “gamble” and not buy a parking stub ;)

      Just have to be creative. Design the parking meters to look like slot machines and voila!

    Pay parking at CNC and UNBC as well. The pay parking at the hospital is so bad that even the staff all park out on the street, the staff at CNC does as well.

    You want the taxpayer to pay for their parking? Why? If you’re well enough to drive to the hospital you should be able to pay your own way.

    Too many people expecting others to pay their way these days.

      For a lot of people, a few dollars makes a difference. There is also the burden of the extra walking between vehicle and ticket machine, which for the sick or elderly is a problem.

      If walking between your vehicle and the ticket machine is a burden you really shouldn’t be driving.

      Maybe they should have those pay by the plate ticket machines inside the front doors? No need to walk to the outside machine.

      The hospital now has the pay by plate machines inside. No need to go back and forth.

      There you go! Problem solved.

    The casino is a private enterprise, they don’t want customers to worry about the amount of time they spend in there.

    We expect so much from the system, and yes, the parking lot needs to be self sustaining. It cost money to repave it, it cost money to remove snow, it cost money to maintain it. I rather see the fees charged, than having it taken out of the budget, which impacts what is going on in the building!

    Hospitals cost money to run, they don’t make money. Casinos make money hand over fist, they’re quite happy to let you park free because they know they’ll get a big pay-off from you inside.

I always find this interestingly stupid…. We pay for safe injection sites and give out needles so people can “safely” inject themselves with illegal drugs, but you can’t smoke a joint..?

We all know that junkies will get their next fix by any means possible..stealing seems to be the go to way..then they buy the drugs..then we pay to shoot up..along with all the related costs associated to these drugs.

Pot is non addictive, kills cancer cells, but it’s illegal…

    I’ve said this for years and sometimes even substitute the word cigarette.

    When was the last time someone overdosed and died from consuming too much marijuana P Val?

    These safe injection sites are for people consuming the “harder” drugs that can obviously kill the user if they inject too much. Don’t get me started to 80% of those hard drugs that are now laced with Fentanyl.

    Safe injection sites save lives, and that fact is indisputable!

    Those who inject at these sites are not going to stop doing it if pot is legalized or decriminalized. There was a program on CBC the other day where they interviewed an ex-addict and he stated that if an addict hears that someone OD’d they try and find the dealer. Not what you might suspect – to put the boots to him- but rather to score some great stuff

    Pot is not a cure for cancer, sorry to burst your bubble. I have had more than a couple friends with the disease who were prescribed mary jane, but in every case the outcome was the same, I unfortunately had to attended their funerals, celebrations of life, and wakes. It does help with seizures in calming the brain, and it does shrink the tumor or cancer cells but never does it “cure” the cancer sadly. Cannabis does allow the patient (or friend) a better end of life I have found, they can function and are more pain free and have more time with family. I did find that the ones who believed it was the cure didn’t make amends with loved ones or spend the time they should have which hurt those left behind when they did pass. Oh yeah, you may find a few “studies” that try to show this but to find an actual patient who was “cured” is another matter.

    ht tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/mary-otte/no-cannabis-is-not-a-cure_b_9292238.html

    Pot is less addictive than other “drugs” but still cannot be claimed to be “non addictive”. People do develop a dependence on the “drug” which is what addiction is, it is slightly higher for alcohol and there are many people who don’t develop a dependency to it but I don’t think you will find anyone who makes the claim that alcohol is “non addictive” – funny that those heavily pro cannabis do…?

    Good comment Slinky.

    The only thing I would disagree with you is that pot is “less” addictive. One fellow I knew said that he knew from personal experience that it is very addictive, he wished he could get off it but couldn’t. Rehab might have helped him.

EagleOne & P Val; do you know how to start your own blog pages?

On the local front–Any one taking bets on whether the city crews will get all the construction/re- paving work, and line marking done before the snow flies??
Another local interest story–the pay parking downtown–have to pay at the library- GRRR!!

