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October 27, 2017 8:17 pm

Booze at the Barber Shop?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 @ 10:26 AM

Prince George, B.C. -The Province is changing the rules  and expanding  opportunities  for  a  variety of businesses to  serve liquor.

Effective  January 23rd, 2017,  businesses   such as barber shops, salons, spas, cooking schools, art galleries and book stores will be able to apply for a liquor licence.

The Province says  the new rules will  provide an opportunity for  businesses to  diversify and expand their customer experience.

Businesses will  have to  go through the same process as other establishments, including  the requirement that  all staff serving liquor  are  “Serving it Right” certified  and  abide  by  the licensing criteria of the local government.


It’s not the 1st of April is it?

“…barber shops, salons, spas, cooking schools, art galleries and book stores will be able to apply for a liquor licence.” I wonder how much more impaired drivers there will be on our streets and highways because of these changes? As well, how will this affect “drinking in a public place” laws, and the enforcement of those laws?

Hmmm… keeping the public in an alcohol induced state of stupor, so they can be more easily managed? Now have at more discussion on this petty illusion of more freedom for us, everyone, because as Norm Chomsky once said; “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum….”

    “an alcohol induced state of stupor”

    Coming from someone who has stated on numerous occasions that a Friday night involves drinking wine and posting comments on News250…..stupor indeed.


    That would be Noam Chomsky.

Awsome! A drink and a hair cut!!

How long before the streetside hotdog vendor can serve alcohol?

Maybe a drink before you climb into the dentist chair. Would you like a straw with that?

This has nothing to do with appeasing business or the public . It’s a new revenue stream for government . I wonder how much money they collect out of the opioids addicted.

    How much is the liquor licence ? Who gets the money ?

      Great question – we the taxpayer’s get the money because end of day we are the government. We also get the additional tax revenue from these liquor sales -unless you thought the barber was going to give you a drink for free. And all this cash goes into general revenue and would tend to improve the budget. Now let’s look at the cost side.

      Injuries from impaired driving/ walking – ultimately paid by ICBC and MSP.

      So the related expenses to this endeavor come out of a different pocket allowing the government to look fiscally responsible all the while shifting the cost to insured drivers and a bump up in MSP premiums.

      For someone who never got a post-secondary degree, our Premier is quite smart.

      But the government needs the money for the subsidies it pays out to tesla and solar buyers.

      Actually tesla is too expensive for the meager rebate that the bc government allots . So if you see some PG rouge driving around in one , then you know for certain that he/she paid the full price . And she/he didn’t get the fossil fuel subsity . And , what solar incentive are you talking about ? Is it new or have you got insider information ? There’s no way Christy could get off the tail pipe long enough to notice solar . It’s likely her biggest night mare as well as yours .

      It just shows you how dealership friendly Christy is to price tesla out of BCs market place , as tesla sells direct . Just like apple does . I wonder if the dealerships get a cut of the subsity for EVs .

How about a few drinks while waiting for the car to be serviced ?

I know there is an election coming but is this government nuts? Who announced this? This sounds like something Fassbender would come up with.

It’s about time. If you think that having liquor available at more places increases alcoholism and abuse, your out-to-lunch. Problem drinkers are problem drinkers are problem drinkers regardless of availability. It’s about time regular adults were treated like grownups and allow us to have a drink or not. Way overdue.

I call BS on this. Responsible drinkers do not need to have alcohol available to them in every nook and cranny in the City,.

I agree with Oldman 1. The Government of the day must be nuts to come up with this idea.

Can we assume that the barber can also have a few drinks with his customers. Perhaps a few drinks, and then give us a shave with a sharp razor .

Alcohol in book stores will allow you to read more, mainly because you will be seeing double.

Perhaps the Government can set up a bar in the Government office so that you can have a drink while you wait to take you drivers test.

Having only the Liberals and NDP to choose from in the Province makes one want to give up on voting.

We need Independents to run in the next election.

I like the idea, its about time we as adults can be treated as such. I was in New Orleans recently and was able to walk down the street with a can of beer that I purchased at Walgreens for 2 bucks. You can do the same in Las Vegas, and you know what? People were civilized, there were no drunks bothering people and I did not see any carnage on the streets. I personally would not want a drink at a barber shop, the hair gets everywhere, yuck.

A Revenue stream?

Double vision in a book store?

Get real. People are not going to go to a spa or art gallery to get pie eyed. I know people who bring along a glass of wine(not in a wine glass) when getting hair or nails done for special occasions. No harm no foul.

Cooking school…great idea to see how a glass of wine or a beer can complement a meal.

Barber shops…anyone who knew Bob Headrick was aware that a six pack was a full time resident in the toilet tank at the back of the shop. A man ahead of his time:)

This is nothing but an attempt to lure the people away from the real problems that we have in this province. Waste time talking about this is just crazy. Maybe they are going to try the same stunt as Trump to get re-elected.

Great just what I need a haircut from my barber with a bottle of whisky on the counter and a doobie hanging out of his yap. Think that I will go pick up a set of industrial earmuffs just encase he doesn’t try and lop my ear off!!

if you cant have a hair cut, 1 hour, then I think ya got a problem. even if we are grown ups.

a hair cut without drinking beer is what I was trying to say

    I think the point is that it is your choice. Not letting the government decide for you.

      The Government has already decided for you by making the alcohol available. You might decide not to take a drink, others might decide to have a snoot full.

I trust that this applies only to guests and that barbers themselves will not be drinking while working.

Maybe the booze will be restricted to wine as we all know wine is not booze. Is it not true only wine can be sold at grocery stores, not booze.

    Alcohol is alcohol by any other name.

    CH3CH2OH. The alcohol we drink including wine is a product of fermentation.

    It matters little how you dress it up, change the smell, or advertise it, all the alcohol we drink is the same.

      Guess I needed the sarc tag.

I think you would get hair in your drink. I will pass on this one.

Let’s not forget, Christy Clark’s new electoral riding is in Kelowna “wine country” these changes should make her constituents happier going into an election… what? Did you think these changes to the liquor laws were about us?

ht tp://tinyurl.com/htzkal8

    So the boxes of wine at your house are not BC vintage?

Right on. Not a big difference to spa’s anyways. People were allowed to bring it in when celebrating or just having a good time.

What seems to be bothering me about this is that it’s being presenting in a fairly stupid manner. Yes, barber shop is on the list, but it is not the only one. It is, however, what the radio stations and news outlets have latched on to. Would this be such a ‘hot-topic’ if it was Wine Now Permitted to be Served at Art Galleries?

You could probably enter this headline on CBC’s THIS IS THAT and win an award.

How come the high schools are not on the list..The teachers could use some to put up with the crap they have to put up with ….

What about churches? If the priest could start dishing out the holy wine I might be tempted to go more often. (:

How many people do you know, including yourself, have approached the Government and asked them to make these changes.

I suspect very few. So is the Government looking after our interests, or are they looking after their interests. ?? Just askin.

I remember going to a new barber in College Heights in the late 1970s who surprised his clientel by offering a free drink as a business builder. Worked for me. Rum and coke.

What comes next. Legalizing bootleggers.????

Finally!!! the Government treating us like we actually are adults and can make our own decisions

Welcome back to reality Christy ! The U.S. Is taking the bc wine only in grocery stores to the nafta tribunal for excluding American wine breaking the tenant of the treaty . And here I thought she could read . I was wrong obviously .

    I wonder how much her stupidity will cost us this time .

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