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October 27, 2017 8:08 pm

Watermain Repairs Could Take Up to 24 Hours

Thursday, November 24, 2016 @ 2:01 PM


Prince George, B.C.- The  repairs to a  watermain that  burst this morning  in the area of  3rd and Vancouver Street in Prince George could  take up to  24 hours to repair.

The 12 inch line burst around 9 this morning,  flooding Third Avenue and at least one  basement in the area.

Valves  have been  shut down,    and that means there  is no water  for residents and businesses along Third Avenue and the surrounding area.scan0103

( areas in green  in map at right  are areas which  have no water until repairs  are complete.  Map courtesy City of Prince George)

City Crews continue to work on making the necessary repair to the line  that  dates back to 1957,   and plan to  work  on the matter through the night to  resolve the issue.

Once water is restored to affected residences and businesses, there will be a period of time where water will be cloudy, but safe to drink. At that time, residents will be advised by the City to run theirs taps for a few minutes to clear out the pipes until the water runs clear again.




Our aging infrastructure downtown is badly in need of upgrading. Hope our home taxes don’t go up

I wonder if that car and truck have gotten ticketed yet for exceeding their three hours? :)

COM ON… you really think BYLAW officer will get outta their vehicle for this??

Seems its time to get serious about our underground infrastructure.

We seem hell bent to build infrastructure above ground, like bridges, police stations, hockey rinks, and of course we are looking a swimming pools, arenas, fire halls, pac’s etc;; however very little is said about the serious problems underground.

This in my opinion is a wake up call.

    Do you really think the city is going to rip up roads and re-do the water and sewer lines ? Not feasible. It will be a perpetual series of repair work until you and I are long gone Palopu…. and then some…..

      I should add…..crazy heating pipes from Lakeland around town for a bazillion dollars seems to be okay though….

Kudos to you Palopu. The bureaucrats have been working overtime to change the definition of infrastructure, which has always been ‘Infrastructure is in place structures, systems, facilities serving the entire economy of a business, industry, country, city, or town’
Does not include nature walks, bicycle lanes or other hobbies.

    No photo ops next to a new sewer line. We all know the mayor loves his time on front of the camera.

As I posted on the previous story before all posts were deleted the city has substantially raised the sewer and water charges on the utility bills in order to build a reserve to meet costs of future repairs.

If I remember correctly there are further increases planned for the next year or two. I wonder if they will lower the charges once the mattress is padded.

BTW Congrats to city workers in earlier story picture for winning the mannequin challenge:D

    Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.

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