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October 27, 2017 8:03 pm

Reaction to Pipeline Decisions Pour In

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 @ 3:00 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Reaction has been swift to the federal government’s pipeline decisions this afternoon.

The government rejected Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project while it approved its Line 3 Replacement Proposal along with Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

In a prepared statement, Enbridge said it was pleased with the Line 3 approval noting that it “will ensure the safe and reliable delivery of Canada’s energy resource to market.”

It also said the Line 3 Replacement Program is the largest project in the company’s history and will “enhance the safety of the line and restore its original capacity of 760,000 barrels a day.”

Enbridge continued: “Replacing Line 3 is the most timely and reliable solution for transporting Western Canadian crude oil to the Chicago, U.S. Gulf Coast, Eastern U.S. and Canadian refinery markets.”

As for the government’s rejection of Northern Gateway it said it was “disappointed.”

“This was an important project to ensure Canada gets its resources to international markets, where Canadian producers can receive the best returns, benefitting our provincial and national economies.”

Enbridge also said: “The 31 Indigenous communities who had a one-third ownership in Northern Gateway stood to realize $2 billion in benefits to their communities and would have played an important stewardship role in the project.”

But there was no disappointment regarding the Enbridge decision from Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen.

“A significant breakthrough for people in north west British Columbia. Some of us who have been fighting Enbridge Northern Gateway for more than a decade now,” he said during a regional teleconference today.

“A lot of people, First Nations, non-First Nations, hunters, fishermen, environmentalists – joined together when this threat was first proposed many years ago, and today is a good day for them. It’s also a good day for our communities who rely on the ocean, who like living where we live because of what it offers us and want to remain good stewards of the land.”



If it isn’t based in Ontario, or Quebec, they don’t give a ****

now watch the aboriginals start screaming cause they are not get a slice of the pie

Lets face the facts, transmountain and line 3RP will likely allow the tarsands to produce an extra million barrels of oil every day. So if you honestly believe that mr. pretty boy made his decision on environmental concerns, you are pretty naïve.

Transmountain pipeline is going to have oil going offshore to the tune of likely 500,000 barrels a day. I’m sure the Line 3 replacement program is really a Line 3 upgrader, thus allowing for another 500,000 barrels of oil being able to move to the states.

So, Trudeau just want to look like he is looking after the environment in Northern BC, But the real fact of the matter is he needs the oil tax money in his coffers, and we do not have a Liberal rep in Northern
BC, so essentially got sold down the river.

Never had any use for his dad either.

    Line 3 is 34 inches existing and replacement will be 36 inches. The original line is rated for 760,000 bpd and the new line is rated for 915,000 bpd. The increase is 155,000 bpd.

    34 inch pipe = 907 sq inches area
    36 inch pipe = 1017 sq inches area

    Where you get this term 500,000 bpd is because the line is half a century old the regulated maximum has gone down to about 390,000 bpd from its original construction regulated maximum capacity of 760,000 bpd

No we get to listen to the Eco-terrorists, environmentalists and natives whine and snivel for the next however many years

Interesting process how three pipelines announced on the same day? I hope they have a solid decision making source because we all remember how Harper signed us up to the investor state resolution process for Chinese investors. China being the one that financed the Northern Gateway approval process with $100 million up front.

Will China sue Canada in these hidden tribunals? Will they want their hundred million back or will they go for lost profits as well.

Northern Gateway should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. Now it might cost us for our sovereign decision not to go ahead.

    Trudeau is a little child playing in the fields of Champions. His idealism standing in his way to look after our country.

    Yes, I think Northern Gateway is entitled to sue the government for not following due diligence. Do I care about China, nope, they can buy our stuff at the store. We will get it to the store. Don’t want them having access to our resources.

      As I recall, Northern Gateway passed the 4 year environmental review and has already been approved by the Harper government.

      Just not by the current government.

      The NEB ruling was overturned this summer because the review process wasn’t long enough according to the judges on the Federal Court of Appeal

So Trudeau wants to put a moratorium on tankers in North coast line. Ok, lets see how big your cahonees are, is he really going to stop the tankers from Alaska to use the inside passage.

I believe in getting our oil out of the ground and sell it before it becomes worthless. I will support a moratorium against any tankers in the inside passage, however if Trudeau can’t stop the Alaskan tankers. Than he can take his moratorium and shove it up his….

That’s my opinion on it.

