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October 27, 2017 8:03 pm

Northern Gateway Rejected

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 @ 2:04 PM

Ottawa. Ont. – The federal government has rejected the Northern Gateway Pipelines project.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a news conference today that the proposed pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat was dismissed because it is “not in the public’s interest” and would have seen tankers “in a sensitive area” near the Great Bear Rainforest.20161129_134836-1

But the prime minister did approve the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline with 157 conditions and Enbridge’s Line 3 with 37 conditions.

Trudeau estimated the $6.8-billion Trans Mountain project “will create 15,000 new jobs during construction by twinning the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system between Edmonton and Burnaby.”

He continued: “It will also provide access to global markets and generate significant economic benefits, including $4.5 billion in federal and provincial government revenues.”

Trudeau also announced a tanker moratorium today on crude and persistent oil tankers along B.C.’s north coast. The decision was made following consultations with stakeholders including Indigenous groups and communities. The government will introduce legislation to implement the ban next spring.

The prime minister said Enbridge’s $4.8-billion Line 3 Replacement Project will create over $514 million in federal and provincial revenues and 7,000 new jobs during construction.


Two thumbs up!

    Poor ataloss! Not gonna be happy!!

      What are talking about ? First of all I’m rich not poor . Second of all I could not care less . It’s all for not . It’s like putting all your money into breeding horses and oxen back in 1910 . These clowns are going to be all dressed up with nowhere to go .

      oh, so you’re rich now, are you? And I bet that you have one of those solar systems that Seamutt keeps asking you about!

      Riiiiiiiight! Wink, wink, haha!

      Did you pick up on my sarcasm?

So Canada will still get the undervalued price of oil from the US and not the higher world price. Thanks to the Castro suck up.

    Not entirely. Kinder Morgan contemplates increased exports via tanker to non-US markets.

      Yes but with gateway there would have even been a greater return.

    Line 3 is a replacement project of an existing pipeline carrying crude oil from Edmonton to the Canada/US border in Manitoba to supply refineries in Minnesota, Wisconsin and others state-side

    The line from Edmonton to Hardisty, Alberta actually will not need replacement.

    It will be interesting to see what Trump does with those imports. Will he impose a tariff to ensure that new domestic sources will be accessed first, or will he use the imports to preserve the US reserves?

    Since he considers himself the master of negotiators he may push for a better deal lower than what I believe is already a discounted rate for Canadian crude from the Edmonton region. Who knows with Trump.

    As far as Global (Brent Crude) oil prices go, they have tanked from US$120/ barrel to below US$50/barrel. Fracking drillers need a price of US$60/barrel to begin drilling again in Canada and the USA. US crude has been matching world crude at US$45 because of doubts over OPEC output cuts.

    The oil sands productions are SOL until the price goes even higher to start any new development. They will utilize existing capacity as much as they can.

I hope with lost revenue to BC the cut backs will be in the north west corridor. The 31 indigenous communities who would of had one-third ownership will not have to go to work now. i hope the endless freebees dry up soon.

    Just a hint for future posts…you lose all credibility when you call someone else an idiot and then spell “loser” wrong. Pot, meet black.

Pretty happy to not have this crossing our watersheds . see ya Embridge

So why single out Medeon?

Plenty of other “rednecks” the poster refers to who have just as poor spelling and keep on posting although they do not have any credibility other than other cons.

Remember, in Trumps world facts do not matter. The left supports the left and the right supports the right. for many other posters. No one is going to convince anyone else.

The tragedy is that when one reads the comments on many of Canada’s on-line news pages, there does not seem to be much difference between the USA and Canada. It has been that way for some time. It was finally reflected in the Presidential election in the USA.

Canada has 3 or so more years to observe the events to the south unfold to see whether we are headed in the same direction or whether we remain a kinder, gentler nation.

    sorry, meant for the other article about the pipelines

    Ya right with dear leader admiring dictators, what could go wrong. He is a laughing stock of the world.

      That’s right Seamutt. With your dear leader admiring Vladimir Putin the dictator, what could go wrong?

      But to be giving praise to a deceased leader who was a “good friend” of your dad’s while at a function on human rights was a tad shocking for sunny boy. Must have gone solo on that one and ignored the speech writers

I see the moderators here deleted the truth about the Trudeau gov’t making beastiality legal. So we can only make comments if they are pro-Trudeau ? Or , I suppose you support the beastiality legislation.

And don’t bring up my comment was ‘off topic’ , because every gov’t article here gets comments from one end of the spectrum to the other.

No Endbridge and no tankers carrying crude on the BC north coast. Someone in Ottawa is making good decisions.

Refine it in Canada or leave it in the ground.

If the government can find money for site C then they should be able to build a refinery. Ship raw logs and oil out of the country is all they know.

good thing they talked the native bands into building new business’ along the route to accommodate the thousands of workers that will be flooding the area for years to come. There are going to be a lot of good people who will be losing a lot because of this decision.

Those good people can only thank the premier Christy C for all the propaganda she was spreading around to get elected and stay elected. She never did have the financial backing for any of her projects to go forward.

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