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October 27, 2017 8:28 pm

Charges Likely in Early Morning Crashes on Foothills

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 @ 4:26 PM

foothillscrash2Prince George, B.C.-Driving too fast for road conditions has been determined to be the cause of  this morning’s collision  on Foothills Boulevard.

( at right,  scene of this morning’s crash on the Foothills Bridge- image 250News)Just before 8 this morning,  Prince George RCMP received a report of a three vehicle collision on the Foothills Boulevard Bridge in Prince George.

Police and other emergency services attended the scene and located one occupant in each vehicle. Two were transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police believe a white Chevy pick-up was northbound on the Foothills Bridge when the 31 year old male driver lost control and crossed the center line, colliding with a southbound blue Chevy pick-up being driven by a 43 year old male. A third vehicle, a blue Ford pick-up, being driven southbound by a 28 year old male, was unable to stop and collided with the other two vehicles.

Road conditions were icy at the time of the collision and were a factor. Traffic was restricted to one lane alternating for most of the morning commute to work.

Police would like to remind the driving public to drive to the road conditions. Slow down and give the vehicle in front of you plenty of room to stop should the driver need to.

Motor vehicle charges are likely.

Two other vehicle collisions were reported along Foothills Boulevard this morning.



I say again lots of drivers think Foothills is a race track, start putting up radar more often.

I second that, so hard to get on foothills off 5th ave because of the speed.

If your going to complain about the traffic in Prince George being stressful and can’t get onto foothills from 5th ave I would suggest you never drive in one of the larger cities.

What a stupid comment

Why are the road conditions being labelled as a factor? Hundreds of others made it across the bridge just fine.

    Just because it’s part of the incident. But, commenters have to put it in just to play the blame game.

      As Grizzly2 states people are looking to place the blame everywhere else but the Driver which by the way police have stated he was driving too fast for the road conditions and most likely will be facing charges

this new pavement seems to be more slippery when wet . Another note, black ice forms pretty easy as well with this new stuff. New pavement is making it tougher
to grip for these dam cheap china made tires

    Regardless of icing conditions people still need to drive accordingly but apparently it is a concept that escapes many on this site

I would challenge that ticket and charge if it was me. I went over the bridge and up Foothills yesterday just after 7 in the morning. It was ridiculously slippery. City should have been out putting something on that stretch as it was dangerous. It wasn’t just the bridge deck. I understand how frost reacts differently on a bridge deck as opposed to the regular roadway. It was slippery all the way to 15th Avenue. The city bears some responsibility in this matter. I’m sure Ill get roasted for this comment.

    So was every other street and road around the whole city. When you went out to start your vehicle. you probably went out a few minutes early because you knew your windshield was covered with frost. That should have been an indicator as to what road conditions would be like wouldn’t you think!

      Of course but I’ll add that up that particular stretch of road from the bridge to 15th it was goofy slippery. I drive that piece of road 5 days a week at 7 in the morning and it was nuts.

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