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October 27, 2017 8:35 pm

Majority of Canadians Support Distracted Walking Ban

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 @ 9:14 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A new online survey shows most Canadians would support a distracted walking ban.

Insights Wests’ national sample showed two thirds of Canadians (66%) support their own municipality enacting distracted walking legislation, including 80% of Canadians aged 55 and over and 74% of Quebecers.

Some Canadian municipalities are considering distracted walking legislation that would forbid the use of hand-held cell phones by people who are on a roadway (for example, while crossing the street).


For example, last July Toronto City Council passed a motion calling for the Province of Ontario to amend the Highway Traffic Act to ban citizens from using cell pones “while on any travelled portion of a roadway.” Two Vancouver city councillors have also voiced support for a ban.

Locally, Prince George City Councillor Brian Skakun says he would oppose such a ban noting “I’m not sure how you would enforce it.”

The survey also showed that while 93% of Canadians agree with distracted driving laws, only 51% say they have been effective.

“Canadians are definitely happy with the existence of distracted driving legislation, yet they continue to see drivers using hand-held devices with no consequences,” says Mario Canseco, vice-president public affairs, at Insights West. “It is this perceived failure of enforcement that is making Canadians question the effectiveness of the law.”


Even if a ban was put in place how and who would enforce it. In PG if the ban was put in place it won’t be the RCMP unless it involved an accident involving a pedestrian police resources are already stretched thin and you can’t rely on bylaw enforcement being as it seems to be virtually non existent here in the city so then who would enforce it and how would it be enforced is the question. I imagine this would be the same across the board in other Canadian municipalities as well

Time to ban cell phones in general. Go back to landlines and pay phones and all will be good.

    time to redesign cellphones so that while the phone is moving the keyboard and touch screen as well as image display is disabled and communication can only be had by speaking into the phone…..

    If one needs to switch functions requiring a touch screen, one would have to stop walking and or some other way of achieving the same thing. Voice activated functions are readily available.

    That would get it closer to simulating having a conversation with a person one is walking with.

      The GPS I have in my truck does something like this. If the truck is in motion, the GPS will not accept changes to the destination and so forth. The vehicle has to be stationary for you to program it.

      So what about passengers in your car, buss, train well you get the idea.


      It shouldn’t be hard to program cell phones to distinguish between the motion of a person walking and the motion of someone riding in a vehicle.

      Seamutt…look up the word “buss”.

      That’s great unless you’re a passenger in anything that moves.

      Spell check???

Not sure what is happening with people these days, what possess a person to make a sudden turn and race across a street without looking? Lets get back to basic training of our children, look both ways before crossing a street. You think it would be common sense, there just seems to be a lack of it.

Skating.. the same way you enforce the other laws dude. Omg was a stupid statement from skakun. distracted pedestrians are a concern when the are overly engrossed to what ever is going on on their cell they don’t look out for traffic etc. a car will win every time with a collision with pedestrians.

people supporting more government control in our lives, what a bunch of sheep.


    Unfortunately, foolish people’s actions result in new laws being born.
    Nothing to do with politics.

      Everything to do with politics. IF they keep us busy with this idiocy, they can continue to run the country into the ground. Send in the clowns!!!!!

    Funny, how your Con pals never repealed seat belt laws, distracted driving laws and drinking and driving laws when they were in power.

    Not that I agree with distracted walking laws; I think the whole idea is dumb. Just pointing out that it isn’t just “Libs” that want to control people’s lives. In fact, in the balance of things, it is right wingers that most want to tell and order other people how to live and behave.

If a person is stupid enough to walk into traffic while staring at a phone then… I call it “thinning the herd”.

im with you peter north

Can you imagine walking up to some six foot 220 lb logger type and telling him to stand still while you write him a ticket for distracted walking.

Give me a break. Over regulation is killing common sense. Some hard lessons need to be learned to get it back.

We shouldn’t be surprised that we have now got to the point of legislating how we walk. The Government and laws are into every aspect of our lives, and not in a good way.

When Governments were first started they were very limited in what their responsibilities were, and over time they have morphed into this time consuming, mind boggling, red tape, nightmare.