    Those people on Ospika parking in the dedicated bike lane are in for a shocker next month

So, Prince George is considered to be BC’s “Northern Capital”. Almost all traffic heading to BC’s north, or Westbound towards Prince Rupert, must come through PG. From spring to fall we see a constant stream of tourists in motorhomes, RV’s and those who will brave tenting it in the great outdoors. They get to PG and what do we have for them? Very few campgrounds (in or near town) absolutely no civic facilities for camping, sani dumps and water filling, a very inaccesible (and difficult to find) tourist info center, and no talk of doing anything about it.
I see so many who must “camp” in the parking lot at the casino, up at Walmart’s lot, and anywhere else that one can get off the road to sleep.
The few private campgrounds are always full to capacity, the private sani dumps around town have very long line ups, and many charge for the use of it.
If we want to see more tourist dollars staying in our town, then we should attempt to cater to this group.
How many seasoned travellers only stop in PG for fuel and food shopping and then get the heck out as fast as they can? I bet there are many who choose not to stop here at all, just because PG just is not convenient when pulling a trailer or driving in a motorhome.
Whether this gets rectified by City council, or private enterprise… it is something that IMO needs to be done….

    Walmart campers are just cheap tourists who need a place to park, eat and sleep before heading out on the next leg of their journey. Until PG comes up with something that makes it a destination rather than a stop on the way to a destination, it will be a stop and nothing more. Now people who stop pay money for things and services while they are here. I think that’s part of the reason why companies are all lined up along the major corridors.
    What is there to do in the Prince George area that will keep a traveller here or better yet persuade a traveller to plan PG as their final destination. I would be interested to hear if the local campgrounds were full to capacity at any time that wasn’t a weekend.
    You are right when you say that the services that RV’ers need are sadly lacking in this town. Drive by the loop past the walking bridge in Quesnel and they have a lovely parking spot for RV units right next to the down town area. There is also a 2 lane free sani-dump. You need to dump here? You have to buy gas to dump at the Super Save Gas in the BCR, the Shell across the street is usually “down” for repairs and you need to pay money for the pleasure of dumping your $hitter up at Bon Voyage.

      I don’t mind filling my tank up on the way home for the privilege of dumping my 5th wheel in their hole. Most campgrounds have a free dump on site that I use before I leave and drag the extra water a hundred kms or more.

      There are private RV campgrounds in every direction coming into town but you are correct in the assumption that those in Walmart or the Casino lot are the type to pay to park even if they stay in town a few days. Even found a few parking for days at Spruceland but the security there does get you to move along so off to Walmart they go… wonder what ever happened with the city bylaw that was passed years ago limiting the time they spent at lots…

    Agree!! There used to be a City campground-in the olden days!(run by the kinsmen club?)–Where the soccer fields are, there also used to be a sani dump, first by that campground; and then at the Quinn transfer station. Quesnel has facilities; most other communities have small friendly (highly used!) camp grounds. Everything old is new again–come on PG council-smarten up. You want the tourists to stay and spend money, don’t you?

    I always figured a municipal campground at fish trap island near Foothills bridge would be the place to have all that. On the river with trail connections, in a safe neighborhood, as well as on the bus routes.

      Could even allow fresh water to run through the channel again and PG would have a safe place for kids to swim in the river.

eagleone, why do you care so much about another country’s electoral process when you don’t even have a say in the outcome?

I wish we had the same level of interest and passion with our own federal, provincial and local politics, maybe then we would get out and vote en masse.

    Agree, 1000%

    I follow all politics, but this campaign is of interest because if Clinton wins it means four more years of war that could end all life on earth. It will make Syria today look like a walk in the park.

    If Trump wins it could mean an end to globalization by and for banksters and a return to sovereign democracy, which will mean our children will still have some freedom and economic opportunities in their lifetimes.

Trump is nothing more than a bad joke on the American political scene. Anyone who votes for him should get a head scan.

Charging for parking at facilities like the college, unbc, hospital, etc; which were paid for with tax dollars is nothing more than a testament to the inability of people who run these facilities to properly manage their business.

Parking charges are nothing more than a means to get a few more dollars out of tax payers, to supplement the high salaries of people who work in these facilities.

Parking should be free at UNBC, CNC, PG Regional Hospital, and the PG Airport.

    Yeah, right. Everything should be free. Parking, education, tuition, hunting and fishing licenses, driver’s licenses, motor vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, water and sewer, home insurance, life insurance, food, telephone, cable, clothing, vacations….did I leave anything out?

    You’re nothing but a parasite, Palopu.

