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October 27, 2017 8:43 pm

Undercover Work in Queensway Targets Drug Dealers

Monday, October 17, 2016 @ 6:01 AM

policeidPrince George, B.C.- Prince George RCMP Detachment  Superintendent Warren Brown  first hinted  his team  has been targeting drug dealers in the Queensway – 17th Avenue  area of Prince George  at a recent meeting with  residents of the area, and while full details have  yet to be released,   Superintendent Brown  says  the  operation has been  successful.

“Drug Traffickers play  on  vulnerable people,  they  engage in a gang lifestyle they use violence to intimidate people and  we have far too much of that in our community” says Supt. Brown.

Prince George RCMP officers have been doing some under cover work in the Queensway-17th neighbourhood  and while  residents have complained about  “open drug dealing”  on the streets,  he says  some of that action may well have been unsuspecting traffickers selling drugs to under cover officers.

“It was time to  utilize a number of  investigative avenues to target those folks and we’ve made very deliberate  efforts this year”  says Supt. Brown.

Covert measures were  started during the summer  and   he says that operation has led to police identifying “a couple of dozen drug traffickers in the community”.  The investigative information is now in the hands of Crown Counsel, and  he is hopeful that within the next week or two,  the suspects will be rounded up and charges laid.

“Fentanyl is alive and well in Prince George” says Supt. Brown “We have  far too many overdoses and deaths here.  We are not unlike any  other community  in B.C., whether knowingly, willingly , we have drug traffickers putting it out in our community  too,  so that’s too high a risk,  too high a threat to tolerate and  we need to focus resources on that and I would say  we  have had a pretty successful  turn of events in  that (drug busts) over the summer.”

So stay tuned,  Supt. Brown  says  details of  arrests will be coming soon.


I guess, not too undercover now that it is on the website.

Prohibition fuels the black market.

The black market is not regulated, many of the products have no quality control,or standards which begets a scenario of buyer beware.

If the public was truly interesting in the well being of it’s citizens ‘drugs’ would be available at reasonable cost and of known quality. This in conjunction with education would save lives,reduce crime and lessen the burden on tax payers who fund this ongoing war.

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