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October 27, 2017 8:36 pm

Rest Stop to Have free Wi-Fi

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 @ 5:45 AM

Prince George, B.C.- Next spring,  when  driving  east on highway 16,  you will want to know  there is something new planned  for  the rest stop at Mt.Terry Fox, just east of Tete Jaune.

textstop2The Province has announced that rest stop will offer free Wi-Fi.

Visitors can  take a bathroom break,  maybe have a picnic,  enjoy the view, and  of course,  check their smart phones and  post a selfie on facebook or twitter, or instagram.   There is no cell service  a few clicks east of  Mt. Robson  until  you hit Jasper.

The Mt. Terry Fox rest stop is one of five that will have free Wi-Fi  available next spring,  the others are:

* Britton Creek   Hwy 5 – 67km south of Merritt
* Galena Bay      Hwy 23 – 49km north of Nakusp
* Glacier View    Hwy 16 – 7km north of Smithers
* Taylor River    Hwy 4 – 37km west of Port Alberni

New  Wi-Fi graphics ( like the one  shown above right) will  alert travellers to the  presence of  the service at  rest stops.



This is wonderful and horrible all at the same time . The lack of Wifi and more cell towers are one of the reasons people can so easily disappear. This is the reason ride share is so hard to establish on the hyway of tears . It’s horrible news because some of the missing and their families have had to wait for an election for the government to do the right thing . I guess we will have to lose a school bus full of kids before they are wifi enabled .

Is everything POLITICAL??
Firstly WiFi at rest stops has not even been on anyone’s radar as far as people clamoring for the service is concerned. Secondly, how does being WiFi enabled protect a bus full of kids?? In order to have your WiFi connect to anything beyond the bus, you need to have cell service available. If you have cell service then WiFi is not going to enhance the driver’s or the passenger’s ability to contact emergency services if needed.
To imply that these 2 or 3 rest stops are receiving WiFi because of electioneering is a pretty long stretch of the imagination as there are not enough voters affected by this to influence any riding, and especially that particular riding in the next election!
Nice Try though!!

Hmmmm, now we will see a bunch of people with their heads down staring at their stupid phones and tablets instead of enjoying the beautiful view. Do we really need to send that selfie immediately after taking it?

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