    Do you think Clinton is any saner, are you ignoring all the baggage that Clinton is dragging? I don’t want either one, but Clinton is just bat sh.. crazy.

    i enjoy watching the Sh*t show in the USA more than I’m enjoying the 1.1 million dollar moving bill for ottawa’s elite to move after a profit of 50-75% on the sale of their homes.

Someone making a left turn way way down the Road and this Bike is approaching let say at 250 km an Hour(like in the Comment) what do you think how fast he would be on top of you ? Naturally it will the Left turners fault , he never seen that Bike Miles down the Road. I wonder if this is not the case in some Bike ,Car Collisions , Extreme Speed from the Bike, 250 km = 70 per Second.

Between Clinton and Trump….not much to choose from but at least Hilary doesn’t run off at the mouth so easily. I’m having trouble imagining Trump on the world scene, he has no diplomacy and will likely run off at the mouth and say something stupid at some world meetings. He would likely embarrass the American people somewhere down the road.

    And every TV station will be running the same program. “The Apprentice…Presidential Series”.

    Do a search, Hillary Clinton career criminal and Pansy do you support Hillarie’s rapid defense of hubbies sexual predations?

      Why would I care about her “hubbies sexual predations” ? Maybe they are swingers. The Clintons sex life is nothing I would concern myself with.

      Really DI ! The righties didn’t care when the gay mafia was running our country . So why be concerned about some other countries leaders sexual behaviour . How exactly affect us ?

      “gay mafia” ? You mean John Baird ?

      Just plug in ” is canada run by a gay mafia ” the vice.com article should pop right up . Then you can read to whole story . Baird was only one of them . The rest ran out and got married shorty after article surfaced . Blushing grooms in their mid fifties . Adorable .


      The more things change the more they remain the same, considering there are still dinosaurs, like you, that think a single, middle-aged, male is automatically gay.

    I hope the International Court of Law in The Hague is planning on doubling up on staff. If Trump runs a country like his businesses he’ll keep them busy. His normal business practices are to run around like a bull in a china shop until someone stands up to him at which point if they don’t get out of his way he takes them to court.

250 km per Hour = 70 Meters per Second.

One thing that has puzzled me for years is that drug addicts can obtain syringes for free, yet, diabetics must purchase their needles at the drug stores. Drug use is a choice, insulin dependency is not.

    Because our idiots in charge at all levels of governments except cities and municipalities treat drug addiction from a criminal justice point of view ( nixonian drug war ) . Cities know they are dealing with an addiction health issue as do most civilized counties . The medical/ drug industry is responsible for the vast throngs of people that THEY have fed opioids to for decades . Nothing will change until they own up to the mess they have made . Who should pay . Let’s start with the manufactures of those opioids and their pushers . I can still remember the epidemic of mothers little helpers Valium . They made a fortune on that . Thank goodness they weren’t free to put people on opioids back then .

    You are so correct.
    That’s the drug manufacturers and their overpriced money grab.
    The governments the actual issue on that one though. They’ll pay to help users before helping the sick.
    Anybody think that the Fentanyl availability crisis is being created by the manufacturer of the anti-overdose drug Naloxone? The price of Naloxone has apparently gone through the roof… Who has benefitted most from this crisis? The manufacturer.
    That’s one I actually do believe.

Third day for the people of Puerto Rico to be with out power . Almost four million of them with losses estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Here’s why .
Petroleum products fuel transportation, electricity generation, and industry in Puerto Rico, supplying four-fifths of the energy consumed in the commonwealth.
In 2015, 51% of Puerto Rico’s electricity came from petroleum, 31% from natural gas, 16% from coal, and 2% from renewable energy.
Two wind farms supplied nearly two-thirds of Puerto Rico’s renewable generation in 2015; one of them, the 95-megawatt Santa Isabel facility, is the largest wind farm in the Caribbean.
From July 2012 to April 2015, distributed solar photovoltaic generating capacity in Puerto Rico increased by a factor of nine, bringing distributed solar capacity to 37 megawatts. Solar capacity at utility-scale installations totaled 52 megawatts.
Electricity fuel surcharges decreased as the price of oil dropped during 2015, but Puerto Rico’s retail consumers still paid more for their power than consumers in any state except Hawaii.
Last Updated: March 17, 2016. The price they pay is 26 to 29 cents per kWh

    Puerto Rico, has been trying to shutdown their old oil fired power plant and replace it with ng fired plant but the greens are against saying sea turtles will be endangered.

