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October 27, 2017 8:17 pm

Overdose Deaths Remain High

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 @ 2:44 PM

Prince George, B.C. – No end in sight to the excessively high number of illicit overdose deaths in British Columbia this year.fentanyl

According to the latest statistics from the BC Coroners Service (Jan. 1 through Oct. 31), the total number of deaths from drug overdoses was 622, compared to 397 for the same period in 2015.

The total number of illicit drug deaths in October was 63, up from 57 in September, but very close to the average number of deaths each month for the past year (61.3).

Fentanyl remains present in a large percentage of the overdose deaths. From Jan. 1 through Sept. 30, fentanyl was detected in 332 cases, or about 60% of all illicit drug overdoses. That is almost triple the number of fentanyl-detected deaths for the same period last year.

Illicit overdose deaths broken down by region -  statistics courtesy BC Coroners Service

Illicit overdose deaths broken down by region – statistics courtesy BC Coroners Service

The numbers also show the proportion of males drying from illicit overdoses has steadily increased over the past four years. In 2012, 71.2% of those who died in these circumstances were male. This year that number has increased to 80.7%.

The Fraser Health Authority had the highest number (211) of illicit drug overdose deaths from Jan. to Oct. 2016 which makes up 33.9% of all illicit overdose deaths during that period. There were 36 illicit drug overdose deaths in Northern Health, 10 more over the same time a year ago.

With the number of deaths remaining so high, the BC Coroners Service asks anyone using illicit drugs or accompanying anyone who is using to take the following steps:

  • Never use alone
  • Having naloxone present and readily available when using; and
  • Knowing the signs of an overdose and calling 911 immediately

In response to the latest statistics, Premier Christy Clark will lead a delegation of people personally affected by overdoses to Ottawa to share their experiences and thoughts on additional actions all levels of government can take. The group will have private meetings with key federal officials on Nov. 17 to share their stories and ideas.


So I guess time to,shut down the safe injection sites and put that money into education in the schools to teach the kids at a early age about drugs..

That is a gem of an idea P Val…

P Val, that is a great idea. Seems to me that some users think that my workplace parking lot is a safe injection site.. So obviously they are being underutilized. Teach the kids from Elementary age up about the dangers of some drugs.

What would trump do??

    Who cares what he would do? I don’t think following an egomaniac nut jobs way of doing things would be the smartest direction.

      ‘I don’t think following an egomaniac nut jobs way of doing things would be the smartest direction.’

      – True, that’s why Hillary never got elected.

Responsibility starts at the home! Parents need to start teaching their kids early in life. waiting until the teenage years doesn’t become the responsibility of the province. I do feel for the families that have to go through this, however. it is how you bring your kids up in the home life that will determine if they turn to this life style or not. Harsh as it may seem, it is reality!!

    In general, i agree with you ohreally, home life is critical to successfully raising, and raising successful, children.

    But, sometimes the child goes sideways, no matter what you have done right, and no matter how well they were raised.

    You can’t lock them in the basement to save them from the outside world.

    If only it were that simple.

I’m with Metalman. I know families who are great parents, and have raised great families. But occasionally, one moment of bad judgement, or the wrong friends, or some other event, can send them down the wrong path. You, as parents, do your best and hope the kids make all the right decisions. And if they end up all right, give yourself some credit, but also realize lots of good families lose a member to addiction. A good home life is a great foundation, but sometimes, life throws a curve ball. My kids aren’t old enough yet, and I’ll do what I can, but I’m not naive enough to think it can’t happen to my family. I don’t think it will, but the reality is there.

I see Christy Clark and her entourage are in Ottawa demanding that the feds do more about this fentanyl issue.

Question-What has Christy Clark and her entourage done so far? Aside from declaring an emergency, that is.

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