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October 27, 2017 8:26 pm

Collision Snarls Traffic at Highway 16 and Tyner

Friday, November 4, 2016 @ 5:09 PM
Emergency personnel attend accident scene at Highway 16 and Tyner intersection Friday afternoon.  Photos 250News

Emergency personnel attend accident scene at Highway 16 and Tyner intersection Friday afternoon. Photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Late Friday afternoon traffic was brought to a crawl at the extremely busy intersection of Highway 16 west and Tyner Boulevard following a two-vehicle collision.

Several emergency vehicles were dispatched to the scene around 4:10 pm after two vehicles collided in the intersection, with one of them rolling and winding up on its side.


One person was extricated from the vehicle that rolled and has been taken to hospital with unknown injuries.  It is not clear whether anyone else was hurt.

Traffic was blocked in all directions as first responders dealt with the accident and police attempted to move alternating traffic through the collision site.


If this was in Kamloops or Kelowna or Hope even there would be a underpass at an intersection like this. I watched a pick up roll through a red turn today with ample time to stop . One big culvert going under will work , wont fix all but,,,,, almost.

    Kamloops, Kelowna or Hope have ten times the traffic that Tyner and #16 has. You guys just need to learn how to drive.

      Still stinking and raining in Abbotsford? Anymore recent stabbings and gang related deaths? Still take 45 minutes to drive 4 kms in Abby?

      Looks like you still need a hobby

    The highway in Kelowna and Kamloops has no overpass, red lights through town along the highway same as Hope, 100 mile and Williams Puddle. There is an overpass in the west end of Kamloops but we also have one over Massey but still multiple controlled intersections. Highways were never built with city expansion in mind and now we deal with the aftermath of planning departments. Some areas grew up because of highway access, catch 22

    This intersection just went through millions of dollars of upgrades but does not matter you will still have moments of inattentiveness that lead to accidents at any intersection. Someone will always run a red, turn in front of someone, swerve to avoid something, lose their brakes, etc no matter what you do to an intersection. The hope is at the end of the day that everyone is able to walk home.

Anyone with more that one accident should have their driving privileges revoke for good.

    So, I do not quite get the connection. Are you familiar with one or both of those vehicles and know that one or both have been involved in previous collisions?

    At fault or just in general?

Do not know any of the drivers in this collision, I find it amazing that people do not draw a connection between accidents and poor driving.

    Sometimes it may be poor driving and other times who knows what happened. Right?

LOL blame it on the intersection. I am so sick of the blame game where the blame is laid everywhere else other than where it should be. This goes along with everything these days. It’s time to get back to taking ownership of a “mistake”

Car wreck? Someone’s at fault. Pregnant? Yup a couple of someone’s are at fault. Can’t afford this or that, yup someone else’s fault.

Like it or not someone is at fault and it might be you or I.

It’s damn well past time to start teaching personal responsibility and let the fault lay where it will.

    Well said.

When is the city supposed to change the left turn lane at this intersection! Looking at the photos, might appear that the vehicle turning left on a green got hit by a vehicle coming down the hill. Hope everyone is ok.

    It is a provincial hi-way and the lights were changed a few years back.

    Looks like? Might appear??? Give it a rest.

    They will have to change the pressure pads first, most of the time there is no advanced turn because the light was not actuated when turning from Domano onto 16 west so one has to turn on a green like it or not.

    In the middle of the night if noone pulls into the straight through lane on Domano you could literally sit there for hours waiting for a green. If someone pulls up on the Tyner side it only actuates a green for their side and then returns to a straight through for the highway – very poor signal programming for “after hours”

Digitus Impudicus……The lights for left turn on Tyner and Domano WERE NOT CHANGED, the left turn off the Highway in either direction were changed, however, we don’t know if they were connected with the accident??

I wonder what caused this crash?

    Not what but who is probably more likely. Someone ran a red light.

      Maybe not, someone could have just failed to yield the right of way

I find the left turn arrow onto Domano, often does not work at this intersection and you end up sitting for 2 lights. I see people getting fed up with it and just blowing the arrow, using the solid green instead.

Also the arrow fails to work at times coming down Tyner, turning left onto Peden Hill. We were stuck for 3 lights a week ago, traffic was going through one direction but would not go green for on the Tyner blvd side. A cop next to us flipped on his lights, merged right and headed up the hill instead of waiting any further. I wish I had a set of lights to do this.

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