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October 27, 2017 8:29 pm

City Preps Sites for Change of Seasons

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 @ 4:31 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  It’s that time of the year,  when  some  recreation facilities in Prince George close for the season.

Connaught Hill Park  officially closed  to visitors on October 28th,   and crews are  in the process of  closing  some other  sites as well.

By the end of  Monday,  November 7, Masich Place Stadium will close to the public.  There are other options for those who like to walk  a circuit  with  the City offering facilities at CN Centre and downtown at the Coliseum.

Crews are also in the process of shutting down and winterizing some public washroom facilities, including at Duchess Park and Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park.

All parks and public washroom facilities will be re-opened in the spring on a weather-dependent basis.



Many thanks to all city crews for maintaining our city parks, ball fields, cemetery, boulevards and all the rest of it. It is very much appreciated. Each day we see you working in all kinds of weather to help make Prince George the wonderful city it is.

    Not to worry abcdefg, we thank them every couple of weeks with their very generous wage, benefits and pension plans!

    They are out there, by and large, doing what they are paid to do! And for the vast MAJORITY of them, it is nothing more and nothing less!

      H.G.nice comment. IF only you would get your head out of your ass and quit believing that your the only guy in P.G. that actually does something constructive. Give me a break, everyone contributes in his or her own way. Maybe tell us what business you own and we can judge for ourselves to witness just how busy you truly are???

      ice, perhaps if more of our well paid and underworked municipal workers displayed more in the way of appreciation for all that they receive from all of us, especially from those that struggle to make ends meet, I might be more inclined to express my never ending and heartfelt thanks to them for doing the work that they are paid to do!

      Yes, we all contribute and some of us even contribute far more than the city’s 7.5 hour workday!

      As for me and any other business owner for that matter, if our customers aren’t happy, then we will likely end up out of business. If our customers can’t get what they want, when they want it, they may go elsewhere and we might end up out of business. If we are rude or dismissive of our customers, we will have no customers and we will be out of business.

      Go to City Hall and try to obtain a permit, or pay a fee or your tax bill! If you have to stand in line and wait an unreasonable amount of time, nobody seems to care! If an application takes longer than expected to be processed, nobody seems to care! if you feel like you weren’t treated in a respectful manner, nobody seems to care, because after all nobody employed at the City has much fear of losing their job!

      A business owner’s customers chose, every day, whether or not the business owner will remain in business. I’m lucky that after 35 years in business, I’m still in business!

      Gee, perhaps I already have my head out of my ass!

      Nothing wrong with a pat on the back and a “good job” for anyone. Sometimes it’s all it takes to make someone’s day. Why be so stingy with praise? I work hard for my paycheck and yes, I’m well aware of the fact that I am lucky to be employed and to have this job. However, I also receive kudos for doing my job very well and receive recognition from others. This is what keeps me going in the position I’m in instead of looking elsewhere. It makes a difference. Having a cranky old boss with zero appreciation would make me hit the road looking elsewhere in no time.

      Everyone is intilted to recognition for doing their job well, no matter who the employer or how much they are compensated. That’s why most decent folks say “Thank you” to their fellow citizen when they what to show appreciation.

Saying you are lucky that you are still in business tells me something about how shitty a businessman you really must be.

    Hahaha, I’m still in business and am doing just fine! What did you say that you did for a living? Oh wait, you didn’t!

    Getting back to abcdefg’s original comment, I wonder how many of our City’s workers actually say “thanks” when their paycheque gets deposited to their bank account every couple of weeks? I suspect, not many!

Hart Guy seems to think that the only place were there are lazy overpaid workers have Govt jobs. Trust me there are plenty of people that work in the private industry that are well paid and often aren’t doing very much. The key difference is you don’t see them because they aren’t in the public eye.

Is there a business out there that hasn’t gone through a stage where there were some inefficiencies…….NOPE. It happens. Do we try and fix it and make it more efficient, of course.

Hart Guy, I think one thing that you might want to try is more internet services so you don’t need to wait in line as much. You might be a little less cynical as a result.

    The key difference is that we’re not paying them. If I don’t like a private industry, I spend my dollars at a different one.

    mwk, there are inefficiencies and lazy overpaid workers in both private business and in government, but it is far easier to deal with inefficiencies and lazy workers in the private sector. I’ve seen both sides, as long ago I worked in Government!

    Attempts to deal with inefficiencies and lazy workers in the public sector are all to often met with howls of outrage and cries of derision! Some of my former coworkers greatest attribute was their ability to look busy while doing as little as was humanly possible! The concept of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay” completed escaped them!

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