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October 27, 2017 8:22 pm

Weather Records Fall in Prince George

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 @ 12:37 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Environment Canada has confirmed a pair of weather records have fallen in Prince George today.

The first is the daily high which at noon today hit 17.7 degrees – a full degree warmer than the previous high of 16.7 set back on this date in 1930.

“In addition to that, we’ve now broken the monthly record for warmest temperature recorded for the month of November,” says meteorologist Ross Macdonald. “That old record was 17.4 degrees set on November 11th, 1981.”

He says the records are notable because records began being kept in 1908.

Macdonald attributes our balmy November to a Pineapple Express he says we see from “time to time this time of year.”

But the big question is, how much longer can we expect the warm temperatures to continue?

“Yeah, that’s the big question. So, it looks like today will be your warmest day. Temperatures will moderate quite slightly but it’ll still be fairly warm – you know seasonal norms this time of year are about two or three degrees as a daytime high,” he says.

“Perhaps on the weekend we might see it moderate slightly but double digits Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.”



With this warm weather the log supplies are getting critically low. It won’t be long before some mills start shutting down until freeze up.

In 1908, I’m guessing the temperature wasn’t measured at the airport. It’s actually 19.8C downtown right now.

Awesome, I hope the warm weather lasts until April.

Yep , this is great but only if you are a fan of pine beetles , spruce worms and many more pests that will be arriving on the warm winds like funguses et al . Bon apatite .

I think I will leave Abby and return to George.

yup so much for global warming yup???

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