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October 27, 2017 8:43 pm

Council to Consider Smoking and Vaping Bylaw

Monday, October 17, 2016 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It has been well over a year since  Prince George City Council  first considered developing a bylaw that would ban smoking and vaping from all  civic properties, parks and sports fields.

This evening,  a  proposed bylaw will be presented.

The bylaw  falls in line with recent Provincial legislation which  calls for a buffer of  6 meters  from doors,  windows  or intakes.  That’s three meters less than  what had originally been proposed by the City of Prince George., but the City is willing to  reduce the buffer  zone in order to fall in line with the  Provincial rules which came into effect on Sept. 1st.

In a report to Council this evening,  staff  indicate  the bylaw  would require   456 signs to  be  created in order to be placed  in all civic facilities, playgrounds sports fields and parks.  The cost for the signage  is estimated at $68,400.

Council will be asked to  give the proposed bylaw  first two readings,   and set December 5th as the  date for a public hearing.    The time between now and then  could be used  to  get the word out  to the  general public.


Go for it,
The concerts will all take a beating pulling this out, but oh ya its ok to consume booze and drive at a event.

    Concerts will take a beating because a small minority will not be allowed to blow their crap in other people’s faces?

      Can understand concern about cigarette/cigar smokers… but vapors??? It is just vapor so WTF is the issue???? And keep in mind, despite the vile attitude towards smokers, they do contribute, thru their addiction, a huge pile of money into our provincial coffers, and despite common misconception of public opinion, these same people are far less likely to see/use medical services; thus, pay into a system greatly that they use rarely.

One assumes that **smoking** includes marijuana.

Waste of money, nobody pays attention to bylaws that nobody enforces anyway. IMHO

Let them smoke themselves out in their own houses and in their own yards. I applaud City Council if they actually go through with this and make so much as a sliver of effort to enforce it…..

I laugh every time I see people standing outside the hospital in front of the no-smoking sign, smoking their brains out.

What would really be nice, at the least, is to see less people tossing their greasy cigarette butts on the ground – how is this not littering?

    I agree Boomerang, it is littering. Hand out fines and use the fine money to pay for the signs.

      Agree 100% butts everywhere.

Smokers in general are a second class citizen. Lets push them even further into the shadows. A non smoker should not have to breath this garbage. A good way to keep your kids from smoking is to point out smokers to them when they are young and ask them do you want to be poor?

Most smokers do not respect the distances away fro doors at all, it,s just out the door they go. Being an ex smoker I shouldn’t be so critical but they could move away a few feet.

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