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October 27, 2017 8:31 pm

FortisBC Gives Back

Saturday, October 29, 2016 @ 3:45 PM
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Prince George, B.C. – A community giving event was held at the Hudson’s Bay Wetland Nature Park on Queensway Street this afternoon.

It was hosted by FortisBC and involved over 30 of its employees and family members who participated by cleaning up garbage and raking some leaves.

The day was also a celebration of a new $15,000 deck FortisBC paid for along the Heritage Trail – the result of a partnership with the Prince George Naturalists Club.

“At FortisBC, we see giving back as an important part of our efforts to create a sustainable future for British Columbia,” said community and aboriginal relations manager Matt Mason. “Partnering with the Naturalist Club is a perfect fit, as it helps to preserve and share the beauty of the province.”

“We couldn’t have done it without them,” conceded Prince George Naturalist Club past president Clive Keen. “The corporate support is essential to this project.”


Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall said it’s always encouraging to see the city’s corporate partners step up and contribute.

“I’m ecstatic about it. This is really what we’re looking to do in the community and this could be a real tourist attraction,” he said. “We’ve turned something that’s been known as the slough for years into a wetland. It’s a great spot.”

Keen says an event will be held next month to celebrate another new deck in the park and to recognize its sponsor.


It is great to see a canadian corporation that takes an interest in the community. It is unfortunatye that free trade has userped so many canadien companies to foreign investors.

My Gas Bill just got doubled I guess this is a way of giving some of it back

    The money they make now, one would expect them to “give back” to the community, tax break

    Despite the hoopla in the media, your gas bill did not ‘double’. One line item from your entire bill increased from the lowest ever price of $1.14/GJ to $2.05/GJ.

    If you look at the price history of natural gas you would note that about 1 year ago the pricing was at $3.78/GJ and before that it was at $4.64/GJ.

    All this information is available on the Fortis website on this page: https://www.fortisbc.com/NaturalGas/Homes/Rates/Pages/Cost-of-gas.aspx# which is were I got it.

    No one likes price increases of any sort, but making a massive misrepresentation of the facts is just not helpful.

Thank you Fortis , much appreciated. Feel bad when some have time to criticize instead of thanking . , but I guess they have nothing to do.

And thank you to all the employees and family members who took the time to help out.

i’ve been on that lookout deck – really 15K? that’s ridiculous

    The cost? You could have asked rather than jumping to a negative conclusion. The costs include a building permit, an engineered design (given the location), a specially designed foundation with metal posts (requiring equipment brought in from outside of PG – again because of the location) and the rest of the building materials. The cost would have been higher except that most of the work was done by volunteers.

    Civic amenities are not free. The PG Naturalists Club and the Caledonia Ramblers have put in the time and effort to find the funds and build the structure. That’s now 4 decks, two gravel trails, an information kiosk and interpretive signage all funded by grants and donations from a variety of private sources.

The difference between 2.05 and 1.14 is 91 cents or as a percentage is an increase of 80 percent not quite the doubling but close I humbly apologize for the MASSIVE misrepresentation

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