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October 27, 2017 7:59 pm

PG’s Unemployment Rate Remains Unchanged

Friday, December 2, 2016 @ 10:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – There’s been no year over year change in Prince George’s unemployment rate.

“It was 6.5 per cent in November, that’s identical to last November,” says labour analyst Andrew Fields with Statistics Canada. “There were 47,000 people working in November and that’s also basically identical to how many people were working last November. There was also no real change in the number of people looking for work at 3,000.”

There was also little change in the Cariboo region where unemployment rose a statistically insignificant .1 per cent to 7.2. Field says that translates into about 80,000 people working and about 6,000 searching for work.

Provincially though, Field says it was a different story noting B.C. had a growth rate of 2.1 per cent, double the federal growth rate and the largest growth rate among all provinces.

“Which translates into about 48,000 more people working this November compared to last November”

He says the provincial unemployment rate was 6.1 per cent, down from 6.2 percent last year.

He says most of the new jobs (24,000) came in the finance, insurance, real estate and leasing sector while there were also 16,000 new construction jobs.

Federally, Field says the unemployment rate dropped .2 per cent to 6.8 per cent though he attributed the drop to fewer people looking for work.

He also says most of the new federal jobs were part time positions while full time job growth remained “virtually unchanged.”


So the government at both levels is happy with no improvement over the past year and still 6.5% not employed. When people talk about the public service and how they don’t do anything, they should realize it is the Management, Deputy Ministers and Ministers who are truly doing nothing other than “sitting ” in office.

    I agree.

Happy with 6.5% and nit doing anything about it…

Then how about giving us all a 6.5% cut on every fee or tax… ?

WaWaWa…if you’re not happy with what we have here in BC then perhaps move on to Alberta!
Economists will tell you that 4% unemployment is considered full employment, so in so called tough times we are seeing barely 2.5% over virtually full employment.
It just seems that people on this site are always glass half empty.

It would be nice to hear about Job creation but all we ever hear about is money being spent on a bus to service who knows who from where ever, and more homelessness housing. What about the working poor?? A letter in the paper today by a Diane thinks the Connaught Inn should be turned into a big housing facility for about 100 street people. I am sure she has a good heart and lives in the Country, If she would looked into it she would see the Area has more than its share of the Citys problems transferred to the Area and do not want more. It would be nice to see some housing in place for the Working poor.

If you want to work in the PG area, there are good jobs available. I just hired a decent young man and it took 4 months to find one that will get up in the morning and actually show up. I am talking about offering $ 4,000.00 paycheques with no experience! A lot of fellow contractors are in the same mind set, rather than be stuck with some “mommies boy” living on her couch, they would rather work short handed. I lost my license, my truck is wrecked, I don’t have to work cause food is free at home etc. I am on a large one year project right now, and every company here is working short handed. One guy arrived today from Quebec and wanted to work. I get calls steady from douchebags with resumes and ask to just tell EI that they applied, don’t want to discuss getting a job. Good thing I pay 50 % taxes to support them.

Checkitout I would love to know who you are as I do not think you would be easy to work for. I think you are wrong about people wanting to work for you. Put a ad in the Paper and people will come out of the wood work. Do you have a age preference?? Where is this one year project?? Tell Us.

checkitout- have to agree with bitter. Sounds to me you are looking for a TFW that will not complain and have no way to get back home. Same old story -can’t find anyone to work.


I have very little to no turn over. My people have not left in decades, make big money and are extremely loyal even when I have little spells of no work. They are all local PG residents. I pay higher rates than any union on earth with all the benefits as well. I have also built up a lot of people from a life of drugs to a point of six figures and a family. I am just getting a short fuse as to these users of our society that say there is no opportunity. Get off your buttocks!

There are to many unanswered Questions about this job you are talking about. 4000 dollars sounds OK but if you have to stay in a Hotel and feed yourself for 2000 dollars a month plus drive a 100 km a day to get to work site is it worth it? The point is what is it going to cost me to work for this person.

checkitout- I hate the term douchebags call the people unemployed anything other than that. Tell us more there are people that want Jobs.

Oldman, i pay that for a labourer in construction to clean the trailers, make coffee, help the tradesmen etc. That would be a 2 week cheque take home after taxes. His or her loa is non taxed and another cheque. Bitter, sorry, d bags are the ones that rip off ei, lie to their parents about looking for work or screwing around their employer. I will bust my butt to create work for anyone that appreciates work. Even when we are having a slow day, just try and look busy etc. Now, i have ran ads like so many do etc. A prob for good unemployed people is that we are all scared to hire people we don’t know. Drugs and alcohol are a huge problem, no matter what age. The larger companies just look at resumes and that leads to a lot of trouble. Most are full of crap. I know tons of people that spend a lot of time training for a future job to no avail as well. Bottom line, you have to really pound the pavement and show yourself. You also need solid references in that particular industry. I see a ton of women finding good jobs because they are way better at putting in the effort to retrain or dig up leads. I have nothing but success in hiring women, but the last two saved so much money in one year that one bought a restaurant and the other bought a hair salon.

checkitout—— Thank you for answering maybe you helped someone looking for work. I have worked hard all of my life and never been on EI. Drugs and alcohol are a big problem and its only going to get worse.

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