    The oil fired plant just burned down so PR is up sh.. creek.

    Wind power, well the wind don’t always blow, and anyhow slice and dice birds over sea turtles oh my. Solar, well the sun don’t always shine. Atloss you state name plate capacity, what’s the real world out put, I’ll tell you, 1/3 of name plate and that is very costly, inefficient environmental disruptive non dispatchable power.

      Most of them are still without power and internet . The ones that are not subject to the grid failers are doing a roaring business . And all those with solar and batteries are shining examples for all the people sitting in the dark with rotten food . When they come on line we shall see them roar . It’s already started on Twitter . From 2012 to 2015 an increase of solar deployment by a factor of nine . Do you even know what that means ? Their future will be brighter because of this latest failer of which their have been many . I’m sure most have seen the light . The light shining in their more intelligent neighbours homes . Guess who else is going to be burning much less fossil methane in the near future ? Vancouver !

      All week I look forward to the Friday-Free-For-All because I know Ataloss will give me a good laugh.

      But we’re all still waiting, we do want to know how solar panels are able to generate electricity at night.

    Recently read that the US military is now using wave generators offshore from Hawaii. They claim in the near future they will be using this technology for perpetual electric supply for drone like refuelling and resupply depots in mid ocean. Apparently they can build them with as much as 500kw generation.

      Nothing Can Stop Solar Now: Army Will Help Air Force Meet Clean Energy Goal. …………..cut and paste that title . Quite amazing how fast things are going .

      But….but Turkey is one of the sunnier countries in the world, why aren’t they investing in the far superior solar???

      Turkey plans to build as many as 80 new coal plants in the next few years, on top of 25 that already exist, belching an extra 200m tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere each year.

      Under the new plan, any project deemed a “strategic investment” can be exempted from corporate taxes, tariffs, stoppages, and the duty to carry out environmental risk assessments, or even permitting applications.

      Coal operators could be leased state lands for free, receive a 50% discount on electricity bills, and pocket state funding for wage subsidies, insurance premiums and interest on investment loans.

      The government is also offering a guaranteed €0.05 per kilowatt hour (kWh) coal-generated electricity price and commitment to buy 6bn kWh’s of coal-generated electricity annually.

      ht tps://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/sep/06/turkish-coal-plants-in-line-for-public-subsidies

      I just checked to see if it works eagleone . It does and it’s the cleantechnia article . There are others as well and they are not the only military’s around the world . It turns out that running electricly is very quiet and thermally easy to mask . kind of dumb that the police roar around on gas burning bikes and cars . Well not all forces , some have clued in on the stealth thingy .

      They don’t call it Turkey for nothin .

About the motorcycles on Holmes road. We should follow the Montana model and have designated highways unlimited speed.

UK government cuts electric car subsidies by half, sales mysteriously fall 75%
ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/09/uk-government-cuts-electric-car-subsidies-by-half-sales-mysteriously-fall-75/

It’s enough to make a Greenie turn…uh…green. A new study from the University of Edinburgh finds that electric and hybrid vehicles actually emit more harmful pollution running on streets and highways than conventional vehicles. It turns out that those “zero emissions” from the tailpipe are only part of the story of the pollution emitted by a vehicle as it travels. Chris White of the Daily Caller explains:

Electric vehicles tend to produce more pollutants from tire and brake wear, due in large part to their batteries, as well as the other parts needed to propel them, making them heavier.

These pollutants are emitted when electric vehicle tires and brakes deteriorate as they accelerate or slow down while driving. Timmers and Achten’s research suggests exhaust from traditional vehicles is only about one-third of the total emissions.

A large factor in this weighting of pollutants is the fact that internal combustion engine performance has improved so radically over the past several decades that they actually emit very few pollutants compared to engines of the past. The internal combustion engine is the most highly engineered product on the planet, having been worked on for well over a century by hundreds of thousands of engineers all over the planet. They set a very high bar for electric and hybrid vehicles to beat. The necessity for large, heavy batteries made of toxic materials does increase the weight, complexity, and cost compared to internal combustion vehicles.

