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October 27, 2017 8:52 pm

Two In Custody Over School Threats – Update

Thursday, October 6, 2016 @ 11:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. -Two males are in custody  in  connection with threats made to  schools in Prince George on social media.

Prince George RCMP officers attended Prince George Secondary School and arrested two persons. The two  are believed to be responsible for the threats made towards schools through social media last night.  The two arrested are males ages 16 and 17.  Both remain in custody at this time.

The threats  appeared on a social media  site  called PG Clowns,   which  is a spin off  of the  creepy clown  phenomena that has surfaced in Nova Scotia and along the eastern seaboard of the U.S. where  people have dressed in clown costumes and  made  threats  of violence to others.

Police say the two  arrested in Prince George  this morning  were not  wearing clown  costumes,  nor have there been any ‘clowns’  sited  at any other  schools or anywhere else in the City.

The  threats prompted  a precautionary measure  which  saw schools in Prince George  on high alert,  keeping students indoors and,  acting on advice from Police, the doors locked.

As a result of the investigation the Prince George RCMP id recommending that the safety measures at area schools be lifted and that normal activities resume.

Police say the investigation remains ongoing.


I think if the RCMP were monitoring this page of threats last night, there should have been some warning this morning before school so us parents could have decided to keep our children home. Instead we have to sit, wonder and worry, unable to enter the school to pick up our children; all because of some F-tards with a sick and demented sense of humor.

    Yes, because panic and pandemonium is the best way to deal with a “non credible threat”.

    Can you picture the bureaucratic nightmare that would have ensued it even a small percentage of people had stayed home because of this?

      Yes, and there would have been a huge uproar about schools being closed, and parents having to scramble for childcare, because of a non-credible threat.

      They couldn’t win. With the schools on lockdown, they’re being cautious. I feel they’ve done the right thing.

    I agree. Parents should have been notified so they could decide if they wanted to send their children to school. Parents were told “it’s probably a hoax”. Ok, so should we bet our children’s safety on that? Why take the chance if you don’t need to?

      yeah, sure, 8000 phone calls.

      13,000 according to yesterday’s news. :)

      There is a thing called group email. Or each school could be responsible for notifying the parents of their students……no excuse really.

At least we would have had the choice.

    Totally unrealistic. Borderline stupid, even.

Just one more thing…. my boy is in grade ten at PGSS asking me to come and pick him up, however I must call the Vice Principle first. I told my boy that if he is doing school work he might as well stay there. He texted me back we have done no work today and we are now playing blackjack. So wtf, when will the teachers get back this day of teaching and why are they still not doing anything today if they are locked in the school?

    could be worse, your kid could have said, loosing bad in black jack, send money.

    Is that the new curriculum the teachers are struggling with ? Blackjack, poker…collect your blue ribbon at the end of the year.

There comes a time, where we as a society have to hold people accountable for their actions. lower the age for child protection. If they don’t understand consequences by age 14, than the blame lies square on the shoulders of the parent. If they still don’t get it by age 15, than it lies on the individual. Too much protection, is not doing these kids any good.

Personally, these kids should get a criminal record, thus limiting them from world travel, for no less than ten years. This should be get it all over the social media, thus will be a deterrent for other kids from acting in the same manner. These kids already know that the law can not do a heck of a lot on them, so they did it, no consequences.

They cost the school district a few bucks, they cost all us tax payers a few bucks, cops on the case. A little prank, between the school district and police officiers time, likely no less than $100,000.00., Parents, perhaps you should pay extra taxes, so we don’t have services cut at schools, and public amenities to pay for your kids behavior.

    They probably will get a criminal record over this. Uttering threats is a criminal offence under the Criminal Code..The extent of the record and or punishment for this is the big question.

Hey don’t get your kids to dress up in clown outfits for Halloween. not going to be pretty.

I hope when they catch the little *** they get more than just a warning. Waste of time and resources, my sons says they are stuck in the classroom all day even now at lunch.

    No disrespect but did you read the article?

Please publish the names of these kids, so we can torment their parents and give them a taste of what our day has been like. I’m sure it won’t be long before the students names are out in the open.

    Because of the age of the suspect, names cannot legally be published.

They’re teenagers. They don’t fully understand the consequences of their behavior. That’s why they do stupid things every now and then. That’s also why they are considered young offenders and treated differently in the courts.

Unlike all of us adults who can’t seem to figure out we shouldn’t drink and drive, or text and drive. Our stupid behavior actually maims and kills people. Their stupid behavior pales in comparison in this instance.

    hmmm, when your action impact the lives of 25,000 people. they should be treated like the piece of *** that they are. Believe me, if this was done 45 years ago the principal would make sure, they would not have been able to sit down for a week. than come home and get the living crap beat out of you. Than turn around get kicked out of school, and end up working at sawmill for the rest of your life….. which is not all bad.

Thank you to all of the administration and teachers throughout the district who provided our children with support and comfort during such an anxious and stressful period.

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