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October 27, 2017 8:17 pm

Holiday Tree Mystery Deepens

Thursday, November 17, 2016 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- It’s a little  tree in  Cottonwood Island Park in Prince George,  and  prior to  every holiday,  or  day of  celebration, someone has  decorated it to mark the day. 250News has shared  images of its  holiday finery  in the past.  

The tree has heralded  everything from New Year’s, to  Christmas,  including  those days that aren’t ‘holidays’  like  graduation  and Halloween.

And now,  a new chapter.

Last week, the little tree had  been adorned with poppies,  yellow ribbons,  a wreath,  and  small white crosses  which  noted  a  war,  and the  number of Canadians  who  made the ultimate sacrifice.  The decorations were in place  leading up  to Remembrance Day.cottonwoodtree1

While  the mystery decorators  always  remove the decorations  once  a special  day has passed,  they  weren’t able to  do that last week,  as someone had  stripped the little tree of  its branches.   All that was left was a spindly trunk and a few of the decorations  strewn on the ground.

(at right,   a  Remembrance Day  wreath  on the  top of the tree,  all that remains of stripped  holiday  tree) 

The reason  and  those responsible for vandalizing the little tree  are  as much a mystery as the identity of those who  have been decorating it  for more than a year.

But this story has a happy ending.

This week,   a new tree  has been discovered,   set in place  right next to the site where the  ‘holiday’ tree’s remains  are standing.

Who put the new  tree in place?    Well, it wasn’t the City.  The  City’s Manager of Parks, Sean LeBrun,  says the City   was definitely  not  responsible.

The new tree is already showing signs of celebration,   as  it has been adorned with a few  Christmas  balls.

As for  what’s left of the  former ‘holiday tree’,  it   bears  this simple note “Thank you for the words of encouragement”.

(Below,  new tree,  complete with  some Christmas decorations)



Come on guys~ this is old news. It’s all over Facebook who kindly replaced the tree, complete with photos of them replacing it. Check out Hell Yeah Prince George.

    Not everyone is addicted to Facebook!!

    I don’t see anything on Hell Yeah about this tree getting replaced. Of course since I have most of the self-serving admins blocked I probably missed them patting themselves on the back.

      Man those admins drive me nuts. I mean who allows good news to be public and has the audacity to “share ” it. Don’t those idiots know that only crappy new about death and destruction is acceptable.

      If more people just stopped sharing positive news the world would be a way better place.

      Nothing wrong with positive news but that page is an advertising venue for the admins. If you censor and hide one side of the story it’s nothing but propaganda.

      How many photo shopped images can you ohhh and awww over anyways?

    Well not all of us have nor want social media accounts including Facebook so I rely on Opinion 250 for my updates on local news and happenings. Thank you Opinion 250 for keeping us non-social media users informed.

What happens when the vandals return and break all the ornaments? Won’t there be a concern about the animals eating the broken pieces?

    What makes you think some people aren’t keeping an eye on that tree now? The vandals might get more than they bargained for.

    Won’t there be a concern about the animals eating the broken pieces? Really?!?
    Unlike humans, animals are not stupid!

      If someone breaks the pieces hopefully some other good human picks them up. If we stop doing cool things for fear of what could go wrong the world be become a boring place real quick.

      Seriously cantaddafter6?? Here is an excerpt from the BC SPCA website. “Everyday wild animals are hurt by litter. “Some people just don’t see the harm in littering,” says Meghann Cant, BC SPCA animal welfare educator. “The truth is even a single piece of litter can be very dangerous.” Trash on the ground harms birds and land animals, but can also wash into storm drains and eventually end up in streams, rivers, lakes and oceans, where it causes further injury to aquatic animals” Maybe think before you reply.

      Animals do not know stupidity as it is a human characteristic ! They also do not do ghoulish demented things like those morons who assault innocent objects like a decorated tree just to enjoy the stressful reaction of mentally sane people !

It is just sad to know that there are individuals out there that really have no common courtesy to appreciate anything that people do to make this world a better place to be. Karma has it’s ways, some where down the road!

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