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October 27, 2017 8:24 pm

Flu Clinics Underway

Monday, November 7, 2016 @ 11:19 AM

FluShot_needlePrince George, B.C.- Flu  season is here.  Northern Interior Medical   Health  Officer Dr.  Andrew Gray  says there have already been  lab confirmed cases  of the flu in  B.C.“We are expecting a good vaccine match” says Dr. Gray,  who is hopeful  that should  diminish skepticism   about  the effectiveness of the vaccine  on particular strains of the flu.    “Some people have  had doubts about the effectiveness of the vaccine,  but it’s about 60% effective   across all seasons.”  Dr. Gray says it  isn’t wise to take a wait and see  attitude  to  see if this  year’s  vaccine is  the right match  before  getting  a shot  “It takes about two weeks for the vaccine to reach its maximum potential”.

Each year,  the  flu  causes  thousands of people to be hospitalized, and  hundreds of deaths.  The best protection  says Dr. Gray is to  get a flu shot  and  practice frequent hand washing.

Symptoms of  the flu include:

  • fever,
  • headache
  • cough
  • muscle pain
  • running nose,
  • sore throat,
  • fatigue

The flu can  last  7 to ten days, and can lead to further complications  such as pneumonia, especially among those  at higher risk.

“One of the things that makes  influenza  difficult to  control is that people can be contagious   before they have any symptoms” says Dr. Gray “The best way to protect yourself  is to get the vaccine.”

Clinics have  already started in some communities in Northern Health’s region, including Ft. St. James and Quesnel and  Mackenzie  starts its  flu clinic today. In Prince George  the first flu clinic (at the Northern Interior Health Unit ) is set for  Wednesday  November 16th, but many pharmacies  have already been offering flu  shots.   The flu vaccine is  available at no charge to those who qualify,  and most  people will  qualify.

For details on  locations for  flu shots,  you can visit  Immunize BC  by clicking here and  referring to the  map.





The only salient piece of advice there is to wash your hands. That actually makes sense.

I will never subject myself to this Voodoo and that’s all it is in reality. Actually it’s worse, because commerce is the driving force. Believe me, those shots aren’t free. The pharmaceutical companies have their hooks into the government. Not to develop new antibiotics or something useful, but to play Russian Roulette with the general public’s lives and on your own dime no less.

Hundreds of people die? Hundreds of people die every day in this country. If the flu kills you, chances are pretty good it wasn’t the primary thing ailing you and you were already on your way out. In my opinion, that’s not a good enough reason for the rest of the population to play a dangerous game that actually has the potential to start a pandemic, not to mention the risks to otherwise healthy people who are sometimes killed or permanently incapacitated by these “preventative” shots.

The efficacy numbers are a continual moving target, because they have no idea how effective it is and it’s impossible to measure properly, so they can say whatever they want to keep pushing this stuff. Educate yourself before you let someone use you as an experiment.

What happened to the Health Unit and their clinics??? Sure short hours

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