    Ummm, there has been a moratorium on tanker traffic on the BC north coast since 1972. It is nothing new and not an idea of JT’s. He doesnt have to stop Alaskan tankers from using the inside passage, they haven’t use it in 40 years.

Black’s refinery in Kitimat is dead in the water.
Northern Gateway is dead in the water.
Petronas LNG plant in Pt Edward looks to be fading.
Lumber exports to the USA going to be subject to American duties.
Coal is being phased out so less coal required.
Alberta building Natural Gas Generating plants to produce electricity and replace coal, so no need for Site C.

Seems we could be heading into some serious rough times going into the next election. I seriously doubt that building a few miles of road, and some low income housing is going to save our a..

    Yup. It’s sure going to be tough for the middle class in the future. BC is likely to turn into a have not province here quite quickly.

    Not surprising when our economic minister says we better get used to being employed in the “service” industry rather than manufacturing.

      chicken little the sky is falling ………………….

    Do you really think that Black’s refinery was ever a credible project? I did not. The refineries in Asia want crude or even bitumen. Alberta can produce crude from the oilsands and it does.

    It seems they were ready to send bitumen down the pipe and were not relying on a refinery being built on the Canadian coast.

    You were counting on pipe dreams to save your ass? You are a very naive person. The first 3 things you mention were long shots at best, coal has been in a major downturn the past 5 years. They only thing effecting our current economy is what happens with the softwood agreement. Everything else is nothing more than coffee room talk.

      Stompin where did you read coal is on a downturn

      This information does not show much of a downturn. Now with Trump in coal may make an upsurge in the US though cheap gas may be an issue with that.

      ht tp://www.eia.gov/outlooks/ieo/coal.cfm

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/10/14/green-nightmare-war-on-coal-cant-stop-fuels-enduring-demand/


      Go to the Chetwynd area or the Kootnays and look at the closed mines and tell me again that coal hasnt been in a downturn in BC.

      Stompin have have a look at the world market market for coal, not just our tiny little piece

    Black’s refinery was never a serious possibility. Oil consumers want to refine their own products to their own specs. He never bothered to find out if there was even a market for his proposed products.

Trudeau puts a carbon tax in place. Does away with burning coal. Now he okays pipelines that will deliver oil and increase the carbon foot print. A bit hypocritical at best.

Google Kinder and Morgan. These are the guys who were front and center in the Enron scandal.

On controversial subjects presented here, it’s fantastic how much ignorance spouts from the job killing lefties (like Cullen) and our locals. The vessel exclusion zone for Alaska oil tankers is 300km west of the inside passage for example.

Can’t make everybody happy and it was Harper that sold us down the river with China . Upgrading the two existing lines and not Northern Gateway makes sense to me . Think sunny days danced his way through this as best he could and still maintain he is following his election platform . We all know we need the bucks the way money is being spent .

    I agree. He did something really stupid last week fawning over Castro, and then I think he made the right choice this week.
    Up and down like a yo-yo, but thats usual for a politshun.

Feds may have said OK, but they still have to jump through Provincial hoops and then all the court cases, which could tie up this project for years to come.

    oh no doubt . just think he just created employment for all the lobbyists and payed protesters . lol

Well we all knew a few would be built..

But as for Trudeau… he could cure cancer and lots would still complain about him..

    I’m not going to defend Trudeau’s comments on Castro but I can see where it came from. JT kind of inherited this friendship with Fidel. There is a picture of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau with a very young Michel Trudeau (Justin’s older brother) who was years later killed in an avalanche. Fidel Castro attended the funeral in Montreal.

      Sorry, a picture of Fidel Castro with Michel Trudeau in his arms with Pierre and Margaret.

    I agree with your statement that Trudeau could cure cancer and people would still complain about him! The pipelines decision is a compromise! No matter which way it had gone, it could not possibly have pleased all of the people.

    BTW, with properly built heavy duty railroad tracks and double hulled tank cars crude or bitumen can be transported to refineries very safely! It all depends on how much money a consortium of companies is willing to invest.

    I thought he was already going to cure cancer with legalizing mary jane use

None of them will be built. The environuts and native activists will tie it up any way they can, legal or not. They’ve already said as much.

    Environuts really ? It comes down to accountants and investment bankers . Would you invest in an industry that is coming to an end by a death of a million cuts before the roi shows up . Why do you think they are so frantic ? They know . That’s why .

