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October 27, 2017 8:22 pm

Premier Clark Congratulates Trump

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 @ 9:25 AM

Prince George,  B.C. – Premier Christy Clark has offered  congratulations to President -elect Donald Trump  and  to  Governor  Jay Inslee of  Washington State and Senator Lisa Murkowski in Alaska for their achievements in yesterday’s U.S. elections.

The  statement   notes  the importance of  trade agreements with the U.S. and  the  Softwood Lumber Agreement.

“The United States is a close friend and partner of British Columbia” states Premier Clark “Alongside the Government of Canada, we will work diligently and with determination to ensure we protect and grow the relationship that is crucial to working families in our province on issues like free trade and a new softwood lumber agreement.”

The Premier’s statement  goes on to  recognize Hillary Clinton’s  efforts “For the first time, a woman has contested the presidency for one of the  two major political parties – a significant and important signal to the millions of women and girls around the globe who saw it happen, in real time.”


With Trump in wonder if Christy will continue with here carbon tax scam and will Trudeau still implement his costly to us scam.

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/11/09/in-light-of-recent-events-a-possible-united-states-climate-change-action-plan/

So Trump says:: **Who’s Christy Clark**?

She isn’t even a blip on the Trump radar.

    Be careful. That “blip” might end up becoming a full blown political target once Trump gets his hands on the softwood lumber file..It would have happened with a Clinton presidency as well too..

      I think the first problem is explaining to President Trump that the softwood file has nothing to do with pharmaceutical solutions to a male problem.

If he follows through with his protectionist statements then we are in for a rocky road on the Soft wood agreement, which is bad news for us.

    Not really, trade is a give and take thing and he cannot act unilaterally unless he behaves like Obama. If Clinton had gotten because of paybacks for donations made to her and Billy’s fraudulent foundation it may have been worse.

All we can do is hope that all of the rhetoric we have heard from presElecttrump was just an attention getting (and got!) scheme and that he plans for business as usual to allow the economy to settle.

Maybe some of that cleavage that the NDP were complaining about will help with the soft wood problem?

Anti trump protests, these people are anti democratic and cannot handle democracy. Good thing scary Hillary did not get in.

    Anti democratic ? You should probably read the first amendment to the United States constitution.

      I should clarify, at the time this was posted we were talking about protests, not riots and civil disobedience.

Trump will soon find he is not much more than a figure head and that will turn him into a bull in a China shop…trying to get some power.. he will also figure out how slow the political machine works..

This has disaster written all over it… just like Harper was for us…the only difference is Harper thumped his bible and trump has the button.

    Oh please go on and tell us about how nightmarish the years were under Harper and how we would all be living with unicorns and rainbows under Martin, Dion and Ignatieff.

    The way you all portray the doom and gloom, we should have been right up there with Libya under Gaddafi, or Zimbabwe under Mugabe, or Cambodia under Pol Pot.

    If 2004-2015 is your idea of “disaster”… Please! Bring more of it on!

      Oh snap!

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