We do not need more Government, or more laws in our lives. In fact we need less. A lot of the laws on the books to-day should be purged. What we need is better education for people.

Anyone with half a brain and a butt knows that there is nothing important enough in an average phone call to put your life at stake, however we see people doing this every day.

Distracted walking is one thing, driving is another, and texting and reading texts while on a bicycle is another.

This is an education problem, and should be addressed by parents, and schools, not by legislation.

What are we going to do next, have people wear seat belts while riding horses.?? Perhaps we can wear helmets with camera’s that send us a message when we are in danger, and allow us to take action.,

Orrrrr. We could smarten up, and come to realize that in the big scheme of things, a text message is nothing. It is not important, will not change your life, and in fact will be replaced by hundreds of other text messages on a daily basis, because texting is an exercise that gives the texter’s the false impression that they are in fact doing something of significance, in their otherwise boring lives.

In other words, texting if it was rated on a scale of important things to do, would not register.

    “This is an education problem” You got that right.
    Step off a curb to cross a busy street while texting or otherwise distracted and you’re going to get educated!

So do not walk with your head down watching for obstacles as you may be suspected of distracted walking. I also agree with Peter North.

Here’s the skinny. A study by Erie Insurance Co. determined that of 6500 fatal accidents in 2010/11 12% were caused by distracted driving, and 62% were caused by daydreaming.

Soooooo. In keeping with passing laws to reduce accidents, we now need to pass a law against day dreaming. Perhaps they could invent some sort of probe that could be implanted into our brain that would record where and when we are daydreaming, and then they could use this information to fine us if we are involved in an accident.

What about bikers and joggers who are wearing earbuds and can’t hear traffic???

    Two options

    1. wear only one in an ear for those who are not deaf in one ear.
    2. get an app, or create an app which simulates real hearing by including a microphone which will pick up ALL sound both your voice plus any ambient sound.

    Then we have people who are totally deaf and cannot hear ambient noise at all.

    In the case of crossing a cross walk, it is not sound but visual indicators which indicate a pending conflicting use of the same space.

    A horn is normally used in an emergency when a pedestrian is interfering with a vehicle which is unable to stop in time to hit the pedestrian if the pedestrian does not stop.

Darwin what a Great Man!

Insights West can no longer get anyone to tell them who they are voting for (sometimes called Polling ) So now this is their idea of meaningful
work.Who hired them , GLOBAL,…………

So this is where I totally decide that I am now officially sick and tired of all of these bans that people are trying to perpetrate on society in general. If you think that land lines and pay phones are the answer, walk away from your house and go back to a cave because that makes as much sense as your comment. If you get hit by a car because your texting when your walking, tough luck says I. I personally hate texting but that’s me.
How would anyone ever expect to enforce a law like this? RCMP can’t put a dent in the number of drivers texting. How can they expect to enforce walkers. Every day without fail, I can find numerous idiots texting and driving yet we are told that it is a front line enforcement issue and they are on it.
In the immortal words of Charlie Brown…………Good Grief!!

A ban would be helpful in a case where a person got hurt when lack of attention while using an electronic device led to an injury. So just for that reason I am in favourite.

Make that in favour! Tablet has a mind of its own! Very distracting!

    Were you walking with your tablet at the time?

When will humans ever learn how walk upright with their head held high again? If they put their phone away and keep walking the way they do now they could be rich picking the change off of the sidewalk.

Otter Box is coming out with a phone protector that looks like a Tim Horton’s coffee cup. Just in time for Christmas.

I get so upset by some of these comments I feel like taking a shot of whisky, lighting up a doobie, jumping in my car, and text my friends to tell them how I feel while I head for the drive thru to get a coffee.

Who thinks up this crap. If you are walking along glued to your phone and aren’t watching where you are going, don’t walk into me…………………….

Instead of a bylaw banning distracted walking, why not a law permitting us to smack the phone out of the hand of all those people walking around with their heads down looking at their phones? Have to been to a busy airport lately? How many times has someone walked into you while looking down at their phone? It is quite tempting to knock that phone out of their hand.

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