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October 27, 2017 7:57 pm

Canfor Water Treatment Plant Up for Discussion

Monday, December 5, 2016 @ 5:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  Canfor  will be appearing before  Prince George City Council this evening to ask for  a rezoning of some  of its property on PG Pulpmill Road to   create a water treatment plant and  establish a decanting pond.

The plan would see the water treatment plant  remove silt from  water  pumped  from the Nechako River.  The  water would  be  used to supply the P.G. and Intercon Pulpmills, their fire suppression systems  as well as some other businesses in the neighbourhood.   The silt would then  be transferred to a  pond.

Canfor   has developed a conceptual  landscape plan which  it says will provide a visual screen from the operation  on PG Pulpmill  Road,   .

The next door neighbour is not  happy about it,   submitting a letter  of opposition citing concerns over chemicals and noise.

Canfor’s application indicates that if approved,  this new water treatment plant will reduce its energy costs, decrease water use by approximately 40%, improve product quality, improve their effluent treatment, and reduce overall effluent volumes released to the river.

Also on the agenda for Council’s consideration this evening,   changes to the Comprehensive fees and Charges Bylaw.   On average  the increases would be about $10  for most services from  ice rentals to  meeting rooms.

Council will  be asked to give third reading to the   Smoking and Vaping  bylaw which would  expand  the non smoking/vaping   rules to all parks and recreational fields.




Might create a few jobs in the process. Sounds like a win.

Tonights meeting also consists of as quoted by another news media: Property owners of the old Yellowhead Grove Golf Course are hoping to have the area rezoned. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is taking away part of the property, and the owners feel the remaining area isn’t large enough for a golf course.

And what will this cost the taxpayer in subsidies? Don’t worry Canfor will be looking for some sort of handout. Carbon tax?

    There will not be any subsidies unless they mentioned c02 emissions will be lowered. If they had stated that all sorts of taxpayer paid subsidies would be rolling in.

    Hey oldman1, all of those Canfor subsidies help sustain lots of your high paying Union jobs! I thought that you would be happy about that!

      Nothing wrong with high paying union jobs. We need them to pay for the bullsh*t liberal agenda……

      I’m afraid that we’ll be long dead and buried before Justin’s bullsh*t agenda is paid for!

C-mon Hart Guy. You must of seen Trudeau balling yesterday on CBC. I think he was crying for all the jobs that have disappeared and no tax revenue for him to waist. What a joke Canada has become. I have this vision of Trump bringing a crying towel for Trudeau on and if Trudeau gets a meeting.

    “waist” ? I didn’t think you people were allowed to watch CBC ?

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