And the Edinburgh study does not even consider the environmental impact of manufacturing the complex, heavy, and expensive vehicles, nor does it consider the emissions of the electric generating stations that supply the juice. Add in these factors, and that “zero pollution” claim becomes a joke.
Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2016/05/study_finds_electric_vehicles_produce_emmoreem_pollution_that_internal_combustion_cars.html#ixzz4993RIN00

ht tps://nofrakkingconsensus.com/2016/09/15/obamas-electric-car-fail/

Tony Seba has debunked all of that junk science . Like Tony Seba says . People will stop burning fossils out of their own selfish , self interest . Not because of pollution but because the fossils can’t compete . The Rube Goldberg machine that defines the fossil fuel industry is falling apart at the seams . Going after extreme energy with even more extreme methods are a sign of the end of the fossils . It’s that simple . Tonyseba.com

Tony is a funny read, by 2030 hey, well its now almost 2017 so so-called change better get moving. Oh by the way he doesn’t mention the cost, the astronomical cost.

If you haven’t noticed countries that are dumping their coal fired generation are having meteoric rise in energy costs and energy intensive industries are moving out of those countries. They are moving to countries like China, India, Malaysia that are building coal and nuclear power as fast as they can.

So just how is your solar system doing, oh right that was just a fictional story.

    Other countries? Heck, we only need to look at Ontario and unfortunately Alberta once the Dippers close all the coal fired plants.

People get confused with parking. In the case of universities, colleges, hospitals, and other public places, one should remember that taxpayers and the public own these facilities.

So we paid for the buildings, (including the parking lots) we pay the salaries and benefits for those who work there, in the case of UNBC, and CNC they pay their tuition fee’s. So in effect we have paid for everything, and then the facility has the audacity to charge us for parking when we go to these facilities. Hmmmmm.

Dirtman is confused when he talks about parasites. A parasite lives off its host. The taxpayers are the hosts, you can draw your own conclusions as to who are the parasites.

    Nothing is free Palopu, someone has to pay for it and yes, that means taxpayers because the government has no money of its own. When you demand all those freebies from government that makes you just as much a parasite as an able-bodied welfare bum.

What a crock mutt . China’s is 4.5 cents us per kWh . Malaysia is 7.9 cents us . That’s one of the big reasons they have taken over manufacturing but that’s about to change . You should fact check Before you post .

    “SolarReserve’s Crescent Dunes Project in Tonopah, Nevada is quietly providing clean, green solar energy to 75,000 homes in the Silver State even when the sun isn’t shining.

    Crescent Dunes is the first utility-scale facility in the world to use molten salt for power energy storage capabilities, a technology also known as concentrated solar.”


    Yeah, right! The World’s First 24/7 Solar Power Plant Powers 75,000 Homes” for 3 hours per day.

    The average U.S. residential utility customer uses about 900 kWh per month.

    75,000 homes * 900 KWh/month = 67,500,000 kWh/month = 67,500 MWh/month

    In its best month so far, Crescent Dunes generated 9,095 MWh… About 3 hours of electricity per day for 75,000 homes. This is the Venezuela version of 24/7 /SARC.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/06/21/worlds-first-247-solar-power-plant-powers-75000-homes-for-3-hours-per-day/

      From The U.S. Secretary of the navy .
      Critics will trot out the usual charges. Solar is too expensive. Global warming is a myth. Government purchasing will distort the market. We should use the secret fusion cubes found at Area 51 instead. Iraq wasn’t about oil. Etc.

      I’m not going to answer those questions. I’m just going to say, if you like fossil fuels that much, then you go defend the supply lines.

      The US secretary of the Navy is just following orders from his mad man of a president.

      Wind and solar are not a replacement for fossil fuels in energy generation because of energy density and they are not so called green. Want a replacement for fossil fuels then nuclear is the only option.

      Who denies warming, hey warming got us out of the last glacial event and LIA. The question is AGW and CAGW verses natural.

      Mans c02 contribution to atmospheric gases is 4% of .0039%, hum.

