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October 27, 2017 9:04 pm

Bond, Morris Unchallenged for Liberal Nominations

Saturday, September 24, 2016 @ 6:54 AM

Prince George, B.C. – To nobody’s surprise the BC Liberal Party says there won’t be any challengers to incumbent MLAs Shirley Bond and Mike Morris as the party’s 2017 candidates for Prince George-Valemount and Prince George-Mackenzie.

Bond and Morris join 45 Liberal candidates selected in ridings across the province. The partydsc_0022 says it is on track to have 75% of its candidates nominated by its biennial convention November 4-6 in Vancouver.

“It has been an honour to represent the people of Prince George–Valemount since 2001,” says Bond. “But there is still more work to do, and that is why I am putting my name forward for a fifth term.”  She continues “We are determined to represent Northern BC with a strong voice in Victoria and to work hard on the priorities and issues that are important to rural British Columbia.”

Morris is seeking re-election for his second term as MLA for Prince George–Mackenzie.

“As an MLA, I have enjoyed working hard to represent my constituents and all areas of mydsc_0024 riding,” says Morris. “I’m looking forward to continuing that work so that we can keep leading Canada in economic growth and job creation, and continue to put British Columbians first.”

Morris was appointed as Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General on December 11, 2015. Previously, he served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

British Columbians will head to the polls on Tuesday, May 9, 2017.


With all this election talk going on an the liberals have the largest funding available at this time of any election. I would like to now what they are going to do about surgery wait time in this town.It takes three plus months to get a ultra sound then 6 months to a year to see a specialist,then then another 5 months to a year to get an operation. In my opion this is total bull crap

    Took me a week to get an ultrasound and a month to see a surgeon. Maybe you’re just not as sick as you think you are?

In 16 years they finally see a problem with MSP along with other issues. Its election time goodies on the way most after 2017 lol have to love it .

Bond and Morris unchallenged for Lib / Con nomination, nice democracy we have going… reminds me of the United States where no one particularly likes the two candidate puked up by the Republicans and Democrats.

Looks like we have our own Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Prince George.

Me too axman – same time frame. I have a feeling it would have happened even sooner if the urgency was evident.

Have nothing but good to say about the way my medical problem was handled and corrected by all the doctors, nurses, and staff at our PG hospital.

Cudos to all of them, and to the liberal government for making an up to date medical facility available to all of us who needed it, or may need it in future..

I enjoy the fact that we have two very hard working MLA’s here. I’ve met both.
If you haven’t met them, before you sling mud, go and talk to them. Very approachable, darn honest folks.

    If they are so hard working, maybe they can do something about the seriously high crime and poverty rates in this city… no? I didn’t think so.

    Maybe they can do something about all the mines and sawmills closing in the region. No? I didn’t think so.

JDolt, you’re an idiot. Our local MLA’s have done an incredible job over the last 8 years. Sawmills are off because of the shortage of fibre, largely due to the pine beetle epidemic. Mining is off because of low global commodity prices. Why don’t you start you own political party and see how much better you can drive the bus, bozo.

Hmmm… for a party / government that runs on a “jobs and economy” agenda, not much of both has been happening, but I think a lot of other people have noticed that as well.

As for the name calling, it has it’s uses, however none of them work on me. Can anyone guess which reason VOR uses name calling for? *Hint, look at the fourth one down.

ht tp://tinyurl.com/gl572f9

    That PC bunch is not to kind. I have noticed that on many of their posts. They seem to lack some grey matter upstairs.

    What Party doesn’t run on a ‘jobs and economy’ agenda? Even the Greens do, while amongst the other three main ones it’s the favorite subject of each’s election platform. None of them, however, are going to talk about what’s really needed to have those cherished ‘jobs’ they feel are so important to the ‘economy’. For to do so they’d have to admit some things none of them seem to want to admit. And that is that the ‘primary’ purpose of the economy ISN’T the creation of ‘jobs’, but rather the provision of needed and wanted goods and services. And in the most efficient manner possible. Which generally means ‘job’ displacement, not creation. Funny they all do that. Yet who amongst them would argue that CONSUMER DEMAND is the origin of all economic activity? And that Consumer Demand, when it’s actually present, is only meaningful if there’s always a means of making that demand EFFECTIVE? Their conception of having the means to make it Effective seems to be limited to the ‘job’. But even if you had 100% full employment, at whatever level of wage rate that would satisfy the most ardent union member, would all the wages paid out in, say, a week, ever add up to all the costs that have to be recovered in prices for everything made in that same week? Even if profit were completely outlawed? Or would it be revealed that costs, in their totality, are always greater than distributed wages in theirs?

LNG was supposed to be our Liberal saviour. If NG is so great, why is the city of Vancouver trying to end the use of NG? I’m sure this didn’t just all of a sudden happen overnight. This has had to have been on Vancouvers mind for a long time.

The city of Vancouver is run by idiots. Next question.

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