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October 27, 2017 8:22 pm

City Facility Upgrades to Highlight Rare Wednesday Council Session

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

city hallPrince George, B.C.- Prince George City Council   doesn’t normally meet on  a Wednesday, but  game one of the Canada Russia  series  prompted  Council to  approve bumping  Monday’s meeting to  tonight.

One of the  key  issues to be discussed this evening is the condition of  City  assets and  facilities.   The latest report,  on  17 of  the City’s   assets,  suggests  the  City will need to  reinvest  $14.8 million over the next ten years  to  correct problems  with the  buildings.  The City has now completed  assessments on 24 facilities over  the past two years  and the total   amount needed to reinvest in these buildings over the next decade  is  estimated to  be $21.5 million dollars.

There are three facilities  which stand out as needing repair  sooner rather than later, Exhibition Sports Centre/Gymnastics building,  Studio 2880  Gallery and  the Kin III  arena.

In the case of Studio 2880  Gallery,  the report  outlines  a need for $1 million  dollars to replace  the exterior windows, and the  interior lighting.

As for the Kin III  arena,  the report  indicates “Areas that were not part of the 2011 renovation will require renewal i.e. doors, paint, and flooring.  Rooftop exhaust fans and one rooftop make-up air unit require replacement.  Dehumidifier needs replacement and upsize. ”  The  repairs and replacements  have a price tag of $2..2 million .

Then there’s the  Exhibition Sports Centre/Gymnastic building.  The report says that facility needs:  “Complete replacement of building envelope and windows .  Spalling and cracks in the foundation.  Severe deterioration in roof facia and supports.  Ceiling panels show signs of water damage.   A closer investigation of the roof should be conducted.  Mechanical equipment needs replacement as well as the gas water heater.  Replace electrical panels and update lighting.”  The estimated cost for  those  repairs is $1.9 million.

Also on the agenda for this evening’s session,  presentations from Theatre Northwest and the Community Arts Council.

The Community Arts Council is calling on Council to support four  requests which include  5 year funding agreements with  the major  cultural organizations in the City ( Symphony, Theatre NorthWest  and the Community Arts Council)  and that those  agreements have a built in 2.5-3.0% annual increase to  reflect  increases in the cost  of living.




Shouldn’t upgrades to facilities be the responsibility of the user groups?

    There is a difference between an upgrade to the building envelope and an upgrade of the interior which would be called the tenant improvement.

    Look up BOMA standards to see what the system is in the private world of Building Owners and Managers.

    In the case of public buildings there can be some variation since the City subsidizes some groups and asking those groups to adhere to a strict standard can become counterproductive.

    The normal way to pay for upgrades to building components which are the responsibility of the building owner is to collect such maintenance costs in annual rents. If insufficient money is collected over time, then the rent is increased.

    Sort of like the municipal tax situation …. :-)

    Look at the Exhibition Sports Centre/Gymnastic building list.

    1.“Complete replacement of building envelope and windows .

    2. Spalling and cracks in the foundation.

    3. Severe deterioration in roof facia and supports.

    4. Ceiling panels show signs of water damage. (from leaking roof, broken pipe, etc.?)

    5. A closer investigation of the roof should be conducted.

    6. Mechanical equipment needs replacement as well as the gas water heater.

    7. Replace electrical panels and update lighting.

    The lighting could be a tenant responsibility as could one or two others depending on the lease agreement, but the rest are clearly building owner responsibilities.

      I believe user groups are responsible for maintenance. How many of the above issues can be attributed to poor maintenance?

      There are two parties to the lease – the owner of the building and the tenant. Each have their “ownership” components under that contract. Each is responsible to maintain their components. The ones I outlined are normally the owner’s responsibility.

      a guide for you


      From a recent rental agreement (not these facilities) with the City:

      “4.4 Repair: The Renter will keep the Property in good condition and repair at its own expense, and will remove liens from the Property which arise out of work done or materials supplied at the Property for Renter. The Renter will not be responsible for repairs or maintenance arising out of the use of the Property by a third party for a Special Event, in accordance with section 3.4”

I hope City Council moves ahead with these upgrades. Our City needs these upgrades to make sure these City assets continue to have a useful life. Not only that, new upgrades make City facilities look great and boost the image of our fine City.

Go PG Go!!

2880 should just be replaced. Kinda looks like a fire to happen there. That building is well used.. the gymnatic building??/ Why can’t these activities be done at a newer building…like the Civic Centre could be multi use. No sense in throwing away money to upgrade

    2880 should just be relocated to the art gallery. It’s hardly used and this would bring more people in.

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