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October 27, 2017 8:10 pm

Wendy’s Fundraiser to Help Kids in Foster Care

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 @ 10:27 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Fast food giant Wendy’s is holding a fundraiser tonight to help find homes for children in foster care.

In recognition of National Adoption Month, participating Wendy’s, including the two in Prince George, will donate 30% of restaurant sales from 5-8 p.m. to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Canada.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

“Adoption is a cause that Wendy’s has taken on,” says Todd Lewis, president/operating partner of Family Fast Foods, the company that manages both Wendy’s in Prince George. “Dave Thomas, our founder, was adopted. That’s where it began with him and one of his mottos is to give something back.”

He says Wendy’s staff will also be pitching in by foregoing the staff discount they receive when they eat in the restaurant and instead donate it to the foundation as well.

“It benefits kids across Canada. The Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program hires recruiters to place these children and right now in B.C. there are two recruiters,” says Lewis.

“We’re trying to raise awareness for adoption so that B.C. can follow suit with Ontario. Ontario recently announced funding to the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program to recruit 15 additional recruiters in Ontario.”

He says they’ll also be taking donations prior to 5 tonight and selling Frosty key tags for a chance to win big.

“If you donate and purchase a Frosty key tag we’re going to enter you for a chance to win a ticket for the Spruce Kings Show Home Lottery.


National Adoption Month? What a joke. It’s a money grab, nothing more. Go ahead and try to adopt a Canadian kid, or better yet, a white one. It’s impossible. That’s why you have to goto China to find a child.

Its a 5 yr waiting list here. We went through all the hoops, have a nice hom, 2 parents with 2 jobs and we gross well over 200k a year. 5 years, nothing. Nadda. They force you to look elsewhere, other countries. We would still adopt more kids after our previous 2 we took in , to join our family, but we know it will never happen.

We love our adopted kids, you’ll never get one in Canada if you want a closed adoption, never. They end up in Foster care. The drug mothers want to remain part of their lives, you have no choice.

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