      What colour is the sky in your world?

      Oil will remain a major energy source for longer than you will be alive.

      Ataloss, why are you even concerned if Enbridge invests in a money losing project? That should be good news to you. Enbridge has been around and making money far longer than you have, even though their CEO likely didn’t read Garth Turners investment book like you did.

      By the way bright eyes, owning US$ vs CDN$ dollars is NOT and arbitrage trade. It’s better to be silent and thought a fool, than to post and remove all doubt.

      Any chance you can post a link to your speech at the Paris climate conference?

      Dow you really don’t have a clue so just be quiet . Buying American assets when the CDN dollar was at 106 against the U.S. Dollar was an arbitrage move telegraphed by Garth to his readers . Do you know the difference between an asset and a liability is ? An asset put money in your pocket . A liability takes money out . If you had read the post all the way to the bottom you would have read that the speaker at cop21 was Tony Seba . He’s another guy helping me to grow my portfolio . I’m in a sweet spot because I listen to brilliant investors and not guys like you who have little grasp as to what is going on .

      I have money in oil and coal. Oil is doing well and coal is just picking up.

      Good thing I stayed away from solar, what a money loser.

      Ataloss still waiting for the speech you gave and a description of your free energy system. Come share with us, waiting to hear your wisdom/

      Still waiting.

      still waiting

      You really need to put “quotes” around your “quotations”

      I thought the role of greens is to put their money where their mouth is? Kijiji has a solar system to go off grid, time to make the leap

      I get it now mutt . Youre a bag holder . I kinda figured that . And you think you can turn the tide with whining online . Thanks for the laugh . Now if only your exposure in wrapped in a mutual fund . That way I might get a piece of the churning . I’m into financials and I’m doing great . I’m hoping that one of my plays hold your debt and your portfolio.

      India has just turned the power on at the Worlds largest PV solar power farm . It’s a 648 MW ( megawatt ) . So cute when somemutt tells some one to not just look at their tiny little piece of the world . Solar is growing exponentially about every 14 to 18 months . India’s off grid sector is growing at a faster rate .

      Ataloss still waiting, knock knock still waiting.

      Oh about India

      On these numbers, although renewables share of total generation would increase from 14% to 17%, the “others” figure, ie fossil fuels, would increase by 62%, simply to meet the extra demand.

      That MW capacity is total capacity, now what if its cloudy, darkness? Oh wait coal to the rescue.

Are the lower mainland protesters so dedicated to no pipelines that they would be pleased to shut down the existing KM pipeline?? ie.only crude to Burnaby refinery would be via truck/rail..Even better, shut down the refinery!! and buy an electric vehicle.

he made the call, now Unions have to get behind the projects and if there is a fight it should be about safety making sure the safe guards are real and enforced.

But there was no disappointment regarding the Enbridge decision from Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen.

Leave it to a dipper to be against anything oil.

    I have to be honest, I was originally for the gateway pipeline then I finally took a trip Rupert and Haida Gawaii recently..I now understand why there was such an opposition to this one.. Personally I think they could have chose a better route which avoided the Skeena and avoided putting tanker traffic in the Hectate Strait..

      As for the tankers they would be under positive traffic control at all times. Double hulled, two pilots on board and two escort tugs, one tethered.

      Very safe.

I saw a good meme this morning..it goes like this..

“That moment when you realize the liberals and NDP approved pipelines 1/4 of the time it took conservatives to do it.”

    That would be after the Conservatives had done all the legwork and gotten the environmental review process done, so there wasn’t any reason for the Liberals to delay even this long.

      This is true, have to agree with ya on that..

      At the end of the day what a lot of people seem to forget (while playing politics) is there is a governing system running behind the scenes that has to make decisions and follow legal process regardless of the political whims of the political figureheads (ie PM’s & Premiers). If it gets to the point where a political leader can just snap his or her finger and order something to be done..Then at that point, they have too much power..

Line 3 and Kinder Morgan already exist. Line 3 is a replacement of existing pipes that have been there since 1968 and Kinder is replacement and twinning of a pipeline that has been there since the 1950s

Line 3 is not the proposed energy east pipeline which a lot of people seem to think it is. That review has over 2 years to go.

Ataloss, look up arbitrage and learn something. As well, your post said you gave the presentation in Paris. You spew so much crap I can see how you get confused.

Still no comments on all the oil and gas subsidies. More BS from the peanut gallery.

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