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October 27, 2017 8:04 pm

New Conservation App Targets Polluters and Poachers

Monday, November 28, 2016 @ 4:09 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The BC Wildlife Federation has announced a free new app aimed at targeting polluters and poachers in this province.conservation-app

Available to iPhone users (an android version is in the works), the app makes it easy for users to take geo-referenced, time-stamped or videos and report issues related to illegal use, or abuse, or natural resources.

The app works both in and out of service areas using the phone’s GPS. Reports are sent to a secure server and then forwarded automatically to the appropriate enforcement agency.

The app was created by Spatial Information for Community Engagement Lab at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna.

Those who send a report will have the choice of making the report public or confidential. The goal is raise awareness and to prevent further violations.

“I love it. Everyone I’ve talked to loves it,” says Spruce City Wildlife Association president Steve Hamilton. “It’s so easy to use, and will allow citizens to report violations easily with the click of a button.”

He figures it will make a big difference.

“Millions of British Columbians recreate in and enjoy the outdoors. This app will increase the eyes an ears of various enforcement agencies throughout the province and when millions of eyes are watching – hopefully the willful destruction of our fish wildlife and habitat will decrease. With that, we all benefit.”

Support for this project was provided in part through the Okanagan Basin Water Board’s Water Conservation and Quality Improvement Grant Program and its public outreach and education program, Okanagan WaterWise.

To download the app, click here.


This app will increase the eyes an ears of various enforcement agencies throughout the province and when millions of eyes are watching – hopefully the willful destruction of our fish wildlife and habitat will decrease…..

Big business will always be a bigger detriment to the enviroment than any individual; always has been. I agree – stop willful destruction.

One of the biggest tools used by communist china, was to have members of their communities report on peoples actions. How far are we from reporting various types of infractions, to reporting peoples movements etc;?

I wonder if people realize that some people to-day seriously advocate having a device implanted in your body, so that everyone can be tracked at will.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Having citizens spying on and reporting to authorities may appear like a good idea on the surface, however over the long haul, I would suggest it is a bad idea.

Just watched that onObal their app had quad, garbage, and other choices of reporting, the app I downloaded does not have those options.

You hit the nail on the head Mr Palopu.

They have always had the RAPP (Report All Polluters and Poachers) this may just make it easier to report them. Maybe it will slow down the illegal dumping around the area! And yes, we are reporting on each other, but nowadays, most people allow personal tracking with all their devices, this isn’t much different. Probably most poachers and polluters would disagree.

Sounds to me like the Government wants the conservation officers to sit in the office staring at a computer screen waiting for the e-mails to start pouring in, only then they will be allowed to leave the office to perform their duties.

    I don’t see the government in this story…

Perhaps we need to change the meaning of RAPP to Report all Police and Politicians. That way everyone would be included in the reporting phase we are going through.

Totally with Palopu on this. There is something very “rat-like” about a person who wants to go out and play pretend cop.

“Rat-Like”…that’s rich. Outside of the tin-foil hat ridiculousness posted above, I’d rather play “Concerned Citizen” than “Pretend Cop”. If it doesn’t bother you that people are treating our wilderness as their dumping ground, that’s pretty upsetting…and maybe a little telling of your character. And for the record, while it’s obviously not a solution to the problem, it’s a tool and one I’ll gladly use to “rat” you out.

    I agree, one thing I have noticed over the last 5 years or so is that its starting to get really bad out there. The level of dumping is getting sickening, I’ve saw everything from fridges, freezers, cars to animal carcasses..The list goes on..The most recent thing I found was oxy-acetylene bottles..!

    I say bring on the RAPP App..If people know there are more eyes out there watching then maybe they will think twice before being lazy..

    I would suspect the people complaining about this above haven’t been out on the landbase..And if they are they are blind to the issues..

      I agree completely.

You nay sayers don’t see what’s going on.

Reduce enforcement by traditional means / set up a condition that makes dumping at sanctioned landfills onerous and expensive, bring in a program that curtails your freedom, ” the all seeing eye of government”, because the media reports a crisis situation, this is a slippery slope to a totalitarian society.

Governments love this…..the citizens shackling their own chains.

I assume you’re against block watch too then? Nosy neighbors watching your place, oh no!!

I have been out in the bush on and off for over 50 years. I agree that things are getting much worse in the bush when it comes to dumping, etc; They are also worse when it comes to abandoned mills, clear cuts, and roads to various lakes, and camping spots, not being graded or looked after.

The one thing that I have never seen in all those years, is a police officer, conservation officer, or anyone from the regional district, either making arrests, or taking action to have these dumping sites cleaned up. We all know where the sites are. How often has this garbage been gone through to try and locate the person that dumped it. We pay huge wages to these people and they, as our employee’s have a responsibility to ensure that the laws of the land are adhered to.

I don’t in any way condone dumping garbage in the bush. In fact I would say that people who do that must have some sort of mental problem, because it goes against everything that most people stand for.

On the other hand I don’t support having the Government or people at large running around taking pictures of the general public and reporting them to various Government or non Government entities. Before we know it we will all have camera’s pointed at our neighbors and we will be going through their garbage at night to see what’s in it that could be reported.

In any given society there are a number of people who will always break the law etc; The solution is not spying on each other, the solution is to find and prosecute the perpetrator.

Our Government spends its money in various ways, however I would suggest that spending it by looking after our lakes, rivers, camp site, back roads, etc; is not a priority. I think they operate under the mantra **out of sight, out of mind**

I have no problem with reporting those that are polluting our environment or poaching or what have you no matter who it is. This is a great tool to help report those people. Don’t see how you can call it “spying on each other”. The RAPP program already works but this App is more efficient.

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