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October 27, 2017 8:18 pm

ICBA to Work With North East

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 @ 5:57 AM


l-r Colin Griffith , Executive Director NEBC Municipal Resource Coalition , ICBA’s Mike Davis,  FSJ Mayor Lori Ackerman, and  Dist. of Taylor Mayor Rob Fraser 

Prince George, B.C.- The Independent  Contractors and Businesses Association has become an Associate member of the  North East BC Regional Municipalities Coalition.

It is the first time the Coalition has brought an Associate  member on board.

“The  Coalition is a group we’ve  meeting with and having discussions with since last March” says ICBA’s Vice President for  Regional Initiatives Mike Davis. He says the Coalition is advocating for  responsible resource development in their respective communities  “It’s an area  that  we have been interested  in expanding in”  says Davis,  who adds the Coalition and the ICBA share common concerns and issues.

“They really understand the issues in the North East,   and   we bring the Provincial approach,  so both  groups think we can learn a lot from each other.”

He says  ICBA can offer support to the efforts in the North East  to  tackle some  issues  “We’re  doing what we can in the way of advocating and growing our support provincially, outside of that,  we look at things between the two groups around  training,  around  looking at what’s next for industry.  It’s a good group of people that are interested in seeing things advance.”   That fits well with the ICBA’s “Get it to Yes”  campaign  that  advocates  moving  resource development projects forward.

He says  current issues in the North East  include  taxation between B.C. and Alberta,  dropping employment numbers and increasing  commercial vacancies “Really , getting people to work and contiruting to their  communities is what we’re hearing and  we’re really listening right now to learn more  about what’s happening in these communities” says Davis.


With Trudeau looking for private investors for public projects it should keep these guys busy looking into the public purse.

I think what Trudeau is doing is almost treasonous. His honeymoon should be over with his latest scheme. He wants all new public infrastructure privately financed at 80% and is guaranteeing them 9% annual returns for their investments trough tools and fees that would be collected. This might work in a big urban city but it does not work for rural infrastructure, so it’s a way to justify leaving rural Canada behind.

It’s bad enough Canada now pays interest on money the federal government borrows, but to pay interest on Chinese social credit and pay them profits is absurd. It use to be prior to Trudeau senior that the federal government would borrow interest free by inflating the amount of currency we had… Then we started charging the federal government interest and our national debt to bankers ballooned stiffiling investment in Canadian infrastructure and putting manufactured pressure on our national budget… Now they want to privatize the infrastructure all together.

Trudeau never said a word of this last election. No where did he say he had privatization in mind for Vanadian infrastructure selling it off to sovereign wealth funds of other nations that will simply print their own interest free credits to do the projects… Charging Canadians interest plus profits and doubling the cost to Canadian rate payers.

Privatizing infrastructure is no way to build a nation.

    And with CETA signed with Europe we will get hosed if not through the rates we pay for these projects then through investor state resolution tribunals for the perceived profits we guarantee them for their potential investments.

    Liberal Party of Canada:- the party of the debt dealers.

    Eagleone:-“It use to be prior to Trudeau senior that the federal government would borrow interest free by inflating the amount of currency we had… ”

    No, that ‘INTEREST FREE BORROWING’ part is a myth, Eagle. To no great extent did the government of Canada ever fund itself from borrowing exclusively from the Bank of Canada. Ever. That’s a (largely) Paul Hellyer propagated myth.

    The Bank of Canada’s role is to be the fiscal agent for the government. When a new government debt issue is to be placed on the market to essentially ‘roll over’ a maturing debt issue, the Bank of Canada can take up the new issue if interest rates are not likely to be favourable, hold it for a time, and then re-market that issue privately in the domestic or foreign money markets when interest rates are deemed to be more favourable to the government.

    There is nothing to say that the federal government COULDN’T borrow exclusively from the Bank of Canada, effectively ‘interest free’, to do all the wonderous things any government might dream of ever doing, but such a move, with the financial system as it is, unchanged in any other way, would be a disaster for democracy. As well as ruinous for the free enterprise system as a whole.

The ICBA is a shill organization only interested in digging deeper into the public purse and now local government organizations are openly collaborating with them? What are you thinking? These conversations used to go on in private and now they’re not even bothering to hide their inappropriate involvement. No wonder people like Trump are getting traction in the public sphere. People are sick of all the corruption and abject stupidity on display by our “representatives.”

    The icba was started, I believe, by large non union employers who operated in the construction industry.
    If I’m not mistaken, the original name for this organization was C.L.A.C. (Christian Labour Association of Canada ? )
    An example of one of these firms would be the infamous Kerkoff and Sons Construction, some say they and Gordon Campbell of the B.C. Liberals imported C.L.A.C. to try and break the B.C. Building Trades (Unions) but in reality, the issues in B.C. began in the early 80’s

    Now this ‘union’ (ICBA) is becoming mainstream, and donating money strategically, to gain acceptance amoung a newer generation of workers.


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