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October 27, 2017 7:59 pm

Drivers Urged to Use Caution

Friday, December 2, 2016 @ 10:37 AM

Prince George, B.C. – For the second time  in a week,  Price George RCMP are  asking drivers to  be cautious and adjust their driving to  road conditions as emergency personnel have been called to multiple collisions  in and around the City over the past  couple of days.

Last night,   just before 7pm, Prince George RCMP received a report from the BC Ambulance Service of a multi-vehicle collision on Highway 16 near West Beaverley Road, just west of Prince George.

Officers attended and found that a moving van pulling a trailer loaded with a truck, pulled out in front of a tractor trailer unit heading west of Highway 16. The 28 year old driver of the tractor trailer was not able to stop before colliding with the trailer being pulled by the moving van.  No injuries reported, however traffic was affected for several hours as there was an extensive amount of debris on the road.  The 52 year old driver of the moving van was issued a Violation Ticket for Failing to Yield to Traffic.

while there have been a number of fender benders,  there were two  incidents on the  Thursday November 30th  which stood out.

Around 12:40 in  the afternoon of November 30th , Prince George RCMP received a report of a single vehicle collision involving a loaded logging truck on the 700 Road near Bear Lake, BC.

Emergency services including the Prince George RCMP and Fort-George Highway Rescue attended the scene. It took more than three hours to extract the driver from the cab with the help of a local towing company to secure the truck.  The 51 year old driver was removed and transported to hospital with two broken legs and other serious injuries.  Fort-George Highway Rescue personnel were instrumental in extracting the driver and likely saved his life.  The investigation is continuing.

Around three hours later,  Prince George  RCMP received a report of a motor vehicle collision involving a pedestrian at the corner of George Street and 3rd Avenue in downtown Prince George.

Police and other emergency services arrive on scene and located a 56 year old male pedestrian with non-life threatening injuries and a 58 year old male driver of the pick-up truck believed to have collided with the pedestrian.

The pedestrian was transported to hospital for treatment.   The driver of the truck was issued a Violation Ticket for Failing to Yield to a Pedestrian.  Of note, the pedestrian’s cell phone was stolen immediately following the collision.

RCMP would like to remind drivers to exercise extra caution on the roads this time of year as weather worsens and daylight shortens.


It can’t be the drivers. It must be the roads and the weathers fault if anything.

    Of course it’s never the drivers fault they always say it wasn’t their fault it was YRBs or the Cities fault for not sanding or plowing the roads heaven forbid if the driver actually take responsibility for their actions……

Wow! Scary how many people pull out in front of oncoming vehicles without giving a thought to how fast the oncoming vehicle is going or whether their own action would cause the oncoming vehicle to have to hit the brakes. Share the road means you can’t drive according to your own schedule.

Way to go Fort George Rescue Society. Thank you to all the women and men that volunteer for this. Can’t be an easy thing to do.

Who frigging steals a cell phone from someone who was just hit by a car? Karma’s coming for you.

Op 250, really appreciate finding out what causes these incidents.
To call them accidents is to laugh at.
And I think most of us know we can’t expect cause to be reported on all MVI’s out there, they don’t have time to do up press releases every day.

There’s a presumption that as we become adults we will make responsible choices and we don’t need to be supervised. Which is odd, because I’ve yet to see a business out there yet that doesn’t supervise it’s employees. Heck, Tim Hortons has cameras focused on the tills because they don’t trust their employees not to steal.

WCB sends out inspectors to work places because employer’s can’t be trusted to police themselves.

But, when it comes to the roads, the government has decided we don’t need supervision at all – which is why other than the odd blitz, the police just don’t do traffic enforcement anymore.

As a result, we all are becoming sloppy and our margins of error are disappearing. We drive expecting no consequences. If you’ve been rolling through stop signs all summer, you’ll probably do it in the winter.

If you regularly drive 20 km over the limit in summer, you’ll maybe drop to 10 over in winter.

We have been left for each to decide what is right in our own eyes, but we all pay when someone’s judgement is off.

Well I just came home from town and there was a lady pushing a stroller across the crosswalk just this side of foothills B.I was stopped for the lady on a red light and this woman in a gray car went right through the red light on my left side when the person pushing the stroller was very visible .I hope this woman sees this post and maybe wake up. Could kill someone running a red light in a crosswalk. Happened around 4-30 pm today.

Should have said crosswalk north side of 15th on foothills blvd.

Another error. 3:30 PM.

Cudos to Fort George Highway Rescue. Thank God we still have this service in our northern communities. The outcome may have been very different without them.

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