      If mans c02 contribution is such a big deal how come there has generally been a pause in temperature rise in the last twenty years despite a rise in c02. That information is agreed to by the IPCC.

      ht tp://www.carlineconomics.com/archives/2958

      We must be reading different sites. One graph I looked at shows the average surface temperature of the earth has steadily increased since the 1850’s and the last three decades have been the warmest recorded since then. I’m not a warmer or a denier or what ever you people classify yourselves as….I’m just saying it appears to still be getting warmer.

      Ataloss, if you like solar so much (and we know you do) then you go ahead and pay for it yourself.

    You are right ataloss, thank you. Cheap wages, and lots of cheap coal power keeps the costs down.

    How’s your solar system, oh wait. Never an answer.

      And you call yourself a navy man . Bs!

I see the price of gas at the pumps is creeping up again. Expect the whining to start in 3…2…1…

Could those boneheads not work on the traffic lights on 16 and Ferry at night? Just love to hold up traffic I’m sure.

    When I’m sitting there waiting in line for the traffic light install at Ferry and 16 west it gives me time to thank my lucky stars that it was not my 15 year old daughter that was lost at the next intersection heading west.

      Well Said! I don’t care how long I have to sit and wait for these lights to be changed, accidents made it that way, or should I say impatient drivers…..

    Yup, I was in that earlier today–Trust me, there are people out there that should be driving tricycles, not cars!! I thought the same thing- put up some floodlights to work on the street lights at night–no Wait!! -let’s do it on a Friday afternoon and see how many drivers we can frustrate.

I want to thank City Hall, public works, and the paving crews for all the work done on the streets this year. This is what we pay for and I really appreciate all the hard work done by the crews. It is an absolute pleasure compared to a couple years ago, to drive around this town. I don’t care if they don’t get all the lines painted, I’m not dodging potholes. There may be a few in the spring, but just happy all that work has been completed.

Ain’t socialism wonderful!

Venezuela was once a plentiful country with surplus food that they exported. Then they made the mistake of voting in a socialist government.

ht tp://www.bloomberg.com/features/2016-venezuela-diary/

The diary of a desperate mother trying to put food on the kitchen table.

Interesting how the seven (7) of the top ten happiest countries and seven (7) of the top ten most socialist countries are the same countries… coincidence? Don’t think so!

The 10 Happiest Countries: Most socialistic nations in the world today:
10. Sweden Sweden
9. Australia China
8. New Zealand New Zealand
7. Netherlands Netherlands
6. Canada Canada
5. Finland Finland
4. Norway Norway
3. Iceland Ireland
2. Switzerland Belgium
1. Denmark Denmark


ht tp://blog.peerform.com/top-ten-most-socialist-countries-in-the-world/

    What nonsense. None of those is as socialist as Venezuela and unlike Venezuela, all of them have a huge capitalist component to their economies that finance the socialism.

I am indebted to seamutt who posted a link to the following information! I rarely follow links posted by others, but I did this time and it confirms precisely my own opinion about the global climate change the world is faced with at this crucial time!

An Open Letter Regarding Climate Change From
Concerned Members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

“Human-caused climate change is not a belief, a hoax, or a conspiracy. It is a physical reality. Fossil fuels powered the Industrial Revolution. But the burning of oil, coal, and gas also caused most of the historical increase in atmospheric levels of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. This increase in greenhouse gases is changing Earth’s climate.”

“Our fingerprints on the climate system are visible everywhere. They are seen in warming of the oceans, the land surface, and the lower atmosphere. They are identifiable in sea level rise, altered rainfall patterns, retreat of Arctic sea ice, ocean acidification, and many other aspects of the climate system. Human-caused climate change is not something far removed from our day-to-day experience, affecting only the remote Arctic. It is present here and now, in our own country, in our own states, and in our own communities.”

“During the Presidential primary campaign, claims were made that the Earth is not warming, or that warming is due to purely natural causes outside of human control. Such claims are inconsistent with reality.”

“Others argued that no action is warranted until we have absolute certainty about human impacts on climate. Absolute certainty is unattainable. We are certain beyond a reasonable doubt, however, that the problem of human-caused climate change is real, serious, and immediate, and that this problem poses significant risks: to our ability to thrive and build a better future, to national security, to human health and food production, and to the interconnected web of living systems.”

