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October 27, 2017 8:18 pm

Marriott Hotel Construction Into Next Stage

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 @ 5:59 AM


Prince George, B.C. – The Courtyard Hotel by Marriott being built  in downtown Prince George has  reached a new  stage in construction.

Over the past week,  wood framed walls have started being  put in place, now that all the lower level concrete  work  has been completed.

Project developer Rod McLeod says  this is the time  people will really start to notice a difference in the  project as  the  pre-fab walls  will give  the building  more definition. “We have a contractor from Sicamous who is producing the  prefab panels” says McLeod.

McLeod says Mother Nature has  helped  “We’ve been really fortunate with this weather. That’s really helping us move along, so we’re hoping  that in a few months we will have it up to the roof.”

The next step  is just  around the corner says McLeod “It’s a six storey building with  five floors wood framed and the next step will  see the pouring of concrete for the  next floor and then we’ll start framing on that so we’re hoping to do  that shortly and get the rest of the panels up and continue on.”

Then the finishing work can  begin  and there are a lot of details  in finishing  for a hotel says McLeodmarriott

The project is valued at  $35 million dollars,   McLeod  says it should take about a year to complete the project “It depends on how the winter will be”.

The hotel will have 174 rooms, conference space,  pool and an exercise room.  The image at right  shows what the finished hotel will look like.



For 35 million… sure looks plain on the outside

Prefab light wood framed walls? From Sicamous? Or mabe just the contractor is from Sicamous?

I thought the whole building was going to be concrete.

So we have gone from the Coast as concrete with brick, and the Ramada as concrete with prefab brick panels to this building with the same construction as the Days Inn, except this one is prefabricated from 600 or so km south of us.

What is wrong with this picture? No cross-laminated panels and laminated wood columns?

And this is progress?

I suppose we should be lucky it is getting built at all.

    You’re right–it is better than the eyesore that sat for so long! Marriot Hotels are a good quality hotel(stayed in a few); and we need something new downtown!

    It’s a new safety feature. If you are in trouble, you just speak loudly and the person in the room next to you can call the front desk for help. They won’t even have to use the phone, they’ll just yell.

      No kidding. I see wood construction and my first thought is, “it’s going to be noisy”.

      At least with concrete between the floors you won’t hear the kids running up and down the hall.

      I have never seen concrete floors supported by wood frame construction.

      The only thing they might be referring to is a “cement slurry” on top of plywood subflooring which might be up to about 4cm thick. That is common wood framed apartment building construction

Sold the City a pig and got a poke ! What happened to the top floor luxury condos in the original plan? And this is the same ‘developer’ that cleared the forest at Marleau and Hwy 16 three or four years ago! Another eyesore with a ‘no trespassing’ didn stuck on it !

    If you just calmed down, and got a clue, you would realize they couldn’t price out the top floor condos high enough, to make it a worthwhile venture. Nobody in PG is going to pay 800k for a ‘penthouse’ in that location, perhaps any location in this city.

    It isn’t the same developer really. Dahl has his little swamp sites, and has no connection to this project other than a photo opp.

    Go wipe that spit from your monitor and chill out.

      If you would get a clue you would realize that developers who know what they are doing would get their projects planned properly, including the financing, the condo market in PG, the viability of the hotel partners they had courted, etc. BEFORE they go with a public announcement.

      It was clear to me that the realtor and developer were neophytes with this type of project. They did not even have floor plans for the proposed suites, a sales office, a mock up of one unit on site to use as a sales office.

      That is how one does it properly.

      Of course, they may have realized even before the announcement that it was a pretty iffy deal but they went ahead with the announcement anyway.

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