“The basic science of how greenhouse gases trap heat is clear, and has been for over a century. Ultimately, the strength of that basic science brought the governments of the world to Paris in December 2015. They went to Paris despite pronounced differences in systems of government, in national self-interest, in culpability for past emissions of greenhouse gases, and in vulnerability to future climate change. The leaders of over 190 countries recognized that the problem of human-caused climate change is a danger to present and future citizens of our planet. They made national commitments to address this problem. It was a small but historic and vital first step towards more enlightened stewardship of Earth’s climate system.”

“From studies of changes in temperature and sea level over the last million years, we know that the climate system has tipping points. Our proximity to these tipping points is uncertain. We know, however, that rapid warming of the planet increases the risk of crossing climatic points of no return, possibly setting in motion large-scale ocean circulation changes, the loss of major ice sheets, and species extinctions. The climatic consequences of exceeding such thresholds are not confined to the next one or two electoral cycles. They have lifetimes of many thousands of years.”

Thanks again!

    What nonsense! That’s nothing but unsubstantiated fear mongering. It’s politics, nothing more.

    For example: “The leaders of over 190 countries recognized that the problem of human-caused climate change is a danger to present and future citizens of our planet. They made national commitments to address this problem.”

    Do you know what those commitments are? The western capitalist nations agreed to cut emissions but the rest of the world (including China)are free to emit as much as they want. In fact, China has committed to tripling its emissions over the next 15 years. Like that agreement will make any difference other than transferring emissions and wealth from us to them.

    Here’s some more nonsense: “The basic science of how greenhouse gases trap heat is clear, and has been for over a century.” Very true, but it leaves out the fact that since then we’ve learned about the logarithmic nature of how CO2 absorbs heat and that additional CO2 will have almost no effect. Even the IPCC admits that.

    Here, check out the truth of the matter:

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOLkze-9GcI

      China is an “emerging market” and must be allowed to increase its emissions. Emerging my tush, they have been in the global market hundreds if not thousands of years longer than Canada or the US, at least since the Yuan Dynasty if not earlier as Marco Polo testified to the vigor of China’s international trade in the 13th century. Political idiocy at its finest

    Princegeorge I did not post a link, show evidence that I did or I will be taking action against you. I have taken a screen shot of your false post. If you do not post evidence of a link from me I will be filing a complaint.

    hey PG here is some facts you should have checked before falsely identifying me to your discredited post.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2012/06/23/the-national-academy-of-sciences-loses-the-plot/

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/12/13/national-academy-of-sciences-appointee-caught-making-up-stuff-to-win-lawsuit-rico-lawsuit-follows/

Dirtman.. I along with everyone else on this site know that anything you get from a Government has already been paid for by your taxes. So the only people who get freebees, are those who do not work.

As far as Government owned (so called) parking lots go, taxpayers have already paid for them, along with all the buildings, staff, etc; at Universities, Hospitals, Colleges, etc;

My point (which you seem incapable of grasping) is that we have already paid for these parking facilities, and therefore they should be free to citizens to use. The fact that they are not, are because most of these facilities spend 70% or more of the money they receive from the Government on wages and benefits, leaving little for the necessities of running the institutions.

So, there (partial) solution to the problem is to charge taxpayers for parking in a facility that they have already paid for. This is not good governance, good business acumen, or anything else. At best we could say its the best they can do to generate additional revenue. Not likely that they would look at reducing costs.

It doesn’t take a lot of brains to charge for parking, so of course that’s the easier softer way, and that’s the way they go.

We pay these people big dollars to be efficient managers. In that respect they get a D.

    Have we already paid for these parking facilities? Such capital projects are financed. Have they been paid off or are we still paying?

    Either way, we have not paid for the ongoing operating costs of these parking facilities.

    It takes a large number trained personnel, some of them highly educated, to run a hospital so the fact that it costs 70% to employ them is to be expected. It’s clear you’ve never run a business. I have and wages were my highest cost by far.

Dirtmann , did you know that Proterra is openly talking IPO ? What do you think Dow ? At 17 ?

    Well, government subsidies make it quite attractive. After all, Tesla has never turned a profit, yet Musk took out enough money to launch SpaceX.

      And blows it up on the launch pad… the Falcon 9 actually broke a record held since 1959, to actually blow up before the rockets engines are ignited

PG I again implore you to show evidence of my link to your discredited post?

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